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Private Treaty List - Over £1.6 Million Intact Collections.

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Argentina 1940-1970.

Massive mainly mint never hinged accumulation, most issues in sheets or half sheets, including better issues and thematics, also some sheetlets and first day covers, in box. Massive catalogue value!!!

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Argentina cover collection 1890-1960.

Very impressive collection, in wonderful fresh condition, over 300(!!) covers, all with descriptions, mainly airmail covers sent abroad including destinations, Condor, nice frankings, Registered covers, postage dues etc. etc. in 2 albums. Great collection of this seldom offered material for such a low price!!

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Armenia 1919-2009!

Well filled, mostly MNH collection Armenia 1919-2009 on Scott pages in springback binder. Collection contains various extra's like imperforated material, souvenir sheets, kleinbogen etc.

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Aruba 1986-1998 year sets.

Complete collection yearsets of Aruba 1986-1998 in original packaging. Also yearsets Netherlands Antilles 1992-1994 present. In small box.

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Aruba 1986-2005.

Complete, MNH collection Aruba 1986-2005 including souvenir sheets in Davo luxe album with slipcase.

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Aruba 1986-2006.

Complete, MNH collection Aruba 1986-2006 in Davo luxe album, including souvenir sheets. Collection is complete till June 2006 (NVPH 362).

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Aruba 1986-2011.

As good as complete (only a few stamps are missing), MNH collection Aruba 1986-2011 in Davo album.

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Aruba 1986-2012.

Almost complete, MNH collection Aruba 1986-2012 in Davo album. High cat. value!

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Aruba face value 2005-2008.

Folder with face value material of Aruba 2005-2008. Face value over 3100 guilders (ca. 1560 euro).

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Asia sortinglot.

Nice mixed lot incl nice collection Japan from earlies onwards, Japan loose, very much China incl. 100's of Junks, Shanghai better stamps, Philipines etc. etc. in album, boxes, in box. Adventure!

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Folder with albumpages with various mint hinged and used classic material from Asia, including many British colonies like India, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Straits Settlements etc.

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Stockbook with MNh, mint hinged and used material of India and states, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Ceylon. Much material, including some better stamps.

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Australia 1912-1950.

Well filled, mostly used lot Australia 1912-1950 on albumpages in folder, including nice part kangaroos with some nice cancels, George V, 5 shilling Harbour Bridge, nice service, postage dues etc.

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Australia 1912-1966.

Mostly MNH and mint hinged lot Australia 1912-1966 on stockpages in folder. Lot contains a.o. (Stanley Gibbons no's): 42 (5 shllling yellow/grey, watermark crown above A), 75 (1 pound grey, watermark crown above A), 136 (kangaroo 10 shilling watermark CofA), 137 (kangaroo 1 pound watermark CofA), souvenir sheet 1** (2x, Kookaburra sheetlet), service 51, etc.

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Australia 1912-1970.

Mainly used/mnh collection, reasonably complete incl. Kangaroos to 5sh used, 10sh and 1 pound mint with Specimen overprints, 30/s to 60's nearly complete, Navigators to 2 pound mint never hinged + extra 10sh and 1 pound on fdc(?), decimal Navigators to $4 mnh, AAT first set to $1 mint never hinged + on fdc etc. etc. in expensive Safe album

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Australia 1912-1998.

Nicely filled, used collection Australia 1912-1998 in blanc album. Collection contains nice classic part, somewhat specialised and with a.o. (Stanley Gibbons no's): 44 (1 pound kangaroo brown/blue), 75 (1 pound kangaroo grey), service 22, 10, 133, 136, good part postage dues etc.

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Australia 1913-1983.

Nicely filled, MNH and mint hinged collection Australia 1913-1983 in 2 Davo luxe albums. Collection contains nice part kangaroos and George V and also a.o. (Stanley Gibbons no's): 147-149*, 150-152*, 156-158*, 161-163*, 193-195**, 196-199**, etc.

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Australia 1913-1994.

Nice used collection, very wellfilled, including Kangaroos to 5sh, George V heads to 1/4, from 1931 nearly complete incl. several sheetlets, in wellfilled Schaubek album, bargain!

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Australia 1913-2009.

MNH, mint hinged but mostly used collection Australia 1913-2009 in 2 stockbooks. Nicely filled collection, including many duplicates and some face value material.

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Australia 1914-1985.

Nicely filled, used collection Australia 1914-1985 in Stanley Gibbons album.

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