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LOT1316 Mauritius

1896 (5 Jul) Black on cream FORMULA Inland Postcard (H & G Type Fig 3), addressed locally FRESSANGES TO VACOA with 2c green tied red Code A CDS cancels (2 strikes) and receiving CDS on obverse alongside. Nice local use. H & G 3.

LOT1317 Mauritius

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used from an old time collectors hoard, SG 245/8.

LOT1318 Mauritius

1943 3c reddish lilac and red hinged mint bottom margin rule single showing 'sliced S' variety, very fine, SG 253ba.

LOT1319 Mauritius

1970. 25c & 50c Lufthansa Inaugural Flight. The two values 'Imperforate', overprinted 'SPECIMEN'. Post Office fresh Unmounted Mint Very scarce and attractive Proofs. SG415/16var.

LOT1320 Mauritius

1970. 25c & 50c Lufthansa Inaugural Flight. The two values 'Imperforate' Post Office fresh Unmounted Mint marginal imprint examples Very scarce and attractive Proofs. SG415/16var.

LOT1321 Mauritius

1970. 25c & 50c Lufthansa Inaugural Flight. The two values 'Imperforate' printed on the same sheet with Gehringer imprint at the bottom. Very seldom seen and scarce, attractive Proofs. SG415/16var.

LOT1322 Mauritius

A useful collection QV to modern jumbled on leaves mint and used with better content including QV 1863 to 1s used, 1876 surcharges, 1878 surcharges used, 1910 to R2.50 mint, 1913 to 50c m, 1938 to R1 mint, 1953 to R10 m & u, then a run of defins and commems to 1990, useful lot for sorting out.

LOT1323 Mauritius

Collection on leaves mint and used including useful content noted Mauritius 1965 Birds set m, 1953 set to R10 fine used, set to R10 mint, 1953 Coronation in DLR imprint strip 4 m, plate 1B 2B & 1a 2A m & u blks of 4, 1950 vals to R10 f.u., 1946 Victory set on FDC, 1938 to R10 used, 1937 Coronation set on FDC, 1935 SJ set m, few earlier QV plus facsimiles of the scarce imperfs (6). Useful ranges mainly fine.

LOT1324 Mauritius

Collection on leaves QV onwards with better mainly fine used including 1876 ½d on 9d, 1877 1d on 4d, 1878 13c on 3d (clipped perfs Cat £60), 38c on 9d (cat £100), 2r50 on 5s f.u., 1879 to 2r50 used, 1900 to 1r (2) used & 5r with fiscal cancel, 1880s surcharges, 1950 set to 10r used (Cat £90), etc, some mixed but many useful pickings and cat values.

LOT1325 Mauritius

QV-QEII Useful mint and used collection on large stockpages better throughout including 1858 (6d vermilion) unused, 1859 6d dull purple m, 1860 9d purple f.u., 1863 to 5s used, 1878 surchs range to 2r50 m & u, 1879 to 2r50 m & u, 1904 to 1r m & u, 1938 to 1r m & u, 1950 set mint, 1953 set mint, 1880s-90s defins, surcharges, Arms issues incl few Specimen ovpts etc, useful lot.

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