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Netherlands 1852-1981.

Well filled, cancelled collection Netherlands 1852-1981 in Importa album, including various better stamps like (NVPH no's): 1-3, 4-6, 7-12, 28, 80 (certificate Moeijes), 100, 212-219, 244-247, 257-260, 356-373, 886-888 in cancelled sheetlets (Amphilex 1967), etc.

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Egypt 1870-2002.

Messy, but nicely filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Egypt 1870-2002 in 2 albums.

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Sweden 1855-1967.

Well filled, used collection Sweden 1855-1967 in 2 Facit albums, in which various better material like local stamps 1856 (2x) and 1862, 1e UPU set 1924 used complete with the exception of the 2 kronen, 2nd UPU set used complete, nice part service, postage dues, etc.

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American-British Zone 1945-1949.

Very extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used, double, specialised collection American-British Zone 1945-1949 in 2 Lindner albums, in which a.o. (Michel no's): general issues souvenir sheet 12A**, 12A, 12B**, 12B (2x), V Zd 1**, V Zd 1, V Zd 2, booklet pane 123**, 123, American-British Zone 52-68I*, 53-68II*, I/I-IX/I*, I/II-IX/II*, souvenir sheet 1, etc. Also many varities present and many complete sheets of the AM post. Nice collection!

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Sovjetzone and DDR 1945-1968.

Old collection Sovjetzone and DDR 1945-1968 in album, in whicha nice part local stamps, Sovjetzone ith various handstamped overprints, Goethe sheet with commemorative cancel, DDR with Debria sheet cancelled, 4 Karl Marx sheets cancelled etc. High cat. value!

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Netherlands covers 1800-1982.

Nice collection of ca. 160 covers and cards of the Netherlands 1800-1982 in album, in which some pre philately, classic covers and cards including registered, Olympics 1928 complete set on Olympics picture post card, some better FDC's like Summer 1952, Olympiade 1956, Fieldpost cover with Elephants cancel Denpasar from Bali etc.

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Europe ca. 1880-1940.

Mint hinged and used collection Europe 1880-1940 in old blank album, in which very good Italy and colonies, Albania, British territories and some Germany.

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Liechtenstein 1912-1971.

Nicely filled, MNH and mint hinged collection Liechtenstein 1912-1971 in Leuchtturm album, in which a.o. (Michel no's): 1-3* (both x and y), 45-52A*, 46-52B*, 53-60*, 61-62A*, 61-62B*, 63*, 64*, 65-70*, 72-74*, 75-77*, 78-81*, 82-89*, 94-107* in various perfs, 116-118*, 119-121*122-124**, 304-305A*, service 1-7* in various perfs, etc. High cat. value!

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Bahrain 1942-2003.

Well filled, MNH and mint hinged collection Bahrain 1942-2003 in Lindner album, in which a.o. (Michel no's): 36-48*, 96-98*, 138-148*, 232-239* in sheetlet, 284-291** together, etc. Much material, including many thematic sets and souvenir sheets, high cat. value!

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Luxembourg 1852-1984.

Very well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Luxembourg 1852-1984 in old Schaubek album. Collection contains a.o. (Michel no's): 1-2, 3*, 8, 9(*) (signed), 11, 82*, 227-231*, 240-244*, 245-249, 252-256, 259-264*, 266-280* (intellectuals), 284-289, 468-473*, 478-483*, 488-489*, 490-494*, 555-557*, souvenir sheet 3**, etc. Also nice part service stamps present.

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Jordan 1925-1975.

Mostly MNH and mint hinged accumulation Jordan 1925-1975 in album, in which various blocks of 4, imperforated material etc. Contains a.o. (Michel no's): 402-407B** in pairs, 409-414B** in pairs, 453-458A** in pairs, 453-458B**, 493-498B**, 499-500B**, 509-511B** in pairs, 516-519B** in pairs, 524-531B** in pairs, 532-535B** in pairs, 608-621B**, souvenir sheet 20**, 22**, etc. High cat. value!

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Switzerland back of the book 1871-1980.

Very nice MNH, mint hinged and used collection back of the book of Switzerland including a.o. a very extensive part postage dues, collected on types and colors with also various (foreign) covers with postage dues, postage free stamps (including a mint hinged 'gratis' stamp, telegraph stamps service stamps including (Michel no's): service 1-8 II**, SDN 15, 16-25, 34, 35, 36-41, 56, 57-60, 61-64, 65-67**, BIT 1-14, 25-31 (no. 31 mint hinged), 48, 57-59, OMS 6-25, OIR 1-8*, soldier stamps, both 1st as 2nd world war, also on various covers, railroad stamps etc.

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Belgium 1849-1941.

Mint hinged and used collection Belgium 1849-1941 on Borek albumpages in folder, in which nice classic part and various better material like (Michel no's): 34 (5 Frank), 191-203*, 235-243*, 244-249*, 270-275*, 288-290*, 291-297*, 347-353*, 386-392*, newspaper stamps 1-19*, 20-41*, etc. Nice collection, high cat. value!

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Netherlands 1872-1995.

Well filled, cancelled collection Netherlands 1872-1995 in Davo album.

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Netherlands Antilles 1949-1999.

Almost complete, cancelled collection Netherlands Antilles 1949-1999 in Davo album.

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Great Britain 1924-1936.

Folder with various MNH, mint hinged and cancelled stamps of Great Britain 1924-1936, including controls, plateflawsm stampbooklets, varieties etc.

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Netherlands 1852-1995.

MNH, mint hinged and used, partly double collection Netherlands 1852-1995 in 3 albums and 1 stockbook. Collection contains a.o. (NVPH no's): 6, 12, 29, 44, 105, 136-138*, 212-219, 244-247, 257-260, 356-373**, 402-403B** (legionsheets), 550-555**, 563-567**, 592-595**, 592-595 (ITEP), airmail 12-13, postage dues 1-2, 3-12, etc.

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USA 1861-1965.

Interesting collection in album and stockbook (part of the stamps in the stockbook need to be put into the album, some work to do for you, including valuable classic part with 1893 Columbus 30c and 50c as single frankings on registered covers to Germany, $ 2 Columbus used and $ 2 Columbus unused (no gum), better back of the book, nice old covers with better frankings, Zeppelins etc. etc. Many useful pickings present!!

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Paraguay 1870-1968.

Messy, but nicely filled, mint hinged and used collection Paraguay 1870-1968 on albumpages and stockpages of various brands in album.

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Trinidad and Tobago 1851-1999.

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used collection Trinidad and Tobago 1851-1999 on Hagner stockpages in album. Collection contains a.o. (Stanley Gibbons no's): Trinidad 87* (2x), 106-112*, Tobago 213*, 215*, 216-229*, 230-238*, 246-256**, 246-256, 259-260**, 267-278**, postage dues 10-17*, 18-25*, etc.

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