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LOT561 Luxembourg

1852-1879 Classics assembly mainly fine used 1852 10c black imperfs (3), 1859-63 imperfs 1c pale brown (taken as is), 2c black (taken as is) , 10c blue (5, taken as is), 25c brown 30c claret, 40c orange (2), variety of different types and printings, some faults, thins etc but taken 'as is', huge cat value. (18).

LOT562 Luxembourg

1852-1990 Extensive collection mostly mint from 1930s onwards, mixed m & u for earlier, all selected for fine condition, better amongst others 1852 10c black (4 margins), 1859 10c blue, 1865-75 9 vals incl shades to 25c, 1874 vals to 40c, 1880 to 25c, 1882-91 to 1f used, 1930s Child Welfare sets mint, 1938 Abbey Restoration set m, 1940s Welfare Fund sets incl 1949 (Cat £50), 1950 set (Cat £48), 1953 set (Cat £60), 1950 War Orphans set (Cat £180), 1951 United Europe set 6 (Cat £400), 1952 CENTILUX pair U/M (Cat £190, small tone on perf), 1952 Games set (Cat £80), 1956 EUROPA set 3 (Cat £650), 1956 Europa set 3 (Cat £275), hereon mainly complete to 1990, few M/S, STC £4700+.

LOT563 Luxembourg

1860 2c black superb fine used CDS example with 4 good to large margins especially top and bottom, very nice for these, SG 7 Cat £900.

LOT564 Luxembourg

1874-1879 Perf Classics assembly mainly fine used and few mint incl 5c yellow (2), 10c lilac (3), 12½c red, 25c blue (3), used 1c brown (6), 2c black (3), 4c green (4), 5c yellow (6), 10c (c25), 12½c (5), 25c (7), 30c rose, 40c orange (4) etc, variety of different types and printings, some faults, thins etc but taken 'as is', good cat value. Approx 75.

LOT565 Luxembourg

1956 EUROPA set of three unmounted mint, incredibly fresh and low estimate! Grab yourself a bargain, SG 609/611 Cat £700.

LOT566 Luxembourg

1957 Europa set of three in superb unmounted mint blocks of 4, fine, SG 626/8. Cat £1170.

LOT567 Luxembourg

1957 Europa set of three superb unmounted mint, incredibly cheap! fine, SG 626/8. Cat £292.

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