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Private Treaty March 2020.

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Netherlands first day cover collection 2002-end 2014!!

Complete unaddressed collection of the euro period, including the A-numbers, from start of the euro to Christmas 2014, in 2 albums. These recent years are scarce and cost a small fortune as new issues, offered far below new issue price!!

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Great Britain cinderella's tanks of the allies.

Stockpage with 2 complete sheets (1 red and 1 blue) of 48 cinderella's with 'tanks of the allies'. In total 16x block of 8 different stamps. (vertical perforation in the middle partly loose).

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Barbuda World Championship Football 1974 imperforated.

Small box with 1000 (!) imperforated MNH souvenir sheets of Barbuda, World Championship football 1974. Ideal lot for reseller or ebay.

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Hong Kong 1993-2001.

Beautiful mint never hinged collection souvenir sheets, all different incl. better, high face value sheetlets, also good thematics, in stockbook. Very high face value and catalogue value!

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Netherlands picture postcards.

Album with 150 old picture postcards of the Netherlands.

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Netherlands sortinglot.

Nice sortinglot, box full with remainders, (part)collections, duplicates, both mint never hinged, hinged and used, from old to new, much sortingpleasure. The content of this lot varies, so we don't have pictures of it.

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Luxembourg 1956.

Stockpage with 10 x Luxembourg 1956 Michel 552-554 Coal and steel set MNH in luxe quality. Cat. value 700 euros.

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Germany Reich Inflation period.

Mint never hinged better stamps in part sheets with Michel 253aZ(80), 290Z(150) en 295Z(120), partly signed Buhler, cat. value 11.000+ euro, stupidly cheap price!!!

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Germany Reich 1923.

Michel 244c, 40m green olive mint never hinged full original gum, bloc of 18!! Each stamp signed Buhler. Michel 2006 cat. value 11.700 EURO!

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Transvaal 1923.

Old booklet (1923) with reprints of Transvaal. Contains reprints of stamps of 1885, 1896, 1900 and 1901.

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St. Vincent color trials 1987-1988.

Stockbook with imperforated 8 souvenir sheets with British footballclubs from the British premier league 1987-1988 with 9 different trials per souvenir sheet. In total so 72 sheetlets.

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Nice lot of 30 different proofsheetlets of the 1987 Grenadines of St. Vincent trainset in different colors, with- and without value inscription, all imperf, from the printer. Seldom offered!!

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Europa CEPT 1991-1995.

MNH collection souvenir sheets and minisheets of Europa CEPT 1991-1995 in 2 stockbooks and a sheetfolder. Lot contains a.o. face value material and better issue of smaller countries like Guernsey 1993, Yugoslavia 1992, Croatia 1992, 1994, 1995, Moldavia 1994, 1995 etc. Total cat. value over 5100 euros.

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Indonesia fiscal 1967.

Fiscalstamp 2500 Rupiah purple and yellow unused, difficult stamp, in complete sheets of 100, mainly very fine. Barefoot fiscal catalogue number 313, cat. value 100.000 pound!!! (more than 110.000 euro!!!)

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Indonesia 1970-1984.

MNH, totally complete collection Indonesia 1970-1984 in fat stockbook. Collection is complete including all the souvenir sheets, amongst which naturally the expensive ones like ape-sheets, tennis-sheets and football-sheets etc. Cat. value (Zonnebloem) 3162,65 euros.

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Netherlands 1960-1963.

Collection unaddressed, open FDC's of the Netherlands E42 till E61 in stockbook. Good quality, cat. value 591,50 euros.

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Netherlands 1974 double cow on fdc!

Scarce first day cover (10x) with double cow instead of single cow!

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Netherlands Antilles 1970-1989.

Stockbook with a complete MNH collection Netherlands Antilles 1970-1989, including souvenir sheets. Collection contains all the stamps and souvenir sheets of NVPH no. 421 till no. 934.

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