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LOT1093 Luxembourg

1852-1981 DAVO hingeless printed album and slipcase well filled with a useful mint & used collection of defins and commems noted 1852 10c black neat f.u., 1882 to 50c, 1914 5f lilac top value f.u. (cat £65), 1936 Phil. Fed. set used, 1956 Europa set used, hereon 1960-1981 mainly complete unmounted mint sets, useful catalogue value and ideal for expansion. 100s.

LOT1094 Luxembourg

1935 Int. Relief Fund for Intellectuals 10f purple hinged mint, very fine, SG 337 Cat £325.

LOT1095 Luxembourg

1956 EUROPA set of 3 hinged mint, very fine, huge catalogue value £700. SG 609/11.

LOT1096 Luxembourg

EXHIBITIONS 1922-1988 collection on 14 album pages for National & International Stamp Shows, covers with special Exhibition cancels, various cards and covers, miniature sheets, 1922 plain envelope with Phil. EX. set of 2 imperf tied special 27-31 Aug CDS's, 1922 show label set of 2, 1952 CENTILUX part set incl 8f & 10f mint (cat £145), 1927 Balloon postcard last day exhib. cover cancelled special postmarks, 1927 Set of 5 m, 1948 Stamp Federation special cancel, 1937 Dudelange Exhib M/S tied to cover with Exhib. cancels (faults), etc. Attractive and interesting lot. Ex Eric Stannard.

LOT1097 Luxembourg

Officials; Old time collection on leaves including 1875 1c brown used, 1882 Agriculture & Trade set to 1f mauve mainly used (cat £398), 1891 8 values to 1f m & u (cat £163), 1895 set 5 mint (cat £63), 1895 Perforated Officiel 14 vals to 5f m & u, 1908 mainly used complete to 5f, 1915 set m, 1922 set m. Mainly fine. SG D173/9, D221/233 & D488/501.

LOT1098 Luxembourg

Old time collection on leaves mint and used with useful unpicked from 1852 issues to 1963. Includes sets and many better part ranges noted 1852 10c black (3 margin), 1859 4c green to 30c used (30c purple cat £375 used no margins), 1874 to 30c for diff printings, 1882 12 values to 1f used (cat £500+), 1891 9 vals to 2½f m & u, 1906 to 5f mainly used incl 2½f orange-red f.u. (cat £130), 1914 Duchess defins incl 17½c brown f.u. (cat £95), 1921 Castle defins to 5f incl 1f red mint (cat £65), 1926-28 Duchess defins 27 different m & u (cat £600+), 1927 surchs incl 10c on 30c green used (cat £65), good range of Child Welfare sets mint incl 1926-32, 1933 set used (cat £260), 1934 set mint, 1935 Int. Relief Fund for Intellectuals set to 5f mint (cat £340), 1935 Welfare set mint (cat £90), 1945 Lion set m, 1947 Abbey Restoration set m, 1948 Fund set m, 1948 Duchess 22 vals (cat £230), 1952 Games set m (87), etc, etc, mainly sound condition throughout, enormous catalogue value in excess of £4000.

LOT1099 Luxembourg

Stockbook with a useful mainstream range of defins and commems both mint and used including Officials 1928 to 1ófr. mint, 1925-1931 Anti TB & Child Welfare sets mint (cat £105), 1934-37 Child Welfare sets mint (cat £200+), 1938 Abbey Restoration set mint, 1939 Royal Wedding set m, 1946 Air set m, 1947 Patton set m, etc, useful lot.

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