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LOT900 Iraq

1917 (27 Apr) Cover Basra to UK bearing GB GV 1d red, India IEF ovpt on 2a6p blue, and 1a aniline red bisected alongside, all three tied by two BUSRAH / 27 AP / 17 CDS's, scarce and unusual (philatelic?) combination.

LOT901 Iraq

Collection in a springback binder with a good run of defins and commems mint and used from 1918 to modern noted Officials 1920 No wmk mint for 2½a on 1pi, 3a on 1½pi, 6a on 2pi (cat £48), 12a on 5pi (cat £38), 1r on 10pi (cat £55) plus used with HYDE PARK BASRAH CDS, 2r on 25pi (cat £50), 1931 set to 5r mint (cat £100), 1932 ½d blue f.u. (cat £75), 1949 air set m, 1949 UPU set m, hereon various defins and commems to 1970s.

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