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Private Treaty November 2019.

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New Zealand FDC's 1960-1971.

Lot of ca. 900 FDC's of New Zealand 1960-1971 in box, including many Health FDC's and also definitive sets.

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Austria 1904-1937.

Wonderful mint hinged collection in beautiful condition, includes most of the expensive issues like 1931 Rotary, 1931 poets, 1932 painters, 1933 FIS, 1933 Wipa on both papers, 1933 catholics, 1934 architects, 1936 Dolfuss 10 shilling fine mint etc. etc. in album. Yvert catalogue value over 3800 euro!!

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France 1922-1984.

Mainly mint never hinged collection in mainly very good condition, including many better pre-war issues, from 1930 virtually complete incl. sheetlets and booklets, in 5 expensive Safe dual albums. Catalogue value (according to collector) over 11.000 euro!!! Offered very cheap!!

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Berlin and Brandenburg specialised collection 1945.

Very, very specialised collection of the first issue of Berlin und Brandenburg, (Michel 1A/7A and 1B/7B), very extensive mint and used, with multiples, pairs and strips, imperfs, different papers, varieties, listed and unlisted plateflaws, several signed stamps, collected per value, in 7 thick stockbooks. Lifework of a collector!!

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Faroe Islands 1983-1986.

Stockbook with MNH Faroe Islands 1983-1986 in complete sheets, including many thematic sets. Also stamp booklets 1 and 2 in numbers. Michel catalogue value over 3400 euros.

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Nepal 1907-2005.

Messy, but reasonably filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Nepal 1907-2005 in album.

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British Commonwealth varieties 1977-1990.

Stockbook with varieties of British Commonwealth 1977-1990, like missing perfs, wrong perfs, missing colors, progressive proofs etc.

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United Nations 1951-1980.

Complete, MNH stamp collection United Nations New York 1951-1980, with tab in special album.

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Netherlands 1852-1977.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Netherlands 1852-1977 in Davo cristal album. Bargain!

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Romania 1945-1977.

Almost complete, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Romania 1945-1977 in 2 old Schaubek albums.

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Rwanda 1962-1987.

Almost complete, mostly MNH stamp collection Rwanda 1962-1987 in Prinet album, including souvenir sheets and very many thematic sets.

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Switzerland 1900-2000.

Cancelled, from 1946 almost complete, stamp collection Switzerland 1900-2000 in Spanish album. High catalogue value!

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Serbia covers 1890-1918.

Very nice collection of 72 covers, cards and postal stationery of Serbia 1890-1918 in blank album, in which mostly material from the 1st world war with various (censor) cancels, fieldpost, registered covers etc.

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Austria covers 1843-1890.

Small album with 27 old covers of Austria 1843-1890, neatly documented.

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Bundespost 1949-1978.

As good as complete, mostly mint hinged stamp collection Bundespost 1949-1978 including souvenir sheets in Kabe album.

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All world classic 1840-1908.

Ancient all world collection, partly stuck in by the collector, with impressive Belgium incl. 5fr, Germany with States and Colonies incl. high values, Italy and States, France and colonies incl. better, Netherlands, Portugal incl. 1853: 100R used, colonies incl. impressive Macao and Timor, GB and colonies incl. better like Bechuanaland 5 pound used(!!), powerful Asia incl. good China and Shanghai, Japan incl. better (also few forgeries), USA incl. nr. 1 and many other better stamps, India and States, South America incl. better etc. etc. in wellfilled 1903 issue Schaubek album + supplements to 1908. In spite of that many stamps were glued to the pages by the collector + several forgeries, a recommendable collection with a huge amount of scarce and rare stamps and a gigantic catalogue value!!

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DDR 1948-1982.

Almost complete, mostly MNH stamp collection DDR 1948-1982 in blank album, including Debria sheet MNH.

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Spain 1855-1992.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Spain 1855-1992 in fat Kabe album, with an almost complete part 1955-1992 including souvenir sheets.

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Isle of Man 1973-2003.

Complete, MNH stamp collection Isle of Man 1973-2003 including souvenir sheets in 2 luxe Lindner albums with slipcases.

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Switzerland Pro Juventute 1952-1971.

Stockalbum with a stock cancelled Pro Juventute stamps of Switzerland 1952-1971. Catalogue value ca. 1500 euros.

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