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Private Treaty March 2020.

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Netherlands picture postcards.

Incredible amount of mainly unaddressed picture postcard of many different cities and villages, much duplication (some cards hundred the same), mainly black and white cards incl. many better topics, HOUSED IN 6 REMOVAL BOXES!!! Incredible lot!!

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Netherlands 1852-1994.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Netherlands 1852-1994 in Holland album. Slightly mixed quality but with many better like (NVPH no's): 44, 48, 49, 104-105, 136-138, 356-373**, 592-595**, etc.

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Papua New Guinea 1994.

Complete MNH sheet of 50 stamps of Papua New Guinea 1994, 21t op 80t Michel no. 718. Cat. value 70 euro per stamp so 3500 EURO for a complete sheet. Scarce stamp!

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Indonesia blocs varieties 1967-1968.

Incredible lot of varieties and proofs, uncut sheets of 6/8/10 sheetlets incl. 1968 Olympics (good thematics!) missing colors and misperfs, Pariwisata missing color, Saleh proofsheet with only the color green, misperforated sheet, Borobudur misperf sheet etc. I total 12 big sheets with in total 104 items. Seldom offered anywhere and very rare material!!

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Bundespost 1949-2000.

MNH, complete collection Bundespost 1949-2000 in 5 luxe Lindner albums. Contains all the good sets, including posthorn (few stamps with gum remarks). Nice collection, cat. value over 7500 euros.

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Europe CEPT 1956-1996.

Mostly MNH collection Europe CEPT 1956-1996 in 5 albums and also 3 stockboosk with duplicates. Very much material, including better like Luxembourg 1956**, 1957**, Liechtenstein 1960**, Spanish Andorra 1972**, etc. Collection also contains many sheetlets.

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Europe classic.

Small classic collection Europe in 3 small photoalbums in cassette. Contains a.o. Italy, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Sweden etc. Nice material, very high cat. value!

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India service covers.

Collection several hundreds of service covers of India in 2 ordners. Contains covers of the period 1968-1972, both with and without frankings. Interesting collection!

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Austria 1850-1999.

Well filled MNH, mint hinged and used collection Austria 1850-1999 in 3 luxe Schaubek albums. Collection contains much better material like (Michel no's): 418-424*, 567-587*, 617-622*, 623-626*, 649-657*, 952-954**, 960-963**, 1012-1016**, etc.

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Austria 1850-1982.

MNH, mint hinged and used collection Austria 1850-1982 in 2 Schaubek albums. Collection is well filled with nice classic part and much better material like (Michel no's): 175, 176, 418-424*, 433-441*, 442-446*, 512-517*, 518-523* (Rotary), 591-596, 693-696* (Hitler overprints), 937-940**, 952-954, 984-987*, etc. Also nice Austrian territories present.

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Netherlands 1872-2001.

MNH and mint hinged collection Netherlands 1872-2001, a.o. (cat. NVPH) no. 34-36*, 50-55*, 56-63*, 65-66*, 87-89*, 90-96*, 166-168**, 203-207**, 402B*, 556-560**, 592-595* etc. and a lot of face value. In 3 Leuchtturm albums.

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Spain ayuntamiento de barcelona.

Beautiful lot mandatory surtax stamps of Barcelona (ayuntamiento de barcelona) in mostly imperforated sheetparts, including many gutterpairs, even gutterpairs between different stamps. Partly listed in Michel catalogue (a.o. no. 15 in imperforated sheetpart of 20). Very valuable lot for the real Spain specialist.

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Portugal ATM stamps on first day cover 1981-1987.

Impressive collector accumulation of around 2400(!!) first day covers, all with frama stamps with different values and different cancellations, in box. Massive retail value (were selling at eBay for 3-5 euro each!)

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Yugoslavia 1866-1957.

Neat mint & used collection of Yugoslavia in one album starting with sections of Montenegro and Serbia, the latter including two 1866 Newspaper stamps, then 1866 Vienna impression 20pa and 40pa, then Yugoslavia with a nice selection of overprints incl. 1919 overprinted newspaper stamps, airs, postage dues, newspaper stamps, etc. Highly recommended collection of this seldom offered material.

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France 1849-1964.

Nice **/*/0 collection incl. Yvert 154, 182, 242A used, 257A, 269**, Caisse d'amortissement, famous French sets, from 1900 nearly complete, in 2 Safe albums

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Netherland 1869-2003.

Mostly MNH and mint hinged collection Netherlands 1869-2003 in 5 Davo luxe albums. Collection is very well filled, with pre war mostly mint hinged material and post war mostly MNH (some more expensive sets of the '50s are hinged).

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Lot Switzerland in glassines in small box. Contains mostly used material, in which nice classic and better like Pro Juventute 1915-1921, good Service, airmail etc. Nice lot, finds absolutely possible!

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Isle of Man postage dues 1973.

The 1st postage due set of Isle of Man 1973, in MNH complete sheets of 100 (2x folded). Yvert 1-8 (cat. 5000) or Michel 1-8 (cat. 4500). Seldomly offered, bargain!

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Cote de Somalis 1909.

Stockbook with Cote de Somalis 1909 (Yvert 67-82, but without 70 and 71) in luxe MNH sheetparts of 25. Catalogue value over 10500 euros.

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Country seats in the Netherlands.

Complete, MNH collection Country seats in the Netherlands in special album with slipcase, in which 50 sheetlets of 10 stamps. Face value already 455 euros.

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