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Private Treaty List - Over £1.6 Million Intact Collections.

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Austria 1945-1989.

Well filled, MNH collection Austria 1945-1989 in Davo luxe album with slipcase.

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Austria 1945-1989.

very well filled, MNH and mint hinged collection Austria 1945-1989 in Davo cristal album. Collection ontains a.o. (Michel no's): 838-853*, 878-884**, 893-926* (912 and 924 missing), 929-932*, 937-940**, 952-954**, 960-963**, 1012-1016**, etc. Also some United Nations Vienna present.

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Austria 1970-2014.

Very well filled, MNH collection Austria 1970-2014 in 3 Edifil albums. Collection contains very much material, including much face value.

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Austria 1980-2003.

Almost complete, MNH collection Austria 1980-2003 and United Nations Vienna 1979-2003 in 2 Davo luxe albums, including souvenir sheets and face value material.

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Austria and territories 1850-1923.

Mint hinged and used collection Austria and territories 1850-1923 on old albumpages in folder, in which better stamps like (Michel no's): Austria 1-5, 10-15, 41 (2x), 418-424*, 433-441*, Austrian Levant 1-7, 30-31*, etc. Also some Liechtenstein present.

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Austria and territories 1850-1985.

Extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Austria and territories 1850-1985 in 2 albums. Collection contains unusual material, including private issues and many better stamps like (Michel no's): Oostenrijk 1-5 including nice cancels, 156, 161-177, 418-424, 433-441*, 494-497, 812-817*, 518-523 (Rotary), 524-529*, 545-550*, 551-554, 557-562*, 591-596*, 617-622*, 623-626, 693-696* (signed), 893-896**/*, 929-932**, 952-954**, 984-987*, Austrian-Hungarian Fieldpost 1-21, issues for Italy I-XIV*, Serbia 1-21*, 22-42 on 2 overs etc. Also nice Lombardo-Venice, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austrian Levant etc.

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Austria and territories 1850-1994.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Austria and territories 1850-1994 in 2 albums. Collection contains nice classic part and also a.o. (Michel no's): 156, 418-424**, 433-441*/o, 442-446*, 494-497*, 524-529*, 545-550*, 555A (Wipa, normal paper), 591-596*, 632-637*, 649-657**, 878-884**, etc. Also nice Bosnia and Austrian-Hungarian fieldpost present.

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Austria and territories 1850-1996.

Very well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Austria and territories 1850-1996 in 4 luxe Leuchtturm albums with slipcases. Collection contains a.o. (Michel no's): 1-5, 41, 101-104*, 156, 433-441, 512-517, 524-529*, 545-550*, 557-562, 591-596, 598-612**, 617-622, 623-626*, 632-637**, 772-775**, 838-853**, 929-932**, 933**, 937-940**, 947**, 949**, 952-954, 960-963, 969**, 972**, 984-987, 988**, Austrian post on Crete 9, 17-22, Austrian Levant 5 I, 6 I*, Austrian Fieldpost, issues for Italy I-XIV* (not issued), etc. Nice collection, high cat. value!

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Austria better items 1850-1955.

Strong lot with many better sets and singles, 1850 issue very extensive with shades and cancellations, 1910 Jubliee set to 5sch and 10sch(2x) (high values mint never hinged), 1935 Airmail set to 10sch mnh, 1936 FIS set, 1936 Dolfuss 10sch mint (creased), 2x Bird airmail set mnh etc. etc. in stockbook. Massive catalogue value!!!

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Austria ca. 1945-1967.

Stockbook with better material of Austria 1945-197, including (Michel no's): Va-Vd**, 674-692* (4x), 693-696 II* (2x), (Hitler overprints), VI* (SS lightning, 1946), 929-932**, 929-932*, 952-954* (2x), 960-963* (3x), 960-963, 984-987**, 984-987* (27x!!), 1012-1016**, some imperforated stamps and (black) prints and also some plateflaws. Very high cat. value!

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Austria censored covers 1914-1918.

Nice lot sensored covers and cards (ca. 75) of Austria 1914-1918 in blanc album with accurate descriptions of the destinations and various cancels.

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Austria classic 1850-1910.

Exciting specialised lot in mainly very good condition, many nice cancels, mint stamps, varieties etc. etc. Including 1850: 1kr, 2kr (3), 9kr mint with gum, signed Diena, 3x blue Mercury, 1858 and 1860 newspaper stamps multiple incl. mint, 1867 to 50kr specialised, very nice cancellation material, Levant incl. better etc. etc. on albumpages, in folder. Ex. collection Wiesenthal!!!

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Austria K.u.k. covers 1914-1918.

Collection of ca. 130 covers and cards of teh Austrian Fieldpost K.u.k. 1914-1918 in album with various destinations.

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Austria new issues 2002-2011.

Wonderful mint never hinged lot new issues, sets, singles, sheetlets, blocs, including many good thematics, day of the stamp sheetlets, sheetlets of 10, Svarovsky, stamps made of silk etc. etc. in stockbook, Face value alone already over 750 euro, offered well below face value!!

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Austria newspaper stamp accumulation 1867-1880.

Fantastic unpicked hoard of 5000+ newspaper stamps imperf and perf, in pairs, blocs, part sheets, shades, varieities and cancellations, wonderful virgin lot! The collector first accumulated these stamps to build an exhibition collection, but never had time to start on it, now this is your opportunity to make this chaos in something beautiful. Very much potential with so much material for such a low price!!!

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Austria pre-philately.

Folder with 25 pre philately covers of Austria, amongst which Levant, various border and transit cancels and many foreign destinations.

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Austria railroad post and station cancels.

Beautiful collection railroadpost and station cancels of Austria in 17 (!) albums. Collection contains over 200 covers, stationeries etc. and is very extensively ducumented.

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Austria-Turkey ships stamps.

Small lot of 37 stamps of the Austrian-Turkish ships service. Contains 21 labels of the Morton and co service and 16 stamps of DDSG. Very scarce material, very nice addition on your collection!

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Stockbook with various material of Austria, including many MNH and signed stamps. Contains a.o. (Michel no's): 36-41*, 154-156** (2x, of which 1x with certificate), 175*, 176*, 177* (signed), 518-523** (Rotary, signed), 563-566**, 598-612**, 613-616**, 632-637**, Va-Vd** (Hitler overprints, 2x, of which 1x signed), 693-696**(Hitler overprints, 2x, of which 1x signed), 772-775B (Renner stamps imperforated), 960-963**, 985*, 986*, etc. High cat. value!

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Stockbook with various MNH and cancelled material of Austria, amongst which some nice modern souvenir sheets.

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