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Kiribati 1979-2008.

Apparently complete, MNH collection Kiribati 1979-2008 in 2 albums and also an FDC collection in 2 albums. Collection also oncludes many specimen issues.

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New Zealand 1874-2002.

Well filled, mostly MNH and mint hinged collection New Zealand 1874-2002 in 2 Scott albums. Collection contains a.o. (Michel no's): 75*, 88*, 109A*, 111A*, 114*, 115*, 116*, 155-160, 169-171*, 172-173*, 185, many mint hinged Health sheetlets present etc. Also some Ross dependency present. Very much material!

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Vatican 1929-1984.

Complete, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Vatican 1929-1984 in Lindner album. Collection contains a.o. (Michel no's): 1-15, 17-20, 21-38**, 39-44 (Provisorien, signed Diena), 45-50, 67-72**, 147-148, 161-162**, 185-186* etc.

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Vatican 1929-2003.

Almost complete, mostly MNH (older part some mint hinged and regummed) collection Vatican 1929-2003 in 3 luxe Safe albums. Collection contains a.o. (Michel no's): 1-15*, 17-20 (**), 21-38*, 45-50(**), 51-58(**), 161-162(**), 205-206*, souvenir sheet 1**, etc.

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Montenegro 1941-1945.

Fantastic MNH and mint hinged collection Montenegro 1941-1945 in blanc album. Collection contains a.o. (Sassone no's): 1-14*, 14A** (signed, cat. 3000,00), 14A*, 28-31*, 32-35** (32 hinged), 40-48**, 49-59** (cat. 10.000,00), 60-69*, airmail 1-8** (signed Sieger), 10-17*, 26-31*, postage dues 1-5**, etc. Also German occupation Montenegro cat. Michel no's: 1-9**, 10-18**, 20-25**, 26-28*, Kotor 1-6**, etc. Very nice collection, cat. 29500 euros!

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Belgium classic.

Folder with stockpages with mostly used, classic material of Belgium, including very much better material amongst which 27 epaulettes, nice cancels, higher values etc. Very high cat. value!

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Large lot Vatican in 2 boxes. This lot contains a.o. a complete canceled collection Vatican 1929-1995 (so including the provisorien set (Michel 39-44, signed), all expensive airmail stamps, souvenir sheet 1 etc.), papal state including no. 10 and 11 (repaired, but signed), much MNH/mint hinged material in 3 stockbooks (a.o. Michel 21-38*, 185-186**, souvenir sheet 1** (2x)), 3 books with FDC's and 22 yearbooks (years 80 and 90 with duplicates). Very high cat. value!

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Vatican 1852-ca. 1980.

Nice MNH, mint hinged and used collection Vatican and Papal State 1852-1980 in stockbook. Collection contains a.o. (Michel no's): Papal State 1-9, 10, 11*, 18* (certificate), Vatican1-15**, 17-20**, 21-38*, 45-50*, 51-58*, 67-72**, 185-186*, souvenir sheet 1** (cut askew, larger then normal), parcelpost 1-15**, etc. Also some plateflaws and misperforations present.

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China FDC's 1993-1996.

Dealerstock FDC's China 1993-1996 in large box. Lot contains ca. 3000 FDC's, including many souvenir sheets on FDC likes (Michel no's): souvenir sheet 69 (over 200x), 75 (200x), 76 (ca. 150x), etc. Ideal lot for reseller or ebay, high cat. value!

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Western Europe souvenir sheets.

Collection of ca. 550 MNH souvenir sheets (and some stampbooklets) of Western Europe in 3 stockbooks. Lot contains material from the '80s and '90s, including better souvenir sheets and face value material.

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Old German States.

Well filled, mint hinged and used collection old German States including many covers in blanc album. Collection contains a.o. Baden, Bavaria, Württemberg, Hamburg, Prussia, Saxonyn etc. Also some German colonies present.

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Stockbook with various MNH, mint hinged and used better material of Germany and some items of other European countries. Lot contains a.o. Saar Hochwasserhilfe sheetlets 3x (!), all MNH, but a few have minor spots on gumside, Iposta sheetlet German Reich MNH, DDR Debria and 4 Karl Marx sheetlets MNH and also (Michel no's): 276 DV2**, 277 DV2**, 278 DV4**, 279 DV2** (cat. together 1750,00), 284-285 DV**, 286-288**, Berlin 68-70*, 75-79**, 82-86**, 91-100**, etc. Further a.o. Italy 1933 airmail

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Europa CEPT 1958-2013!

MNH collection Europa CEPT 1958-2013 in 3 stockbooks. Cat. value over 5000 euros.

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Sweden 1855-2001.

Very extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used stock Sweden 1855-2001 in 4 stockbooks. Lot contains much material, including nice classic.

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Yugoslavia 1874-1945.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Yugoslavia 1874-1945 in Scott album. Collection contains a.o. (Michel no's): Croatia 1-8, 9-23*/o, 39-40**, 86-90** in sheetlets, 154-157** in sheetlets, 170-172*, souvenir sheet 1-2**, 1** imperforated and perforated together (!), 4A**, 4B**, German occupation Serbia 16-25*, 26-30*, 54-57AIII*, 82-85*, 82-85** together, souvenir sheet 1-2*, 3-4*, etc. Further a.o. Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina etc. Nice collection, high cat. value!

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Mexico 1856-1984.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Mexico 1856-1984 in Scott album, including a.o. better souvenir sheets.

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Belgium medaillons 1849-1861.

Stockbook with a collection mostly full margin, used medaillons of Belgium 1849-1861, including watermarks, cancels, papervarieties, pairs, pieces and a cover from 1854 with the 40 centimes ribbed paper (OBP 8B).

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Finland 1860-1890.

Folder with albumpages and a stockcard with classic used material of Finland. Lot contains 24 serpentines, including 2x 1 mark, and further a.o. Michel 11 (32P perf 14:13½). Very high cat. value!

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Western Europe ca. 1850-1935.

Mostly used collection Western Europe 1850-1935 in 2 old large Yvert albums. Collection contains a.o. better Spain, Portugal and Great Britain.

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Austria 1850-1938.

Very well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Austria 1850-1938 on exhibitionpages in large album. Collection contains nice classic part and many better stamps like (Michel no's): 156, 175*, 176, 177*, 512-517, 518-523* (Rotary), 524-529, 545-550**, 551-554, 555A*, 556A* (Wipa stamps), 557-562*, 584**, 588* (Dolfuss), 591-596*/o, 617-622**, 623-626*, etc. Further nice part Austrian territories present. High cat. value!

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