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LOT944 Italy

1813 (8 Feb) Entire Letter in French by a major in reply to a letter from a father enquiring on the whereabouts of his son who was in 11th Reg. of the French Army, according to the reply he was taken prisoner of war in Spain on 21st January 1810. Bears 112 FLORENCE two line h/s in black and 19 chargemark to Brussels. Faults but interesting Napoleonic wars item.

LOT945 Italy

1813 Entire Letter relating to a disagreement at a ball. Bears 108 ASTI two line h/s in black and 5 chargemark to Valence, interesting Napoleonic wars period.

LOT946 Italy

1862-1936 Original collection earlies to 1936 on well filled unpicked New Ideal printed pages with a nice mint and used range of approximately 215 different incl better earlies to 2l, 1890 parcel post surch set mint, 1901 to 5l, 1910 set 2 mint, Pleb. 5c cto used, 1911-12 sets, part sets to 1930s, useful lot mainly sound and fine, ideal to fill those gaps. (c215). Useful catalogue value.

LOT947 Italy

1879 30c brown King Umberto I a very fine used part 1881 CDS cancel, very fine with expertising initials on reverse, SG 35 Cat £2500.

LOT948 Italy

1879 30c brown King Umberto I very fine used incomplete barred postmark, slightly centred right and expertised on reverse, nice example of this scarce stamp, SG 35 Cat £2500, Sassone 41 €2850.

LOT949 Italy

1879 30c brown King Umberto I very fine used part corner CDS cancel, quite well centred, very neat and tidy example of this scarce stamp, SG 35 Cat £2500, Sassone 41 €2850.

LOT950 Italy

1890 Parcel Post Stamps surcharged set of 6 hinged mint, original gum, mostly fine lookers with nice clean appearance, SG 47/52 Cat £201.

LOT951 Italy

1901 5l blue and rose top value in a unmounted mint PAIR, grossly off centre downwards but rarely seen unmounted, Sassone 78, premium 2½ times for U/M on mint price. Sass. 78, SG 72.

LOT952 Italy

1922 Air Dante Alighieri Society 100l green and blue top value fine corner CDS used, lovely example, SG 332 Cat £475.

LOT953 Italy

1922 Ninth Italian Philatelic Congress overprint set of 4 unmounted mint, all have yellowish streaky gum but with very fine fresh appearance, 15c grey is expertised, 25c & 40c have excellent centring (a huge premium in Sassone), SG 122/125, high cat value £1375 mint, Sassone €4000 U/M.

LOT954 Italy

1922 Ninth Italian Philatelic Congress overprint set of 4 used, mainly incomplete cancels, 15c grey has bottom right perf fault, 40c brown is off centre, SG 122/125, high cat value £1450.

LOT955 Italy

1923 50th Death Anniversary of A Manzoni set of 6 fine used incl good TRIESTE 23.11.23 CDS cancels, 5l is centred left otherwise fine, SG 155/160 Cat £3670.

LOT956 Italy

1924 Trade Propaganda complete set of 7 fine used overprinted CROCIERA ITALIANA mainly decent CDS cancels, mostly well centred, fine, SG 165/171 Cat £1061.

LOT957 Italy

1924 Victory LIRE UNA complete set of 4 fine used overprinted mainly decent CDS cancels, tow well centred, two off centre, fine, SG 161/164 Cat £1100.

LOT958 Italy

1929 1400th Anniv. of Abbey of Montecassino 10l + 2l green top value fine used corner CDS, very fine, SG 266 Cat £225.

LOT959 Italy

1933 Air LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin complete set of six fine used with special CROCIERA AEREA DEL DECENNALE illustrated cancels, very fine, SG 372/77 Cat £2015, Sassone €2450.

LOT960 Italy

1934 10th Anniv. of Annexation of Fiume complete postage and air, plus Express set of 3, fine used, SG 395/407, E408/10, Cat £358.

LOT961 Italy

1934 World Cop Football Airmails set of 4 including the key top two values all fine used decent CDS cancels, SG 418/421 Cat £659.

LOT962 Italy

1934 World Cop Football top value 5l + 2l50 brown fine used CDS, SG 417 Cat £425.

LOT963 Italy

1949 25th Biennial Art Exhibition 50l blue and yellow unmounted mint, fine, SG 724 Cat £120.

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