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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT1102 Ireland

1848 (21 Mar) Stampless Entire Cork to London bearing nice strike of CORK E dated arc in blue with PAID / UK CDS in red and PAID G CDS in red both on obverse alongside Cork cancel, vertical filing fold otherwise fine. Very pretty but no charge stated on the cover

LOT1103 Ireland

1849 Tallamoore to Dublin with 1841 1d red-brown imperf 2-3 margins tied by blue diamond numeral with small part Tallamoore blue dated arc alongside. Vertical filing crease and soiling where gum affixed to stamp.

LOT1104 Ireland

1859 (Jun 29) Soiled cover Dublin to Philadelphia bearing 1s green right wing margin tied nice 186 diamond barred numeral and 5 CENTS transit charge in red along with BOSTON Bb PKT PAID Jul 14, Soiling on the cover and creases faults on reverse.

LOT1105 Ireland

1922 Dollard First overprint 2/6 sepia-brown Seahorse in a top left corner marginal example hinged in margin only leaving stamp unmounted mint, very fresh frontal appearance, SG 17, cat £60.

LOT1106 Ireland

1922 Superb Error "PENCF" on bottom right stamp 1½d. red-brown of right hand marginal block of four overprinted by Alex Thorn & Co Ltd fine mint / unmounted mint with one stamp at top lightly hinged, varietys and other stamp unmounted. This error can be found on sheet pos. R.15/12 printed from Plate 12.

LOT1107 Ireland

1922-23 2/6 chocolate-brown & 5s rose-carmine both nice CDS used examples, well centred, 5s has small soil in top right and wrinkles, mainly sound, SG 64/5 Cat £230.

LOT1108 Ireland

1929 (26 Aug) First Experimental Air Service Galway to London with large oval red cachet on obverse, 2p adhs tied wavy line GAILLIMH Buy Irish Goods slogan postmark and typed along the top for the flight details. Very fine.

LOT1109 Ireland

1934 Coil Imperf x 14 2d grey-green fine used neat slogan cancel, SG 74a. Cat £85.

LOT1110 Ireland

1934 Coil vertical pair 15 x Imperf 1d carmine fine used neat CDS cancels, sound, SG 72c Cat £84.

LOT1111 Ireland

1935 Re-engraved 5s bright rose-red very fine mint, sound, SG 100 Cat £90.

LOT1112 Ireland

1959 Commemorative flight cover for Alcock & Brown memorial with flight carrier label and cachet.

LOT1113 Ireland

Booklets: 1940 2s black on red No. 20-39, completely empty, small spot on the cover otherwise mainly fine condition, nice spacefiller, SG SB1a Cat £4750 complete.

LOT1114 Ireland

CENSORS: Small group of 4 items including 1942 double censor to USA, 1945 Active Service env airmail to Dublin with bilingual censor h/s, 1943 Canada to Dublin, 1941 P/S 2d to USA, very mixed but intr.

LOT1115 Ireland

Ephemera and revenues on legal documents incl Stamp Duty, Telegraph forms (1902-25), Fishery Loans, Dublin 1886 Burial Right, official mail printed envelopes or handstamps, etc, good quantity.

LOT1116 Ireland

Group of covers from middle to modern including 1930s meter marks, 1932 torn up cover to Australia with NOT KNOWN BY POSTMEN MELBOURNE, 1919 Dublin redirected, 1950s commems on covers incl Shamrock Seed illus advert, few 1922 2d orange ovpts, 1957 Officially sealed redirected Dublin to London, etc, very mixed but intr group. (c30).

LOT1117 Ireland

Postage Dues: 1940-69 1½d vermilion full sheet of 60 U/M with varieties 'c' for 'D' in due PD7a, and dot in margin SW PD7c varieties cat £50, stamps cat €4 so sheet cat €282. Hibernian PD7. Scarce as a sheet.

LOT1118 Ireland

Postage Dues: 1940-69 1½d vermilion Inverted Watermark full sheet of 60 U/M with varieties 'c' for 'D' in due PD7a, and dot in margin PD7c varieties cat £50 as normal wmk, stamps cat €25 each as inv wmk so sheet cat €1550. Hibernian PD7wa. Scarce as a sheet.

LOT1119 Ireland

Postage Dues: 1978 3p stone in a full sheet of 60 U/M with 3 varieties break in frameline, chipped corner and frame break (all listed at €10), stamps cat €4 so sheet cat €258. Hibernian PD22 incl PD22a, b ,c. Scarce as a sheet.

LOT1120 Ireland

Postal Stationery: Balance of a postal stationery estate lot with mainly modern prepaid cards or envelopes in bundles, airletters unused, some nice modern FDI special cards with nice cancels, maxi cards, few foreign incl USA etc, 100s.

LOT1121 Ireland

Postal Stationery: Newspaper Wrappers mainly unused from 1920s-70s Harp design for a good range of values and periods with some duplication noted 1d red, 1d purple, 1½d maroon, 3d blue, 4d indigo, 8d brown, 2½d brown incl one cto used for 1980 Stamp Exhib., FDI cancels, plus many more, approx 100.

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