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Hyderabad postal stationeries 1877-1948.

Beautiful mint and used collection postal stationeries of Hyderabad 1877-1948 in 2 albums. Collection contains postal cards, official cards, envelopes, registered envelopes. In total 182 items. Very nice collection!

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Stockbook with various MNH, mint hinged and used material of various European countries, including better material of Belgium, France, Czechoslovakia (a.p. Michel souvenir sheet 17 II**), Hungary etc.

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Hungary 1871-1992.

Messy, but reasonably filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Hungary 1871-1992 in 5 albums, including much Hungarian territories. Collection contains better material like (Michel no's): 1086-1087* (2x), 1139-1141*, 1201-1203*, 1243*, 1274-1275*, 1330-1137*, 1340*, souvenir sheet 16*, 20*, 21*, 22*, 24*, 25*, 26A**, 27A**, 28A**, 30A**, etc. Further much territories present like Arad, Banat, Baranya, Debrecen, etc.

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Liechtenstein 1912-1999.

MInt/used/mint never hinged collection, reasonably complete incl. many good issues, 1912 set, 1921 to 1fr used, 1930 set to 2fr mint, 1933 low values 25rp, 90rp and 1fr20 mint, 1933/35 high value 5fr fine mint etc. etc. in wellfilled Schaubek album. High cat. value!!

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Hungary 1871-2000.

Mostly mint hinged collection Hungary 1871-2000 in 4 Schaubek albums. From 1913 onwards the collection is as good as complete (souvenir sheets not complete), including better material like (Michel no's): 41-52*, 128-144*, 145-161*, 210-211*, 403-410*, 427-429*, 478-479* (Zeppelin), 484-487** (Madonna), etc.

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Hungary 1871-1983.

Very well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Hungary 1841-1983 in 3 Kabe albums, including some imperforated stamps and souvenir sheets. Collection contains much better material like (Michel no's): 128-144*, 145-161*, 403-410**, 467-470*, 478-479*, 487*, 508*, kleinbogen 999***, souvenir sheet 1* (2x), 2* (2x), 3*, 10*, 11**, 12**, 13**, 33B** (imperforated) etc.

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Interesting collection of Yugoslavia, including many covers and also Montenegro, Bohemia and Moravia and also modern material of Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia etc. in 5 albums. Collection contains better material like (Michel no's): Yugoslavia (Croatia) 51-54**, 62-63* (real?), 64-65*, postage dues 27-34**, Istria postage dues 1-7*, 8-13*, 14-19**, good part Bosnia,including many nice picture postcards, nice Serbia, including many postal stationeries etc.

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Brunei 1895-2001.

MNH, mint hinged and used collection Brunei 1895-2001 in album. Collection contains some older material, much material between ca. 1980 and 2001 and some covers.

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Austria 1850-1959.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Austria 1850-1959 in old album. Collection contains nice classic part and better material like (Michel no's): 418-424*, 433-441*, 494-497*, 512-517*, 598-612*, 929-932**, 960-963**, 984-987**, etc. Also some Austrian territories present.

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Netherlands first emission halfround cancels.

Small collection better halfround cancels on 1st emission of the Netherlands, like Leeuwarden A on no. 1, Brielle C on no. 3, Winterswijk C on no. 1, Winschoten C on no. 1, Beverwijk C on no. 3, Oud Beijerland A on no. 2. Also some other cancels like Franco in blue on no. 2, Warmond franco on no. 1 etc. High cat. value!

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Hungary 1871-1976.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Hungary 1871-1976 in fat Scott album. Collection includes better material like (Michel no's): 145-161*, 403-410*, 423-426*, 484*, 485*, souvenir sheet 2**, 3**, etc. Also nice Hungarian territories present including some better stamps.

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Canada 1899-2007.

Extensive lot Canada 1899-2007 in 5 ordners in box. Lot contains very many stamps, amongst which many plateblocs and much face value material.

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Finland 1860-2010.

MNH, mint hinged and used collection Finland 1860-2010 in 2 blanco Davo albums. Very well filled collection with also airmail, autoparcelpost stamps etc. Also Karelia and Aland present.

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Belgium cancelcollection railroadstamps.

Beautiful cancel collection on 1st and 2nd emission railroad stamps of Belgium in stockbook. Collection contains ca. 600 stamps, including 19x Michel no 5 (all with railroad cancels, cat. 60 euro each).

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Great Britain and colonies.

Extensive MNH, mint hinged but mostly used lot Great Britain and colonies in 3 ordners and 2 stockbooks. Lot contains nice classic material of a.o. Great Britain, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia (a.o. 1/- kangaroo with inverted watermark), Barbados, Ceylon (a.o. 4 penny inverted watermark, Stanley Gibbons 279a), Hong Kong (a.o. 1891 Jubilee overprint), Egypt, Canada etc. High cat. value!

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Malta 1885-2008.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used, double collection Malta 1885-2008 in 8 selfmade albums. Collection contains very much material, including many covers and FDC's.

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French Zone 1947-1949.

MNH collection French Zone 1947-1949 on stockpages in folder. Contains Wurttemberg, Baden and Rheinland-Pfalz, including many souvenir sheets. Also souvenir sheet 1B of Baden used (with certificate Schlegel).

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United Europa 1956-1972.

Nice, somewhat specialised, MNH collection United Europe 1956-1972 in blanc album. Collection contains good material like Luxembourg 1956, 1957, Liechtenstein 1960, Liechtenstein 1960 in complete sheetlet of 20! (few gum remarks), Spanish Andorra 1972, etc. Also corunners, gutterpairs of Italy and Ireland etc.

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San Marino 1877-1953.

Small mint hinged collection San Marino 1877-1953 on stockpage. Collection contains better material in somewhat mixed quality, with high cat. value!

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Hungary 1871-1975.

Well filled, mostly used collection Hungary 1871-1975 in 2 albums. Collection contains much better material like (Michel no's): 1-13 complete, including duplicates, a nice no. 2 (1200 euros) and no. 12 in pair, 13 repeatedly etc. Also a.o. 403-410*, 478-479 (Zeppelin), 484-487, etc. Nice part Hungarian territories, West Hungary etc. High cat. value!

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