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LOT1214 Malta

1863-1935 Mint and used assembly with better pickings including 1863 ½d orange to buff shades x 8 unused & u (not guaranteed), 1885 to 1s 1886 5s rose barred cancel (taken 'as is'), 2/6 1899 Wmk CC 2/6 olive-grey mint (Cat £45), GV incl 4d black, vals to 2s m 7 u, 1922 Self-Govt 2/6 mint, 5s mint, 1922-26 2s & 10s mint (Cat £79), 5s fine used (Cat £50), 1926 Postage 10s f.u., 1926-7 to 2/6 used, 1928 to 5s, 1930 to 2/6 used, GB QV used in Malta with A25 cancels on 2½d rosy mauve, 2½d ultr. (2), 3d (2), 4d red (4), 1856 1s green. Good catalogue value. (192).

LOT1215 Malta

1863-1935 Mint collection on Imperial leaves with useful part and complete sets noted 1863 ½d orange (6 shades), 1899v2/6 & 10s blue-black (faults), 4½d brown, 5d vermilion, 1914 GV to 5s (surface rub) incl 2/6 olive-green, 1921-22 vals to 2s keyplate (3), 1922 12 values to 10s grey & brown (tones), 1926 Postage overprint set (cat £110), 1926-27 Postage set to 10s (cat £160), 1928 overprint set (cat £200), 1930 Postage & Revenue set (cat £225), 1935 SJ set m, some mixed gum or unused / mint but all nice fresh lookers, high cat value, ideal to fill those gaps!. (c133).

LOT1216 Malta

1885-1890 Complete set of six plus extra listed colours including 1d rose and 1d carmine, 2½d dull blue, 2½d ultramarine, 1s violet (light tones), 1s pale violet all hinged mint, few unmounted mint, SG 20/29 Cat £315.

LOT1217 Malta

1886 5s rose fine used part A25 duplex cancel, sound, SG 30.

LOT1218 Malta

1894 (26 Nov) 2d blue QV registered postal stationery envelope to UK uprated with 2½d ultr. tied VICTORIA / C / NO 26 / 194 / GOZO CDS, plus transit and arrival backstamps, few marks from postal use.

LOT1219 Malta

1903-04 EDVII set of seven hinged mint, mainly very fine, 3d is unmounted mint, SG 38/44 Cat £130.

LOT1220 Malta

1904-14 EDVII set of seventeen hinged mint, plus extra shades mainly very fine, SG 45/63 Cat £300.

LOT1221 Malta

1908 Colour postcard of Venice with King Edward VII 1d red with 6.30pm 11 MR 08 cancel (town unclear). Addressed to Bath with Bath Station Office receiving cancel.

LOT1222 Malta

1922 Self Govt Overprint Wmk MCA Complete set of eight to 5s keyplate mainly fine mounted mint, key 2s is heavily mounted (cat £250), SG 106/113, Cat £350.

LOT1223 Malta

1931 (2 Oct) Large plain registered cover to London bearing 3s black and blue and ½d green tied together by large violet AIR MAIL / MALTA CDS, airmail label has been crossed out and GPO Valletta No.983 label affixed. Tears on left side and other faults but nice 3s½d rate.

LOT1224 Malta

1934 B&W postcard of Orient Line S.S. Orontes with King George V 1½d brown with paquebot Malta cancel also Royal Mail Steamer cachet addressed to England.

LOT1225 Malta

1935 GB used abroad: King George V 1½d brown addressed to England with Paquebot Malta cancel.

LOT1226 Malta

1935 Silver Jubilee 2½d brown and deep blue mounted mint showing large vertical wisp on left hand tower variety, SG 211 var.

LOT1227 Malta

1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of two unmounted mint, very fine, SG 249/50 (2).

LOT1228 Malta

1956 QEII set of 17 to £1 mint (Cat £130), sound, SG 266/82.

LOT1229 Malta

1956 QEII set of 17 to £1 unmounted mint (Cat £130), 10s has gum bend, sound, SG 266/82.

LOT1230 Malta

1959 (4 May) SS British Crown cacheted local cover (flap missing) bearing QEII ½d orange tied CDS and RECEIVED WITHOUT CONTENTS handstamp alongside.

LOT1231 Malta

Attractive mint assembly on thirty seven large stockcards some light duplication noted 1956 defin set to £1 (2 sets, Cat £130 each) plus extras and 2d both shades, 1965 long set, 1973 long set, 1981 set (2, cat £30 each), 1991 Heritage set (Cat £27), 2001 Birds strips set, 1999 Marine Life, 2003 Sea Shells, 2006 Castles, 2004 Festivals, 1999 Flowers long set (Cat £38), 2004 Mammals long set, many lovely thematic issues, nice clean lot. (Approx 910).

LOT1232 Malta

Attractive mint & used assembly on thirteen large stockcards some light duplication noted QV A25 cancel on 1d rose-red pl.190, QV vals to 1s, EDVII incl War Tax in blks of 4 m & u, 1922 to 2/6 mint (2), 1926 to 1/6 mint, 2/6, 3s & 5s used (Cat £168), 1935 Silver Jubilee set m (2), 1938 set to 10s mint (3 sets, Cat £80 each), to 10s used, 1956 QEII set to £1 mint (Cat £130), postage dues, nice clean lot. (Approx 350).

LOT1233 Malta

Postage Dues: 1925 Complete set unused and 1925 complete set of 10 mint, SG D1/20. Cat £100.

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