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LOT484 Ireland

1859 (Jun 29) Soiled cover Dublin to Philadelphia bearing 1s green right wing margin tied nice 186 diamond barred numeral and 5 CENTS transit charge in red along with BOSTON Bb PKT PAID Jul 14, Soiling on the cover and creases faults on reverse.

LOT485 Ireland

1922 1½d red-brown Thom overprint unmounted mint right margin PAIR showing PENCF for PENCE variety R15/12, also broken 9 in 1922 overprint, very fine, SG 10a cat £375 for hinged. Lovely positional example.

LOT486 Ireland

1922 10d Turquoise blue Dollard overprint hinged mint plate 2b showing broken frame line variety R9/1, very fine, SG 9 var. MW T8a, £500.

LOT487 Ireland

1922 2d orange Die I Thom overprint hinged mint showing overprint inverted variety with further R over Se variety, very fine, SG 12a var. MW T16b/V17 cat £600.

LOT488 Ireland

1922 2d orange Die II Thom overprint hinged mint showing watermark inverted variety , very fine, SG 13w cat £425. MW T16a.

LOT489 Ireland

1922 9d olive-green Thom overprint hinged mint showing PQ for POSTAGE variety, very fine, SG 41 var. MW T36a cat £500.

LOT490 Ireland

1922 Dollard overprints small mint assembly including control singles for 2½d (S21 P), 3d violet (S21 P), 4d grey-green (S22 P), 5d yellow-brown (S21 I), plus singles without controls 9d agate and 10d turquoise. Nice little selection. (8).

LOT491 Ireland

1922-23 Thom S over E variety on 1d scarlet a superb strip of 3 unmounted mint with middle stamp showing S over E variety. SG 53 var. Nice positional example, fresh.

LOT492 Ireland

1922-23 Thom S over E variety on 1s bistre-brown a mint pair with left stamp showing S over E variety. SG 63 var.

LOT493 Ireland

1922-23 Thom Saorstat 6d reddish purple in a superb unmounted mint right marginal block of 4 showing full offset on reverse variety, very fine. SG 60 var.

LOT494 Ireland

1922-23 Thom Saorstat ½d green in a superb mint pair with right stamp showing line over overprint variety, very fine. SG 52 var.

LOT495 Ireland

1999-2000 Celebrating the Millennium set of six special folders from An Post each set x in a special sheetlet affixed to the folder by special cancel, Cat £120 as used. SG 1283/8, 1300/1305, 1515/1320, 1377/88.

LOT496 Ireland

Postal Stationery: Used and unused from 1920s-70s Harp design for a good range of values and periods with some duplication for envelopes, cards and regd envelopes noted 1956 ½d green and 2½d brown combination on used env (STC €75) & similar unused (STC €75), 1953 2½d brown used, 4d indigo unused (2), 3d blue duplicated envs & cards unused some in original bundles of 12 with sleeves, 5d purple, 1928 2d green used (STC €55), 1956 Mass Xray slogan, 1927 1d used card, 6d brown unused env (3), plus many more, approx 185.

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