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LOT1139 Italy

1823 Entire dated 18th Sept 1823 from Savona to Genoa with unclear manuscript 19.9BRE in red on reverse.

LOT1140 Italy

1829-1863 Group of unstamped mail including entire letters, covers, wrappers noted MILANO in red, VENEZIA, PORTO MAURIZI, GENOVA, etc. Very mixed but intr group, (11).

LOT1141 Italy

1843 Entire from Ancona with 6 in manuscript to Firenze with jmp in red on reverse + manuscript in black. Addressed to Arimberto Bourbon Delmonte a prominent aristocrat in Italy.

LOT1142 Italy

1857 (6 Jul) Entire Letter Liverpool to Sicily bearing GB QV 6d pl.5 & 1/- pl.4 tied 466 duplexes sent 'by French Packet via Marcella' and receiving boxed h/s on obverse Piroscafi / Postali / Francesi. Horizontal filing fold otherwise sound and attractive.

LOT1143 Italy

1864-1886 Group of stamped mail including entire letters, covers, wrappers noted 1869 Roman states 10c vermilion, range of 20c blue defins from different towns, 30c brown from diff towns, 40c red to USA, 20c pair dotted numeral, 20c boxed d/s, 20c on 20c surcharge, 2c brown URBANIA etc. Very mixed but intr group, (12).

LOT1144 Italy

1867-77 20c blue extensive collection of original entire letters each bearing 20c tied by a variety of cancels being a correspondence from a trader back to the same address in Genova noted Cagliara, Arti, Brescia, Milan, Torino, Alessandria, Napoli, Cassari, Livorno, S. Remo, Milan station, Sarazana, etc, (75).

LOT1145 Italy

1879 20c orange King Umberto I very fine and clean part original gum example with fabulous frontal appearance, centred left otherwise sound stamp, SG 34 Cat £350.

LOT1146 Italy

1901 10c red King Victor Emanuel II hinged mint centred SW, sound, SG 65 cat £130.

LOT1147 Italy

1901 50c mauve hinged mint with brownish gum, but large part original gum, fresh looker, SG 70 Cat £950.

LOT1148 Italy

1915-41 Five covers includes two similar postcards with 10c and Milan cachet in red, Roma squared circle on creased cover, 1915 Torino cancel on 5c green and 1941 readdressed cover with postage due.

LOT1149 Italy

1916 (8 Aug) Censored cover Milan to Winterthur (Switzerland) bearing 25c blue and 5c red cross tied local wavy line cancel and handstamped MILANO / POSTA ESTERA in both red and black then tied with censor tape and (113) VERIFICATO / PER CENSURA h/s alongside, mainly sound and attractive.

LOT1150 Italy

1917 75c red and carmine a side imprint marginal vertical strip of 10 from the left hand sheet, unmounted mint with full sheet imprint down the margin for 75l face value, fine, SG 185. Cat £65.

LOT1151 Italy

1922 Mazzini set of 3 on Mazzini special postcard neatly tied by First Day of Issue 20.9.22 ROMA SUCC 7 / PIAZZA JIGNAZIO CDS cancels twice, slight bend in one corner other very fine and scarce. SG 126/8.

LOT1152 Italy

1924-25 Advertising label vertical setenant pair 50c violet with Siero Casali advert in blue, couple blunt perfs with wavy line cancel, sound, Sassone 15 Cat €300.

LOT1153 Italy

1949 75th Anniv. of UPU 50l blue unmounted mint, very fine, SG 725.

LOT1154 Italy

1949 Centenary of Roman Republic 100l brown fine used decent CDS cancel, sound, SG 726 cat £140.

LOT1155 Italy

1950 (18th Sept) Front bearing Int. Radio Conference 55l blue top value (Cat £180) tied to cover front by Art Expo for bicentenary Venezia addr to UK. SG 750.

LOT1156 Italy

1950 Int. Radio Conference 55l blue fine used decent CDS cancel, sound, SG 750 cat £180.

LOT1157 Italy

1962 (25 Aug) Printed postcard celebrating the Film Anniv bearing 70l tied on obverse by POSTE LIDO DI VENEZIA CDS. Very fine film theme.

LOT1158 Italy

1986-2000 Unmounted mint collection in a Lighthouse hingeless printed luxury album and slipcase with a high degree of completion for commem sets and miniature sheets, etc, STC €1100+.

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