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LOT503 Luxembourg

1852-1990 Extensive collection mostly mint from 1930s onwards, mixed m & u for earlier, all selected for fine condition, better amongst others 1852 10c black (4 margins), 1859 10c blue, 1865-75 9 vals incl shades to 25c, 1874 vals to 40c, 1880 to 25c, 1882-91 to 1f used, 1930s Child Welfare sets mint, 1938 Abbey Restoration set m, 1940s Welfare Fund sets incl 1949 (Cat £50), 1950 set (Cat £48), 1953 set (Cat £60), 1950 War Orphans set (Cat £180), 1951 United Europe set 6 (Cat £400), 1952 CENTILUX pair U/M (Cat £190, small tone on perf), 1952 Games set (Cat £80), 1956 EUROPA set 3 (Cat £650), 1956 Europa set 3 (Cat £275), hereon mainly complete to 1990, few M/S, STC £4700+.

LOT504 Luxembourg

Large accumulation in an overfull stockbook with 100s duplicated mainly used from 1850s onwards, perf and imperfs to 1s red, 1859 to 37½c used, 1930s defins and commems, then 1950s Fund sets, commems to modern, some back of the book etc, very many 100s, good cat value.

LOT505 Luxembourg

Officials; Old time collection on leaves including 1875 1c brown used, 1882 Agriculture & Trade set to 1f mauve mainly used (cat £398), 1891 8 values to 1f m & u (cat £163), 1895 set 5 mint (cat £63), 1895 Perforated Officiel 14 vals to 5f m & u, 1908 mainly used complete to 5f, 1915 set m, 1922 set m. Mainly fine. SG D173/9, D221/233 & D488/501.

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