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Postal Auction October 2022. 329: Catalogue

Monday 10th of October 2022 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich CW9 7DR

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GB 1906 Prisoners at Exercise postcard on printed Christmas 1906 card from Capt S Brazier secretary of Prison and Workhouse Mission Dept (Marble Arch London) bearing ½d yellow-green perfinned and LONDON CDS. Intr.


GB: British Empire Exhibition 1924 1s red Wembley commem tied to thirty postcards by illustrated Wembley Park machine marks. many illustrated cards for different pavilions and areas of the Exhibition incl Burmese Pavilion, Australian Pavilion, HM Govt Building, Palace of Industry, some foreign scenes incl preparing land for planting or Husking Rice Sierra Leone, Railway works Gold Coast, Steam Shovel Gold Coast, Hausa Metal Workers from Nigeria at Wembley, Indian Pavilion, NZ, Malaya, some mixed condition but mainly sound, 30 cards all different.


GB: FRANCO BRITISH EXHIBITION 1908-1910 EDVII ½d yellow-green tied to twelve postcards by exhibition CDS cancels. many illustrated cards incl Irish Village Colleens, view from Cascade Cafe, Elite Gardens and Flip-flap the great white city London, Palace of Women's Work, Br. Applied Arts Palace, Garden of the floating Isle, some mixed condition but mainly sound, 12 cards all different.


Orange River Colony: 1906-07 Two postcards bearing EDVII 1d red tied HEIL BRON ORC CDS cancel or Bloemfontein CDS showing Railway Institute or late Ex President Kruger coloured card. (2).


POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS: Bundle of 50 Postcards each with Paquebot or similar Maritime posted cards from around the world, covers 1905 to 1950s, noted 1905 Paquebot Liverpool with add 1d to pay SS Saxonia, 1956 Canal Zone to France, 1936 EDVII Dunkerque, 1933 Paquebot Trinidad, 1910 Steamer Goorkha, 1914 Naples on SS Orsova, 1935 Oslo, 1933 Gibraltar, 1904 Chile to UK, 1910 Colombo, 1936 SS Atlantis, 1905 W. Australia Albany single line PAQUEBOT and numeral barred cancel etc, intr lot. Approx 50.


Suchard Chocolate turn of the 20th century advertising postcards mainly Swiss cards, each design different on six PPCs.


Zeppelin: Five Postcards from France circa 1909-10 incl dirigible over Eiffel Tower, coloured card of lady in basket, two with 10c Sower on obverse, Military Air station Patrie, Dirigible Colonel Renard, few dog ears or minor faults, nice group. (5).


1946/7 Cannes Film Festival Group of covers all bearing special Festival Vignettes comprising two dated 22nd Sept bearing 150F green sent to Denmark and Yugoslavia respectively showing cameraman filming 3 aircraft tied with boxed 'Cannes Film Festival H/S in black and special numbered Air vignette in green ; both have been returned. Then another dated the same with different vignette and a 1947 13th Sept card with the same green 150F vignette overprinted 'Rallye Aerien 13, 14, 15 September 1947' tied with red Aeroplane H/S. All very fine and attractive and rarely seen (4).


BIRDS: 1928 Fourth National Stamp Exhibition 3d blue Kookaburra miniature sheet block of 4 with margins all round, unmounted mint with even toned gum, sound, SG MS 106a Cat £110.


DOGS: Belgium 1957 Belgian Antarctic Expedition unmounted mint miniature sheet of sled dogs, very fine, SG MS 1620 Cat £225.


DUCK & WILDLIFE HABITAT: 1985-2013 Large accumulation of these increasingly popular issues from Canada, Australia, UK and Denmark with a high degree of Duplication in places all in fine u/m booklets and miniature sheets with a huge face value. We note Canada 1985-93 complete (97 booklets) and 2010 to 2013 complete (50 m/s); Australia 1991-2 on Parking ticket (4), 1994-5 sheet of 4 imperf with missing black value (30) a further sheet with Stamp Ex inscription (10) and singles cut from sheet (50); then UK 1991 (7) & 1992, Denmark 1995 (30) plus some other related items. Good lot for the E-bay dealer.


JOHN F KENNEDY - An extensive collection in eighteen large binders and stockbooks containing an enormous amount of mint material arranged by country and date periods with dozens of sets and miniature sheets 1963-2013, with nice up to the minute for 50 years death anniversary and better catalogued items, also some unusual including gold foil, proofs, imperforates, special event covers, FDCs, photos with the pope, much strength in USA plus limited edition USCS covers, plus so much more material here, exhaustive lot in three cartons.


MONUMENTS: Hungary; 1975 Stamp Day Imperf setenant strip of 4 with imprint both sides unmounted mint, very fine, Scott retail $125, (SG Cat 2979/2982).


Rowing: 1918 Two postcards of Steam Engines both sent by the successful rower and sportsman Reginald Saumarez de Havilland (known as Havvy at Eton) both written by de Havilland from Eton at Windsor to R S Nickalls one stating have just been cobbed by my tutor who gave me a million lines, second describing his shooting and cricket achievements of the day. Few marks otherwise intr.


1949 Royal Silver Wedding unmounted mint set 2, fine, SG 30/1.


1953-63 Mainly unmounted assembly of listed shades assembled on Hagners includes 15c (greenish slate cat £30), 25c (3 shades), 35c blue (3 shades), 70c (3), 1s25c, 2s (3 incl black and carmine-red, black and carmine-rose cat £64), 5s (3, cat £66), 10s (2), 20s (3 shades cat £158). Plus a few other extras. Useful lot and cat value. C.50.


1953-63 Mint blocks for various values plus singles includes 20s both types as singles, 2s black and red single, 5s both singles, then range of values 5c to 1s25 in blks of 4 or 6 or 10, includes many shades, mainly fine, STC £345.


1955 5c bluish green perf 12¼ x 12 in a bottom pane of 50 including Waterlow & Plate 1 Imprint, folded 3 times and some perf splits otherwise fine U/M SG 49 Cat £150.


AND STATES - 1937-1952 Mint and mainly used collection arranged by printings on leaves STC £1380 with around 130 stamps noted 1937 Dhow set to 10r used (Cat £800), 1939 set used (Cat £45), 1949 RSW set used (Cat £55), 1951 surchs set used, Kathiri State of Seiyun 1942 set used (Cat £80), 1951 Surcharge set used (Cat £110), 1942 Hadhramaut 1942 set used, 1951 surcharge set used (Cat £75), etc, approx 130, STC £1380.


Collection 1937-1960 of approx. 150 stamps, mainly used neatly arranged on leaves in display sleeves includes Aden squared circle on India 3a, Aden CDS on India 3a CDS, 1937 Dhow to 8a mint, 1939 to 5r, 1951 surcharge set 11 mint (Cat £85), etc. (c.150).

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