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LOT838 Israel

1890-1950s Diverse and amazing collection of JNF, Charity, poster stamps and revenues with a wide ranging eclectic collection of over 1000 labels and related ephemera, includes German 1897 Hansa 5658 local stamp (3), JNF Diaspora stamps, High Holidays incl pane of 6 AH1, early 1900s Jusaic European Poster stamps, Israel & Palestine revenues, pins, panes, receipts and letterheads from charity offices around the world incl Argentina to Poland, to Egypt, Judische Gemeinde folder with labels. A collection with many unusual and valuable items, fine to very fine. Rare opportunity.

LOT839 Israel

1948- 1979 Mainly unmounted mint untabbed collection on attractive printed leaves in a loose-leaf binder with high degree of completion for 1952-1979 sets, also miniature sheets and postage dues, airmails etc, colourful lot.

LOT840 Israel

1948-1969 Extensive FULL TABBED unmounted mint collection in a Lindner hingeless printed album better throughout including 1948 Jewish New Year (cat £550), 1949 Inauguration 250pr (cat £90), National Flag (cat £120), 70th Anniv pair (cat £200), Jewish Coins (2nd issue, cat £200), 1st Anniv. M/S (cat £225), 1950 UPU (cat £150), 1950 2nd Indep set (corner tabbed, cat £1000), 1950 Air (cat £400), 1950 Coins set, Opening of P.O. (cat £450), 1951 JNF (cat £225), 1952 Menorah & Emblems (cat £600), 1953 Air set (cat £200), appears almost complete to 1969, extensive lot with new cat prices taken from SG latest (2018) Middle East prices revised catalogue. STC £4300+.

LOT841 Israel

1948-1970 An extensive unmounted mint collection in a lovely loose-leaf printed binder and illustrated leaves with almost complete for 1955-1970, smaller ranges of complete or part sets for earlier, 1951 Officials, Postage Dues from 1952, 1952 Menorah with out full tab, 1960 TAVIV M/S f.u., 1966 Museum Exhibits set, ideal lot for expansion, huge cat in excess of £770+.

LOT842 Israel

1949 70th Anniversary of founding of Petah Tiqwa full tabbed 40pr unmounted mint, very fine, SG 17 Cat £200.

LOT843 Israel

1949 Adoption of new National Flag 20pr blue full tabbed left hand single unmounted mint, very fine, SG 16 Cat £120.

LOT844 Israel

1949 First Anniversary of Israeli Postage Stamps Miniature sheet unmounted mint, tiny gum spot otherwise very fine, SG MS16a Cat £225.

LOT845 Israel

1949 First Anniversary of Postage Stamps Imperf Miniature sheet bearing 10pr claret x 4 unmounted mint, very fine, SG MS16a. Cat £225

LOT846 Israel

1949 Inauguration of Constituent Assembly full tabbed 250pr unmounted mint, tiny gum spot otherwise very fine, SG 15 Cat £90.

LOT847 Israel

1949-50 Jewish Coins (2nd Series, 9mm) set of 6 with tabs unmounted mint, 3pr grey has one pulled perf otherwise very fine. SG 21/6 Cat £200.

LOT848 Israel

1950 25th Anniversary of founding of Hebrew University full tabbed 100pr unmounted mint, very fine, SG 31 Cat £55.

LOT849 Israel

1950 Airmail full tabbed set of six unmounted mint, 5pr has few split perfs on tab, 250pr has couple blunt perfs along right side otherwise very fine, SG 32/37 Cat £400.

LOT850 Israel

1950 Jewish New Year full tabbed set of two unmounted mint, very fine, SG 38/9 Cat £75.

LOT851 Israel

1950 Third Maccabiah full tabbed 80pr unmounted mint, very fine, SG 52 Cat £130.

LOT852 Israel

1951 50th Anniv. of Jewish National Fund full tabbed set of three unmounted mint, very fine, SG 58/60 Cat £225.

LOT853 Israel

1951 Third Anniv. of state of Israel full tabbed set of two unmounted mint, very fine, SG 56/7 Cat £90.

LOT854 Israel

1952 4th Anniv. of Independence full tabbed set of three unmounted mint, very fine, SG 66/7 cat £55.

LOT855 Israel

1952 Jewish New Year full colour tabbed set of four unmounted mint, very fine, SG 69/72 Cat £75.

LOT856 Israel

1952-1988 Attractive written up collection on 22 album pages for Philatelic Exhibition special covers / cards, labels, FDCs, and overprints noted 1970 TABIT special folder No. 34 of 150 limited edition, 1973 Exhibition M/S's, 1982 Beer Sheva setenant pair plus sheetlet of 10 m, etc. Very intr and attractive. Ex Eric Stannard. (20 covers, 23 labels).

LOT857 Israel

1953-56 Complete set of 9 AIRS full tabbed unmounted mint, each had very light gum tone on tabs but does not detract, otherwise very fine, SG 76/82a Cat £200.

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