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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT897 Malta

1857 (26 Dec) Entire to Genoa bearing GB 1856 6d lilac tied M cancel with P framed, 2d accountancy mark and PIROSCAFI / POSTALI / FRANCESI 3 line h/s in red, neat MALTA double arc CDS in black and arrival backstamps, nice item. SG Z20 Cat £42 as stamps.

LOT898 Malta

1857 (9 Oct) Entire Letter to Livorno bearing GB 1855 P.14 Wmk SC 1d red-brown strip of 3 tied M cancels with P framed (Paye), Borges De Silva forwarding agent, 1d accountancy mark and backstamped double ring MALTA dated cancel in black, blue arrival backstamp, vertical filing fold and wrinkles otherwise fine and attractive use. SG Z11 Cat £240 as stamps.

LOT899 Malta

1858 (15 May) Entire Letter to Genoa bearing GB 1855 2d blue PAIR tied M cancels with PD, 1¼ accountancy mark and PIROSCAFI / POSTALI / FRANCESI 3 line h/s in red, neat MALTA a CDS in red and arrival backstamps, nice item. SG Z15 Cat £130 as stamps.

LOT900 Malta

1860 (1 Feb) Entire Letter to Corfu bearing GB 1856 4d rose PAIR tied A25 cancels with GAETANO MILLER / MALTA boxed trade cachet sent via SS Alhambra and 3 Feb CORFU small double receiving CDS on obverse, usual filing folds, unusual destination SG Z47 Cat £80 as stamps.

LOT901 Malta

1868 (1 Feb) Flimsy entire Newcastle on Tyne to Malta (via Marseilles) bearing 6d lilac pl.6 tied 545 numeral cancel and fine Malta C arrival CDS in black. Neat folds and few tones otherwise fine.

LOT902 Malta

1872 (30 Jul) Entire to Messina (Italy) bearing GB 1865-78 4d vermilion pl.12 tied A25 cancel & CDS with PD / 2ó boxed accountancy h/s in red, Syracuse transit backstamp, usual filing folds, SG Z49.

LOT903 Malta

1886 5s rose fine used example with nice part duplex type cancels, SG 30 Cat £80.

LOT904 Malta

1930 Postage & Revenue Complete set of 17 hinged mint to 10s, mainly fine and fresh, SG 193/209.

LOT905 Malta

1938 2s green and deep blue in a nice block of 16 fine used Prince of Wales Road CDS cancels, SG 228 Cat £120, impressive block.

LOT906 Malta

1943 1½d slate-black complete sheet of 60 with R5/7 showing broken cross variety, few splits, nice positional sheet, SG 221 & 221b Cat £300.

LOT907 Malta

1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of two fine used, SG 249/250. Cat £48.

LOT908 Malta

Group of four covers from GVI era incl 1938 (17 Feb) First Day Cover on large folded env regd to UK nearing ¼d to 3d values, Self Govt ½d & 2d on cvr, 1941 Censored with V label affixed and union jack design, fauilts but useful all the same. (4).

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