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Bowdon Public Auction September 2022. 364: Catalogue

Tuesday 27th of September 2022 ,14:00:00 The Bowdon Rooms, The Firs, Altrincham, WA14 2TQ

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT721 United States

1916-1917 Perf 10 13 values 1c to 15c unmounted mint (never hinged) examples, 12c is bottom plate number single, 15c grey comes with 2011 Philatelic Foundation certificate, mostly very fine and fresh, Scott range 462/475 Cat $1796.

LOT722 United States

1917-19 Perf 11 18 values 1c to $1 unmounted mint (never hinged) examples, 13c apple green in top marginal, 20c pale ultr. is top marginal plate 6909 imprint, mostly very fine and fresh, Scott range 498/518 Cat $732.

LOT723 United States

1922 Special Delivery 10c grey-violet unmounted mint (never hinged), top marginal with some gum streaks otherwise fine, Scott E12 Cat $95.

LOT724 United States

1922-25 Complete long set of 23 to $5 unmounted mint (never hinged), $5 comes with 2000 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Scott 551/573 Cat $940.

LOT725 United States

1929 Nebr. overprint set of 11 unmounted mint (never hinged), fine. Scott 669/679 Cat $530.

LOT726 United States

1934-1980 An extensive unmounted mint collection of plate blocks of 4 in over 50 White Ace albums for commemorative, definitive and some back of the book, airs etc, Face in excess of $2400 from 1c to 50c values, enormous collection in eight heavy boxes, approx 129kg in weight.

LOT727 United States

1958 (28 Apr) Captain Mitsuo Fuchida signed illustrated Friendship cover (few ink marks) from Austin to Berkeley California address to the Captain who led the bombing of Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941. This is addressed and signed in English and Japanese with manuscript Luke 23:34 alongside. Magazine article accompanies explaining the background to how the cover came about. Plus original letter from A J Paul asking for the autograph and hand written reply from Capt Fuchida. Scarce.

LOT728 United States

1983 Presidential Medals Cover Collection of 39 special gold plated medal covers for Presidents from 1732 to 1917, in special gold embossed box.

LOT729 United States

Accumulation in a box incl stockbook with mint and U/M sets and ranges from 1940s to modern, 100s used in packets, plenty to sort.

LOT730 Uruguay

1858 240c dull vermilion, attractive fine used forgery with decent undated double ring circular cancel, nice four margins, attractive example. Scott 6 retail $1200 as genuine.

LOT731 Vatican City

1939-1967 Collection mainly mint on nice printed White Ace pages with a mainstream assembly partly complete incl 1951 Dogma, 1953 St Clare, 1947 Air to 100l, 1929 Express set 2 mint (Cat £60), St Bernard set, 1958 Brussels Exhib. M/S (Cat £55), ideal for expansion, Approx 500 all different.

LOT732 Yugoslavia

1952 Brussels UPU delegation book with useful mint sets from Yugoslav postal authority incl 1951 Cultural Anniv., 1950 Harvester long set 12 (Cat £75), 1951 air incl 100d grey-blue (partly stuck cat £80),

LOT733 Zanzibar

1902 (27 Mar) Dar Es Salaam Boma & Kath Mission PPC bearing 1a red defin tied ZANZIBAR squared circle addr to Cape Colony sent via Natal transit CDS and PASSED PRESS CENSOR triangle in magenta. Mainly fine.

LOT734 Zanzibar

1936 Complete set of 13 unmounted mint to 10s, 1949 RSW set 2 U/M plus few others. Fine. SG 310/22 & 333/4.

LOT735 Zanzibar

1936 New Currency top values 1r to 10s Canoe & Dhow hinged mint, very fine, SG 318/322 Cat £130. (5).

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