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LOT1104 Malta

1863-1935 Mint collection on Imperial leaves with useful part and complete sets noted 1863 ½d orange (6 shades), 1899v2/6 & 10s blue-black (faults), 4½d brown, 5d vermilion, 1914 GV to 5s (surface rub) incl 2/6 olive-green, 1921-22 vals to 2s keyplate (3), 1922 12 values to 10s grey & brown (tones), 1926 Postage overprint set (cat £110), 1926-27 Postage set to 10s (cat £160), 1928 overprint set (cat £200), 1930 Postage & Revenue set (cat £225), 1935 SJ set m, some mixed gum or unused / mint but all nice fresh lookers, high cat value, ideal to fill those gaps!. (c133).

LOT1105 Malta

1879 (26 May) Entire Malta to Genova bearing 2½d rosy mauve pl.14 tied full strike of C / MALTA / MY 26 / 79 / A25 duplex and CDS. Horizontal fold and PETROCOCHINO & CO trade cachet.

LOT1106 Malta

1885-1890 Complete set of six plus extra listed colours including 1d rose and 1d carmine, 2½d dull blue, 2½d ultramarine, 1s violet (light tones), 1s pale violet all hinged mint, few unmounted mint, SG 20/29 Cat £315.

LOT1107 Malta

1903-04 EDVII set of seven hinged mint, mainly very fine, 3d is unmounted mint, SG 38/44 Cat £130.

LOT1108 Malta

1904-14 EDVII set of seventeen hinged mint, plus extra shades mainly very fine, SG 45/63 Cat £300.

LOT1109 Malta

1922 Self Govt Overprint Wmk MCA Complete set of eight to 5s keyplate mainly fine mounted mint, key 2s is heavily mounted (cat £250), SG 106/113, Cat £350.

LOT1110 Malta

1931 (2 Oct) Large plain registered cover to London bearing 3s black and blue and ½d green tied together by large violet AIR MAIL / MALTA CDS, airmail label has been crossed out and GPO Valletta No.983 label affixed. Tears on left side and other faults but nice 3s½d rate.

LOT1111 Malta

1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of two unmounted mint, very fine, SG 249/50 (2).

LOT1112 Malta

Postage Dues: 1925 Complete set unused and 1925 complete set of 10 mint, SG D1/20. Cat £100.

LOT1113 Malta

Revenues: 1925 £1 green unappropriated design hinged mint with fresh appearance, very fine, Barefoot 37.

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