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Private Treaty List - Over £1.6 Million Intact Collections.

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Alderney 1983-2014.

Well filled, MNH collection Alderney 1983-2014 in Davo luxe album with slipcase.

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Algeria 1924-1975.

Messy, but well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Algeria 1924-1975 in album. Collection contains a.o. (Yvert no's): 47a** (imperforated), 51a** (centre shifted in block of 4), 51a** centre shifted), 53a* (5the tree), 58-70**, 83b** (5th tree), 87-99*, 100**, 100a* (perf 11), 100b* (imperforated without gum), 149-152*, 200-204** imperforated, 254-265** imperforated, 273-274*, 292a** (cardboard paper in block van 4), 300-301** imperforated, 304-306** imperforated, 316-317** in blocks of 4, 319-322** in blocks of 4, airmail 1-6** imperforated, 9-12**, extensive part parcelpost etc. Also nice part after independence present.

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Algeria 1962 EA overprints.

Nice, specialised, MNH collection EA overprints of Algeria 1962 on albumpages in folder.

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All world classic collection 1840-1930.

Incredibly powerful mint and mainly used collection, very many countries near completion, including fantastic Scandinavia with Denmark, Danish West Indies, Finland, Norway, Iceland incl. first set, 1930 set, better Netherlands and Colonies, great Portugal with very much Colonies, France and powerful Colonies, Italy and territories/colonies, Russia, Bulgaria, North and South America with many better issues, powerful USA incl. good classics, Columbus incl. $2, Omaha to $1, 2 volumes of Great Britain and Colonies incl. good Malayan States, Malta, Gibraltar, Australian States, Canada incl. better values, Mexico with good earlies etc. etc. in 8 Schaubek albums. Highly recommended collection with tons of good stamps, offered at a fraction of catalogue value!!! Would give a considerable profit if sold as one country collections!!!!

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All world classics.

Incredible lot of ancient approval booklets from 1947, all very wellfilled, offered intact by us, with very many expensive issues in well above average condition, cancels, varieties, incl. much GB and Colonies, French Colonies, Germany incl. States and territories, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic States, Luxemburg incl. better, Greece, Turky, France etc. etc. Great addition to your collection or to sell retail!!

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All world classics.

Interesting lot incl. Penny black on cover, 2 other classic covers, German States incl. better, Norway localpost, Japan, Austria incl. better 30's, British Commonwealth incl. better, Also some classic forgeries, in stockbook.

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All world massive sortinglot.

Incredible collector estate bought in Spain with **/*/0 material (very much mint never hinged incl. pre-war and pre-1900, with nice part-collections USA incl. better old, Hungary, thematic shells, Scandinavie incl. better old material mint never hinged, very old duplicated stockbooks (with very much mnh, some toned) incl. much better France, British and French Colonies, Italie incl. better sets, Netherlands, Germany, China incl. many valuable stamps etc. etc. in 23 albums/stockbooks, in big box. Very much sortingpleasure, adventure!!

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All world mixed lot.

Stockbook full with slightly better material incl. China 1982 bird set and bird sheetlet, Europa Cept better sheetlets of Portugal and Monaco etc. etc.

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All world postcards 1900-1920.

Mouthwatering lot of 77 very old postcards from all over the world, all franked on the front of the card, including from Portuguese and British Colonies, Russia, Japan, Scandinavia etc. etc. in album. Seldom offered and very scarce material!!

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All world triangle stamps.

Very unusual collection of stamps in the shape of a triangle, from old to recent, including better of Obock, Monaco, South America, Djibouti, also recent material from new issue subscription, in stockbook. Seldom offered in this quantity!!

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Allied occupation Germany.

Very extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used lot allied occupation of Germany in 9 stockbooks. Lot contains very much material, including Notopfer Berlin, Bizone, Sovjetzone overprints etc. Weeks of sorting adventure!

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America ca. 1860-1960.

Well filled, mint hinged and used collection Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Cuba in old Spanish album in somewhat mixed quality (some stamps with rust). Nice collection with nice classic material, better stamps and souvenir sheets. High cat. value!

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Angola and Portugese Guinea 1924-1982.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Angola and Portugese Guinea 1924-1982 in blanc album. Collection contains nice thematic sets and a.o. (Michel no's): Portugese Guinea 171-194*/o, souvenir sheet 1*, 2*, etc.

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Antigua 1863-1980.

Mint hinged and used collection Antigua 1863-1980 in stockbook. Cat. value ca. 1800 euros.

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Antilles 1949-1975 and Suriname 1945-1975.

Well filled, almost only MNH collection Antilles 1949-1975 and Suriname 1945-1975 in luxe Leuchtturm album. Contains a.o. (NVPH no's): Antilles 218-229**, 239-243**, 248-252**, Suriname 214-219**, 220-243**, 257-273**, 280-283**, 285-293**, 294**, 308**, etc. Bargain!

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Approval booklets.

Large box with approx. 150 used approval booklets with nice material of mostly European countries. Exciting sorting lot, high value!

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Arab States 1964-1968.

Almost complete, mint hinged collection Arab States 1964-1968 in Scott album, in which a.o. (Michel no's): Ajman, Dubai 1-17A*, 18-25A*, 179-192*, 208-210*, 243-256*, 276-285*, 307-314* in block of 8, 327-334* in block of 8,345-352* in block of 8, souvenir sheet 1-4B*, Fujeira, Ras al Khaima, Sjarjah 48-53aA*, Khor Fakkan, Umm al Qiwain and South Arabia. Much material, including many nice thamatic sets. High cat. value!

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Argentina 1858-1963.

Reasonably filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Argentina 1858-1963 in Schaubek album, including several souvenir sheets, service stamps etc.

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Argentina 1858-1987.

Stockbook with a MNH, mint hinged and used collection Argentina 1858-1987, in which a.o. (Michel no's): 1, 2, 5, 6, 27, 29, 329**, 330**, 331**, 607-610**, 908** in kleinbogen, 909-933**1465-1478** in sheet, 1666-1677** in sheet, nice part service stamps etc.

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Argentina 1858-2002.

Mint hinged and used collection Argentina 1858-2002 in large blanc album. Part of the mint stamps are unfortunately partly stuck to the paper.

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