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LOT1078 Iraq

Collection in a springback binder with a good run of defins and commems mint and used from 1918 to modern noted Officials 1920 No wmk mint for 2½a on 1pi, 3a on 1½pi, 6a on 2pi (cat £48), 12a on 5pi (cat £38), 1r on 10pi (cat £55) plus used with HYDE PARK BASRAH CDS, 2r on 25pi (cat £50), 1931 set to 5r mint (cat £100), 1932 ½d blue f.u. (cat £75), 1949 air set m, 1949 UPU set m, hereon various defins and commems to 1970s.

LOT1079 Iraq

Issues for Baghdad: 1917 2ans on 1pi ultramarine very fine hinged mint example, with red star and date overprint, usual uneven perfs, fine for these, SG 24 Cat £600.

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