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Bowdon Public Auction November. 365: Catalogue

Tuesday 8th of November 2022 ,14:00:00 The Bowdon Rooms, The Firs, Altrincham, WA14 2TQ

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:

Trinidad: 1896-1906 Set of 10 ½d to £1 set of ten mint each overprint SPECIMEN in black, all with gum bends (some severe) but nice colours, SG 114s-124s, Cat £225.

LOT562 Turkey

1960 ROMA Olympic Games souvenir sheet of 25 setenant stamps unmounted mint mainly fine, SG 1911/15. Nice thematic item.

LOT563 Turkey

Flat box containing a rather jumbled mix of early to modern 20th century ranges on leaves, stockcards and loose, that is in urgent need of sorting. We note mint and used defins, Charity Issues mint, mint and used Mid-period to modern Commems, etc, . Good potential here (approx. 2,000 )

LOT564 Turks & Caicos Isls.

1937-1950 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1938-45 set 14 (cat £130), 1948 RSW set, 1948 Centenary set, 1950 set of 13 (cat £85). Cat £244. (45).


1957-1998 Extensive collection of unmounted mint sets and souvenir sheets on printed leaves for each set or range includes the Flags panes, 1995 special collection of 50 Years of UN, huge amount of thematic material and high original cost. 100s in heavy box.


1981-1984 Mint collection on special UN printed album pages in special binder includes many U/M blocks of 4, a printed write up about each issue, colourful lot for US issues. Approx 720 stamps.


ACCUMULATION in a carton of unmounted mint, mint and used collections and blocks, panes etc from 1950s to modern, huge amount of material including imprint blocks of 4 U/M from 1950s onwards, Flag sheetlets of 16 U/M on many Hagner pages (40+), then a U/M duplicated stock in huge stockalbum (100s), then a nice range of 1980s FDCs, attractive clean lot, huge retail potential.


Vienna Headquarters: 1995-2008 Small collection of modern unmounted mint sheetlets and sets on stockpages includes 2002 World Summit sheetlet of 12 (Cat £27), Endangered Species setenant blks of 4, Indigenous Art M/S's, Flags & Coins M/S's, etc, many thematics, STC £240.

LOT569 United States

1869 Grill 24c green and violet Declaration of Independence neat example quite well centred with black quadrant cork cancel, good perfs, minor wrinkles otherwise very fine for these. Scott 120 $600.

LOT570 United States

1869 Grill 90c carmine & black Lincoln top value centre SE with neat incomplete canceler, good perfs, few wrinkles otherwise very fine for these. Scott 122 $1700.

LOT571 United States

1893 Columbian Exposition $5 Black Christopher Columbus top value with neat corner cancel, mainly fine and well above average for these, SG 250 Cat £1500.

LOT572 United States

1893 Columbus $2 brown-red neatly used example with REG NEW YORK double ring oval, heavily thinned but mainly fine appearance, good centring, Scott retail $525.

LOT573 United States

1898 Trans Mississippi Expo $1 black Cattle in a Storm used with faults incl right hand straight edge with tear, thinning, blunt perfs, but nice lightly struck postmark making a useful spacefiller, Scott 292 $700.

LOT574 United States

1898 Trans Mississippi Expo $2 orange-brown used with small faults incl thinning, blunt perfs & short corner, centred to right, large killer type incomplete postmark, top value, Scott 293 $1050.

LOT575 United States

1902-03 $2 dark blue attractive well centred example with hinge remains and small part disturbed gum, thinned priced as unused, Scott 312 $325. Very nice copy.

LOT576 United States

1930 Airmails $2.60 blue Graf Zeppelin (Scott C15) fine unmounted mint (never hinged); tiny natural inclusion, otherwise fine to very fine. Scott $925

LOT577 United States

1950-2017 An extensive collection with huge amount of year runs, defins and commems in complete sets, miniature sheets, NVI, with the value in the modern material as a double collection of both mint and used for each sets or M/S in five binders laid out on leaves includes 1950-1976 (over 1800 stamps), 1990-2001 (STC £1300 useful face), 2002-2008 (STC £975+ good face values, self-adhesives etc), high face and cat values, many 100s.

LOT578 United States

Officials: War; 1873 12c rose mounted mint with some gum disturbance but mainly large part original gum, fine looker, Scott O89.

LOT579 Vatican City

1929-1978 Collection mint & used on c65 Lighthouse printed leaves (13 hole, good condition) with defins & commems noted 1934 Surcharge 3.70l on 10l black mint (SG 40 Cat £600), 1935 Int. Juridical Congress set of 6 hinged mint (some tones, cat £296. SG 41/6), 1948 Air set 250l & 500l unmounted mint (SG 137/8 Cat £1015), then 1964-1978 mainly complete mint / U/M. Lovely clean lot ideal for expansion just needs a Lighthouse binder to make the beginnings of a nice collection. STC £2500 (not checked). Approx 500 all different.

LOT580 Vietnam

Independent State: 1951-1975 Attractive mainly mint collection of sets on leaves, plus few used, noted 1951 long set to 30p green mint (Cat £325), 1959 set, 1955 Refugees set (Cat £215), 1956 President long set (Cat £145), attractive lot . STC £1960, useful assembly. (Approx 550)

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