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South Africa homelands first day covers 1979-1991.

Wonderful collection of first day covers of Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei and Venda, incl. many good thematic issues, definitive sets and sheetlets, hundreds and hundreds of covers, also special extra issues, first day sheets etc. etc. Offered very cheap!!

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South Africa homelands 1979-1991.

Wonderful used very fine fairly complete collections of Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei and Venda, incl. many good thematic issues, definitive sets and sheetlets, in 2 expensive Lindner albums + slipcases.

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South Africa homelands 1979-1991.

Wonderful mint never hinged fairly complete collections of Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei and Venda, incl. many good thematic issues, definitive sets and sheetlets, in 2 expensive Lindner albums + slipcases

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Western Europe machine vending labels.

Massive collection of singles and on cover/fdc, o.a. Netherlands incl. better and varietiets, France incl. better, Austria, Brasil, Cuba etc. etc. housed in 9 albums and loose, in box. Seldom offered material, offered very cheap!

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British Commonwealth sheetlets 1937-1997.

Massive amount of mint never hinged sheetlets and kleinbogen, from many different countries incl. better, face value, thematics, including duplication, housed in 2 fat stockbooks. In total 575 sets and sheetlets, offered very cheap!

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Cura?ao 1873-1994.

Almost complete, mostly MNH and mint hinged collection Cura?ao 1873-1994 in Davo album, in which a.o. (NVPH no's): 5(*), 12(*), 5 stamps issue 1873 with specimen, 22(*), 26-28*, 29-34*, 35-41*, 42-43(*), 75-81*, 104-120*178-181*, airmail 1-3*, 18-25**, 26-40*, 82-88, postage dues 4, 19*, 20*, 34-43* etc.

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Bavaria 1919-1920 postage free.

Stockpage with 10 cancelled and all infla signed port free stamps of Bavaria 1919-1920 with perforation K or B, Michel 7-15 (20 pfennig, no. 10 missing) and 23 and 24. Cat. 2300 euros.

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Israel 1948-2004.

Mostly MNH, almost complete, fulltab collection Israel 1948-2004 in 3 luxe Kabe albums, in which various expensive issues (2 years independence, Menorah, camel etc.), older FDC's, verious interim period, stamp booklets etc.

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Sovjetzone 1945-1949.

Beautiful, cancelled collection Sovjetzone 1945-1949 in old album, in which much better material like (Michel no's): 20-22, 23-25 (2x), 26-28, B I (Potschta on FDC, 2x, of which 1x signed Richter and Zierer), souvenir sheet 1t (type VI), 1x (type V) on piece with certificate, 2t (type IV) with certificate, 4, 5 (2x), 6 (Goethe), etc. Nice colection, very high cat. value!

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German Reich plateflaws.

Small stockbook with various, mostly cancelled plateflaws of the German Reich including better like (Michel no's): 138 III, 256 II (2x), 820 III**, etc. Cat. value ca. 4800 euros.

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German Reich cancelled.

Very nice lot cancelled stamps of the German Reich, including very many infla stamps (all signed!), some Zeppelin stamps, various souvenir sheets and very many complete sets in stockbook. Cat. value ca. 20600 euros.

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German Reich combinations cancelled.

Nice lot cancelled combinations of the German Reich in stockbook. Cat. value ca. 3500 euros.

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German Reich service stamps.

Extensive lot cancelled service stamps of the German Reich in stockbook. Cat. value ca. 13000 euros.

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Luxembourg service 1875-1926.

Stockbook with a collectors accumulation of service stamps of Luxembourg 1875-1926, including better stamps in numbers, inverted overprints, other varieties, also fake and fantasy stamps etc. in some mixed quality. Cat. value Yvert (if all genuine) over 100.000 euros.

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Luxembourg 1891-1893.

Lot MNH sheets and sheetparts of Luxembourg 1891-1893, 10 cents till 1 Frank, including various perfs and mostly in fresh quality. Yvert cat. value over 10.500 euros (we counted only the cheapest perfs).

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Luxembourg service 1899.

Set 1 cent till 5 Frank luxe MNh in sheetparts of 100 (50 cents missing, 1 Frank sheetpart of 50) Luxembourg service 1899, Yvert no's 82-95. The sheetpart of the 10 cents has a spectacular shift of the perforation in the top 2 rows. Seldomly offered, cat. value over 6350 euros.

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Judaica 1870-2000.

Incredible collector estate of covers, stamps, labels, ephemera, autographs, JNF, proofs, specimen etc. etc. of all over the world, occupied territories, wars, holocaust, you name it, this collection has it, housed in 22(!!) big albums and loose. Magnificent holding with so many scarce and rare items, brought together in 40/50 years, unique opportunity to acquire such a lot of this material at once. Great collection to continue, or to break down and sell for a massive profit!!

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All world 1880-1990.

Adventure lot, back room sweepings, odds en ends of a big collector estate, crammed in 2 overfull boxes. From biggest garbage to real gems, much sortingpleasure with big rewards (hopefully).

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All world 1860-1960.

Funny mixed lot with all world collection, Australia used in stockbook, hundreds of stockcards with many better stamps present, in box.

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Italy cancellation collection 1870-1949.

Fantastic lifetime collection, from A-Z, on cover or card, many scarce and rare cancels, frankings, incoming mail with Italian cancels, much railroad, several registered, airmails, propaganda etc. etc. housed in 6 big fat albums. It took the collector over 45 years to get this collection together. Great collection to continue!!

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