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Private Treaty - Over £2million intact collections at trade prices: Updated 26th July.

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100 years Telephony.

MNH thematic collection 100 years Telephony including souvenir sheets and FDC's in 3 special Borek albums with slipcases.

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150 years Postage stamps.

MNH (few stamps cancelled) thematic collection 150 years Postage stamps in 2 special Lindner albums with slipcases.

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50 years United Nations 1995.

MNH thematic collection 50 years United Nations 1995 including souvenir sheets, stampbooklets, kleinbogen and covers in 3 special Lindner albums with slipcases.

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500 years Post 1990.

Thematic collection 500 years postal services from 1990 with stamps, covers, cards, FDC's etc. in 6 special Lindner albums.

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AAT/Christmas/Cocos to 1998.

Mainly mint never hinged collection, with very many sets, blocs of 4, some duplicates, sheetlets incl. better Exhibition overprint sheetlets, many nice thematics, in stockbook, bargain!!

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Aegean Islands 1912-1945.

Super mint/mint never hinged/used collection, partly double both mint and used present, looks pretty much complete in the mainnumbers in wonderful fresh condition, includes all the key stamps and sets of the different islands, Rhodos with the expensive issues and back of the book, airmails incl. zeppelins and triptiques, all Garibaldi sets both mint and used present, great collection, in Italian album. Massive catalogue value and seldom offered so complete and in such wonderful condition!!!

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Aegean Islands 1912-1947.

Fantastic nearly complete mint/used/mint never hinged collection, including virtually all key sets and stamps of this very popular and sought after aerea, in mainly very fine and fresh condition, the good Garibaldi sets used very fine, Rhodos, etc. etc. in Italian album. Great collection with an enormeous catalogue value and retail value!!! Seldom offered so complete!!

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Afghanistan 1871-1973.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Afghanistan 1871-1973 in blanc Schaubek album. Collection contains much material, amongst which nice classic, souvenir sheets, imperforated stamps, etc.

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Africa Orientale Italiana 1938.

Stockpage with MNH sets of Africa Orientale Italiana 1938. Contains Sassone 1-26 and A1-A15. Luxe quality, cat. value 1450 euros.

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Folder with albumpages with various mint hinged and used classic material from Africa,including many British colonies like British Morocco, Goldcoast, Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius etc.

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Mostly MNH and mint hinged collection Agricaulture in 2 blanc Davo albums. Collection contains a.o. nice flowers and plants including China chrysanthiums 1960-1961 (mixed MNH, mint hinged and used), nice Hungary including imperforated material etc. High cat. value!

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Aland 1984-2011!

Overcomplete, canceled collection Aland 1984-2011 including souvenir sheets, stamp booklets and ATM stamps on Schaubek albumpages in folder.

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Aland yearsets 1986-2010.

Complete collection yearsets Aland 1986-2010 in folder. Original post office price over 330 euros!

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Albania 1913-1971.

Small, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Albania 1913-1971 on albumpages in folder. Collection contains a.o. (Michel no's): 41-46*, 41-46 on cover, 330-337*, souvenir sheet 1**, 2, 3**, German occupation 1-14**, etc.

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Albania 1913-2003.

Messy, bur reasonable, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Albania 1913-2003 in Scott album, in which some better stamps like (Michel no's): 144-150(*), 757-762A**, 757-762B**, 757-762B, 828-831**, 870-879*, souvenir sheet 2*, 3, 29**, 30**, etc.

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Albania 1914-1973.

Nicely filled, mint hinged and mostly used collection Albania 1914-1973 on blanc pages in folder.

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Algeria 1856(!!)-1996.

Fantastic overcomplete mint/used/mint never hinged collection, starting with French stamps used in Algeria, later very many extra's like good and scarce covers, extensive railway stamps (seldom offered), housed in 2 overfull Yvert albums. Great collection with very much hard to get material!!!

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Algeria 1962 EA overprints.

Nice, specialised, MNH collection EA overprints of Algeria 1962 on albumpages in folder.

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Algeria 1962-1992.

Apparently complete, MNH collection Algeria 1962-1992 in luxe Leuchtturm album, including overprint stamp from 1962 (Michel no. 383), some stampbooklets etc.

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All world classic collection 1840-1930.

Incredibly powerful mint and mainly used collection, very many countries near completion, including fantastic Scandinavia with Denmark, Danish West Indies, Finland, Norway, Iceland incl. first set, 1930 set, better Netherlands and Colonies, great Portugal with very much Colonies, France and powerful Colonies, Italy and territories/colonies, Russia, Bulgaria, North and South America with many better issues, powerful USA incl. good classics, Columbus incl. $2, Omaha to $1, 2 volumes of Great Britain and Colonies incl. good Malayan States, Malta, Gibraltar, Australian States, Canada incl. better values, Mexico with good earlies etc. etc. in 8 Schaubek albums. Highly recommended collection with tons of good stamps, offered at a fraction of catalogue value!!! Would give a considerable profit if sold as one country collections!!!!

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