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Private Treaty List - Over £1.6 Million Intact Collections.

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150 years Postage stamps.

MNH (few stamps cancelled) thematic collection 150 years Postage stamps in 2 special Lindner albums with slipcases.

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20th Century.

Collection 'famous persons and moments of the 20th century' in 4 binders with various MNH material and many FDC's.

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50 years United Nations 1995.

MNH thematic collection 50 years United Nations 1995 including souvenir sheets, stampbooklets, kleinbogen and covers in 3 special Lindner albums with slipcases.

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Acores/Timor 1868-1950.

Wonderful reasonably complete collections + duplicates, partly with perfs, types and some interesting varieties, including Acores 1868 imperf 20r, 80r and 100r, 1868 perf to 120r, 1871/79 to 300r, Dom Henrique to 1000r etc. etc. Some Horta, then Timor incl. 1885 overprints, 1887 to 300r, later overprints etc. etc. in stockbook. Seldom offered and scarce material!!!

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Aden Qu'aiti State 1942-1966.

Nice, complete, mint hinged and cancelled double collection Aden Qu'aiti State 1942-1966 in blanc album, in which also many duplicates, some FDC's, plateflaws etc. Collection contains a.o. (Stanley Gibbons no's): 1-11*, 1-11, 12-13* with Specimen perforation, 12-13** in complete sheets of 60, 14-15*, 14-15, 20-27*, 29-40*, 41-52*, 41-52 etc.

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Aegean Islands, WC football 1934.

Stockpage with 5 different, cancelled values of the WC football 1934 issue of Italy (including the 3 highest values), overprinted with Isole Italiane Dell Egeo, in strips of 10 with sheetmargin. Contains Sassone 75, 79, A34, A36 and A37. Cat. value 12200 euros, seldomly offered!

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Aegean Islands, WC football 1934.

Stockpage with the highest value (5+2½ lire) of the WC football 1934 issue of Italy, overprinted with Isole Italiane Dell Egeo, in cancelled strip of 10 with sheetmargin. Sassone 79, cat. value 5500 euros, seldomly offered!

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Afghanistan 1871-1973.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Afghanistan 1871-1973 in blanc Schaubek album. Collection contains much material, amongst which nice classic, souvenir sheets, imperforated stamps, etc.

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Afghanistan 1892-1998.

Very impressive mint and used collection including many better singles, sets and sheetlets, also imperfs, back of the book and duplicates, partly specialised, in Minkus album + 2 stockbooks. Seldom offered!!

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Africa Orientale Italiana 1938.

Stockpage with MNH sets of Africa Orientale Italiana 1938. Contains Sassone 1-26 and A1-A15. Luxe quality, cat. value 1450 euros.

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Folder with albumpages with various mint hinged and used classic material from Africa,including many British colonies like British Morocco, Goldcoast, Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius etc.

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Two stockbooks with mostly MNH sets and souvenir sheets of various African countries, amongst which much French colonies. Nice thematic material and a high cat. value!

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Airmail covers.

Album with ca. 225 airmailcovers special flights of a.o. USA, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria etc.

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Aland 1984-2011!

Complete mint never hinged collection including sheetlets etc, in album. From 1999 in the official postoffice yearsets up to 2011.

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Aland 1984-2011.

Apparently complete, MNH collection Aland 1984-2011 in luxe Lindner album with slipcase, including souvenir sheets and many booklets.

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Aland first day cover collection to 2012!!

Nice collection of sets and sheetlets, also some duplicates and special issues, from older to very recent, in box. Very high new issue price!

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Aland yearsets 1986-2010.

Complete collection yearsets Aland 1986-2010 in folder. Original post office price over 330 euros!

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Albania 1913-2003.

Messy, bur reasonable, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Albania 1913-2003 in Scott album, in which some better stamps like (Michel no's): 144-150(*), 757-762A**, 757-762B**, 757-762B, 828-831**, 870-879*, souvenir sheet 2*, 3, 29**, 30**, etc.

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Albania 1914-1973.

Nicely filled, mint hinged and mostly used collection Albania 1914-1973 on blanc pages in folder.

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Alderney 1983-2012.

Well filled, MNH collection Alderney 1983-2012 in stockbook. High face value!

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