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Postal Auction November 2022. 330: Catalogue

Tuesday 22nd of November 2022 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich CW9 7DR

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:

Austria: 1950 Birds Air set U/M, very fine, SG 1215/1221, (Cat £475).


Railway: A British Rail History cover album with approx 75 covers from 1970's-80's. Includes 40th anniv. GWR Plymouth-Cardiff service, 1973 final day York railway museum and 1975 1st high speed passenger train Paddington to Bristol. Also binder covering 1985 stamps of the West Somerset Railway on 14 pages detailing the history, includes 20p design No. 5 of 50 signed by Bernard Parkinson designer, sheet of ten x 20p with specimen overprint and colour proof of 10th anniv. year not issued.


Railways: GB 1985 Great Western Railway 150th Anniv collection of sponsored special covers in a brown velvet cover album with GWR motif on front. Twenty two covers each bearing special postmark for the various routes, Trains, etc,.. with an additional Railway letter service private railway stamps showing different trains & additional three Festiniog Railway covers also with private issues (25)


SPACE: Albania; 1964 Air Riccione Space Exhibition set of 4 in unmounted mint blocks of 4, very fine, SG 840/1 Cat £156).


SPORT: Bulgaria: 1931 Balkan Games set of 7 hinged mint (Cat £349), SG 309/315.


Winston Churchill A nice collection of 1965-66 FDCs (approx. 190) from the omnibus issues with mostly plain or typed addresses for a wide range of different countries, noted Hong Kong, then similar for 1974 Churchill sets, many worldwide incl M/S, French Independent airs Mali to 500f, then 1965 Mint collection in well filled special printed springback album for foreign countries incl Ecuador tete-beche pairs, GB incl black shift printing variety, etc (approx. 400+, 25 M/S). Nice clean lot.


1937-1963 Mainly used assembly on album pages unpicked as received with better content including 1937 Dhow set 12 plus aniline shade of 5r (Cat £1000), 10r olive-green has first day of issue cancel (taken 'as is'), 1949 RSW set (Cat £55, cancels 'as is'), 1939 set, 1951 surch set (Cat £40), 1953-63 set (Cat £60), (Approx 90).


Clean mainly mint assembly on eleven large stockcards with some light duplication noted 1937 Dhows to 8a, 1939 set (Cat £120) plus extras to 2r, 1951 Surcharge set (Cat £95), 1953 to 10s & 20s incl extras (Cat £128), attractive range and good cat value. (c220).


Kathiri state of Seiyun: 1942 set to 5r mint (Cat £60), 1964 set 3, 1966 South Arabia surcharge set (Cat £19), 1966 Olympic surcharge set, 1967 World Peace 250f on 5s m, plus few extras. (79). STC £135.


1918 Registered OHMS cover to Melbourne bearing 2½d blue (SG 3) & 1½d slate (SG 21) tied part AITUTAKI CDS cancel and registered etiquette R71 label with single line AITUTAKI diagonally struck. Sent from NZ Post & Telegraph Dept with typed address, very nice example. Cat £190+.

LOT91 Albania

1927 Air set overprint Rep. Shqiptare fine used, nice CDS copies, SG 204/210. Cat £88.

LOT92 Albania

1930 Air set of 7 unmounted mint, fresh, SG 288/294 Cat £79 mint.

LOT93 Albania

1932 Air set of 3 mounted mint, fresh, SG 323/5 Cat £285.

LOT94 Albania

1952 Air 0.50l on 5l green in unmounted mint block of 4, nice multiple, SG 572, Cat £196.

LOT95 Albania

1952 Air 2.50l on 10l blue in unmounted mint block of 4, nice multiple, SG 574, Cat £240.

LOT96 Albania

1952 Air surcharge set of 4 mainly unmounted mint, the key 2l50 on 5l green is unused no gum (as issued?), fine, SG 571/574 Cat £734.

LOT97 Albania

1963 First Team Manned Space Flights miniature sheets both perf & imperf U/M (Cat £90), SG MS 741a.

LOT98 Albania

1964 Air Riccione Space Exhibition set of 4 in unmounted mint blocks of 4, very fine, SG 840/1 Cat £156).


1863-1918 Old time page with useful QV-GV noted 1863 1d rosy mauve unused and fine used (2 Cat £160), 1d dull rose unused, 1d vermilion unused (2), 6d green used, 1872 6d blue-green, 1882 4d blue mint part og. (SG 23 Cat £275), 1913 5s mint ovptd Specimen (toned, cat £90), 1916-8 War Stamp set of 3 ovptd Specimen (tones, Cat £130), useful group. (16).


1921-QEII Mint and mainly used assembly on album pages unpicked as received with better content including 1921-29 15 vals to 2/6 used (Cat £130), 1932 Tercent. set to 2/6 used (Cat £180), 1935 SJ set used, 1938 set 12 used (Cat £140), 1949 RSW set used, 1953 set used (Cat £55), 1966 set used (Cat £45). (Approx 190).

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