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LOT1005 Jamaica

1844 Entire letter from London to be collected at Mayhill Post Office Jamaica. Bearing paid at Edinburgh cds 12 March 1844 and London paid mark 14 march 1844. No Jamaican receipt marks. The letter acknowledges previous letters and agrees to the appointment of a Mr Davidson to visit the Rozelle estate. Has some tears inside.

LOT1006 Jamaica

1852 Entire letter from Kingston to Bank of Scotland Edinburgh with ½ mark on front. Kingston black cds dated No 10 1852 on reverse. Note writing inside has ben cut out.

LOT1007 Jamaica

1860-1935 Mint & used collection on Imperial printed leaves with useful throughout incl 1860 1d (2 shades) used, 2d rose used, 3d-1/- used incl shades, 1870 set to 2/- used,1883 set to 1/- used, 1903 set 4 mint, 1905 vals to 5d, Ord paper to 1/- brown mint plus 2 shades of 6d, 1912 to 2/- used, good range of War stamp issues mint incl one inverted ovpt on ½d (SG 73d), 1919 vals to 5/- mainly mint, 1921 set 13 to 10/- mint, 1923 Welfare set m, 1929 set 3 m, 1932 set 3 m, 1935 SJ set m, etc. Useful cat value. (124).

LOT1008 Jamaica

1953 (17 Sept) Registered cover Kingston to UK bearing 3d pictorial pair and addl ½d orange tied DEVON PEN double ring violet oval handstamp and nice MAILED OUT OF COURSE handstamp in violet along the bottom, neat and attractive cover.

LOT1009 Jamaica

Covers and cards interesting QV to QEII range incl airletters, P/S cards, regd P/S env, newspaper wrappers, dual reply card etc noted QV cards for diff values (8) incl 1877 PAID THREE PENCE H/S in red on early unused card, QV 1½d surcharge on 3d green unused, 1969 1c FDI h/s, EDVII 1d unused, etc (24).

LOT1010 Jamaica

Original unpicked old time collection on leaves from GV to early QEII with useful mint and used ranges and in some cases both usually to middle values making a useful lot for to fill those gaps noted War Stamp ovpts, 1919 to 1/-, 1921 to 2/-, 1923 Welfare set m, 1935 SJ vals, 1938 mint vals to 1/-, used to 10/-, 1956 mint vals to 2/-, etc (c120).

LOT1011 Jamaica

QV-GV Mint assembly on stockpage with useful content including 1860 4d red-orange mint (minor faults), 1905 5/- grey and violet m, 1905-11 values incl 4d black on yellow m, 2/- purple on blue m, 6d lilac m, 1912-20 vals to 1/-, War Stamp ranges, 1919-21 vals to 10/-, 1921-29 vals to 5/-, 1923 Child welfare set, 1935 SJ set, 1932 set 3,

LOT1012 Jamaica

QV-QEII Assembly jumbled on stockpages and leaves with some better noted including QV to 1s used, GV to 2s incl Revenue, Pictorial defins to 2s, GVI good ranges to 10s mainly used, then high values 1s to £1 mint, QEII 1960s to £1, etc, useful pickings.

LOT1013 Jamaica

QV-QEII collection on printed Scott pages mint and used (both in some cases) noted QV to 1/-, 1912 to 1/-, 1919-29 pictorials to 2/-, 1938 set to £1 used, 1956 to £1 used, wide range of pictorial issues, good lot for expansion, sorting out.

LOT1014 Jamaica

Stockpages with a useful mint / unmounted mint duplicated stock incl better noted QV vals to 1/- brown, 1889 2d green (2), also a few used to 2/- venetian red (2), 1923 Child Welfare set m (3), 1945 New Constitution (6 sets), 1946 Victory (3 sets), 1956 complete sets of 16 (3 cat £95 each), 1962 Independence set to £1 (7 cat £35 each), 1969 Decimal currency set of 13 in U/M blks of 4, hereon commem sets to 1980s and vals to $50 etc, useful collection with high cat value.

LOT1015 Jamaica

Telegraphs: 1892 1/- pale rose embossed circular impressed stamp, small part of telegraph form cancelled by neat Octagonal JAMAICA / TELEGRAPHS / JY 30 92 / BLACK RIVER cancel in black and large boxed CANCELLED across the stamp, part of telegraph form stating No. of Message & A receipt for the charges on this telegram can be obtained, price Threepence, nice and seldom seen. (1892 is the earliest recorded use of these).

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