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Solomon Islands 1913-1986.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Solomon Islands 1913-1986 in selfmade album, in which e.g. (Stanley Gibbons no's): 18-21*, 22-38*/o, 60-72*, 82-96*, 112-126, 135-152A*, 135-152B, postage dues 1-8** (but tropic), etc.

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Faroe Islands 1919(!)-2017!

In the mainnumbers complete, MNH stamp collection Faroe Islands 1975-2017 in luxe Leuchtturm album with slipcase, including souvenir sheets and also the frontrunner from 1919 (cancelled on piece) and the British occupation set 1940 (cancelled).

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Thematic Zeppelin 1936.

Stockpage with 5 Zeppelin covers (4 from Germany to USA, 1 vice versa) from 1936.

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Samoa 1877-1987.

Almost complete, mostly MNH and mint hinged stamp collection Samoa 1877-1987 on selfmade pages in album, in which a nice classic part and also e.g. (Stanley Gibbons no's): 115-121*, 134-142*, 149-164*, 167-170*, 171-174*, 189-193*, 232-235**, etc.

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Faroe Islands 1919(!)-2005.

Almost complete, MNH stamp collection Faroe Islands 1919-2005 in luxe Leuchtturm albums, in which also British occupation set 1940 (MNH) and the first stamp of 1919 (cancelled with certificate).

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Triest and Somalia 1903-1954.

Mostly MNH and mint hinged stamp collection Triest and Somalia 1903-1954 in stockbook, including better stamps like (Michel no's): Italian Somalia 34-44*, 104*, 105*, 120-122*, 171-188*, 189-196*, 197-208*, 219-232*, 233-242, postage dues 12-22 I**, etc.

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Israel 1948-1970.

Beautiful, mostly MNH and covers, very specialised stamp collection Israel 1948-1970 in 4 Borek albums, in which 1st issue (no. 1-6) specialised on types and perfs, on covers and FDC, plate blocks etc. and also 1948 new year in MNH gutterpairs, idem cancelled, 1949 Jeruzalem with tab on cover (Bale $ 350,00), souvenir sheet 1 MNH, idem on FDC, 1949 Petach Tikva on FDC (Bale 750,00), 1949 new year with mint hinged, 1950 independence on FDC, 1950 camel fulltab MNH, 1952 Menorah fulltab MNH, etc. Very high catalogue value!

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Netherlands postal stationeries 1871-1999.

Really fantastic, mostly mint collection postal stationeries of the Netherlands 1871-1999 in 11 albums, in which e.g (Geuzendam no's):

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Indonesia 1949-1984.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Indonesia 1949-1984 in 2 stockbooksm in which much material, including better stamps, many souvenir sheets and several varieties.

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Curaçao 1873-2005

Well filled, MNH and mint hinged stamp collection Curaçao 1873-2005 in Importa album, from 1958 apparently complete and MNH. Catalogue value ca. 2800 euros.

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Netherlands 1945-1979.

Stockbook with various, mostly MNH material of the Netherlands 1945-1979, like (NVPH no's): 474-489** (Harz), 535* (Juliana en face 2½ gulden, hinged), 563-567** (3x), 568-572** (3x), 578-581** (5x), 592-595** (Itep), 602-606** (10x), 641-645**, 655-659**(6x), 671-675** (4x), 688-692** (7x), 707-711** (4x), etc. Catalogue value over 4000 euros.

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United Europa CEPT 1949-1987.

Complete, MNH stamp collection United Europa CEPT 1949-1987 in 4 albums, including all the expensive front runners like Belgium 1953, Berlin 1950, Greece 1951, Italy 1949, Luxembourg 1951, Saar 1950, Portugal Nato 1952, and further all the good CEPT issues like Luxembourg 1956 and 1957, Liechtenstein 1960, Spanish Andorra 1972 etc. Nice collection, high catalogue value!

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Bundespost 1949-1959.

Stockbook with various better, mostly cancelled material of Bundespost 1949-1959, catalogue value over 3800 euros.

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German Reich cancelled.

Stockbook with various cancelled material of German Reich, including better stamps like (Michel no's): 351-354, 364-367 (9x), 375-377, 383 (4x), 384, 407-409, 423-424, 430-434, 474-478, 538 (15x), 539 (8x), souvenir sheet 4, 5, 7 (9x), 8 (4x), 9 (2x), 10 (2x), 11 (3x), etc. Catalogue value ca. 26000 euros.

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German Reich MNH.

MNH lot postage stamps of German Reich in 2 fat stockbooks, in which also better material like (Michel no's): 405** (2x), 407**, 409**, 417**, 419**, 433**, 465** (4x), 466**, 467-473**, 477** (2x), 489**, 493**, 494** (6x), 686-688** (2x), souvenir sheet 7** (8x), 10** (2x), 11**, etc. Catalogue value ca. 20200 euros.

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German Reich 1872-1945.

Cancelled stamp collection German Reich 1872-1945 in 2 LIndner albums, in which e.g. (Michel no's): 66 (5 Mark Reichspost), I-III (airmail 1912), 344-350, 351-354, 364-367, 378-384, 398-401, 407-409, 423-424, 425-429, 430-434, 498, 499-507A (Wagner), 499-507B, 716-729, souvenir sheet 1 (Iposta), 9, 10, 11, etc. Catalogue value ca. 17500 euros.

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German Reich MNH combinations 1913-1941.

Stockbook with various MNH combinations of stamps from stamp booklets of German Reich, in which better ones like (Michel no's): KZ1**, KZ2**, KZ3**, KZ4**, KZ13**, KZ5**, S24**, S26**, S28**, S30**, S32**, S34**, S36**, S51**, W21.1**, W27.1**, W27.2**, W30.1**, W30.2**, W37** (2x), WZ5**, WZ8**, etc. Catalogue value ca. 15000 euros.

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Old German States 1850-1920.

Well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection Old German States 1850-1920 on albumpages in springback, in which Baden, Bavaria, Bergedorf, Bremen (e.g. Michel 2, used with certificate), Brunswick, Thurn & Taxis, etc. including several covers.

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New Zealand 1953-1989.

In the mainnumbers complete, mostly MNH stamp collection New Zealand 1953-1989 in 2 White Ace albums, in which e.g. (Stanley Gibbons no's): 723-736**, 763b** (!), 781-802*, 845-862**, almost all health sheets etc. Collection also contains extra's like FDC's and cancelled Health sheets.

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British colonies in Africa 1864-1980.

Small, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection British colonies in Africa 1864-1980 on selfmade pages in ringbinder.

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