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Postal Auction July 2022. 328: Catalogue

Thursday 14th of July 2022 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich CW9 7DR

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A WORLD Accumulation in albums and stockbooks with country collections and better throughout including Italy well filled plus some Italian colonies (original retail around £250), France airmails incl mint 200f, Austria substantial mint collection 1966-1980 in Safe album, Belgium mint & used (some stuck down), Germany Reich 1872 onwards to 1945 double collection of m & u, dozens of issues represented (100s, good cat), Ireland 1922 to 1s mint, airs mint, postage dues mint, West Germany huge amount from 1950s-1980s mint or used, New Zealand 1930s incl many mint blocks to modern incl Stamp Duty to $10, India mainstream in stockbook, Cyprus 1965-1983 mint collection, Channel Islands from Wartime in stockbook, USA commercial covers etc, heavy lot in fourteen volumes.


BRITISH ASIA - An enormous battered and broken Master Global Minkus Printed album with a mint & used all different collection includes Hong Kong (pages toned affecting some stamps approx 320 STC £$1500) GVI to $10 used, 1941 Centenary set mint, extensive India (approx 110 STC $2000+) from 1854 imperfs to modern mint & used, Pakistan (approx 1000+ STC $1100), Singapore (100s, STC $580), Ceylon and Sri Lanka from QV imperf onwards (100s, STC $1350), also Kuwait (STC $900), good qty, cat values not checked. Useful collections for each country to breakdown.


British Commonwealth accumulation in various binders with some better through, covers all periods mint and used noted North Borneo to $5, Labuan incl QV to 40c bistre used, few Fiji, Tanzania thematics, Swaziland, Trinidad & Tobago, Tuvalu, Canada, S. Africa, Barbados, Australia with GV Roos, GV Heads and many commems in printed album, etc, heavy box, 100s.


British Commonwealth an attractive mint and used collection in seven very well filled Stanley Gibbons New Age printed albums, with dozens of different countries runs from 1953-1970, many complete long sets to top values, part sets to middle values, runs from A to Z, noted Hong Kong, GB, India and officials, Malayan states, attractive lot for expansion and huge catalogue value and approx. 9800+ all different.


British Commonwealth covers original correspondence of 40 covers from various different countries George Sixth used mainly 1930s-40s mostly registered OHMS mailed to the Devick family in British Columbia. Includes 25 large and 15 small mostly with multiple frankings for Cayman Is., Montserrat, Basutoland, Br. Solomon Is., Falkland Is., Cyprus, Fiji, Transjordan, Gibraltar, Grenada, N. Rhodesia to 5s, Seychelles regd env, Aden, Papua, Ascension, Gambia, Cyprus, Leeward Is., Tonga, Sierra Leone, Zanzibar, few Canada etc, very mixed but nice original lot. (40).


British Commonwealth useful jumbled assembly on cards, stockpages and leaves with better pickings noted North Borneo, Hong Kong 1947 $10 lilac and blue used blk of 4 (Cat £88), 1953 Coronation omnibus mint, Newfoundland, few mint India and states incl imperf pair, CEF QV 3p carmine in mint blocks, Nyasaland GV to 1s mint, 1935 SJ set m, N. Rhodesia 1935 SJ set m, few GVI covers incl BMA Malaya, KUT, few Falkland IS. QV mint / unused, S. Georgia 1965 on cvr to 6d, Australia P. Dues, Transjordan, S. Africa P. Dues etc, interesting sorter.


EUROPE - Stockbook with early to modern mint and used smaller sections including Austria 1850 onwards (STC £1600), German Occup. to 3k used, a few newspaper stamps used, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Hungary, Italian states (mixed), Luxembourg from many earlies (STC £3200), Switzerland etc., approx. 1250+. Good cat value.


EXTENSIVE WORLD COLLECTION - In forty four well filled binders, all periods mint and used for a huge range of countries some binders for an entire country making ideal new starter collections for a new country, noted Singapore incl few modern U/M, Senegal, India, Iceland incl few modern U/M, Hong Kong, Honduras, Haiti, Gabon, Guatemala, Cambodia, Brazil, UN, Greece, Switzerland, Vatican City, Luxembourg, Laos, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, Portugal, Sri Lanka modern U/M, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Denmark, Dominican Rep., Ecuador, Egypt, Australia, Angola, Afghanistan, Argentina, Italy, Mongolia thematics, Norway, Austria, UAE, NZ, Madagascar, Malaysia, IOM, Mexico, Turkey, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Dahomey, Bolivia, Germany, Cuba, Guinea, Finland, France, Czech. Rep., Belgium, Romania, Spain etc, many 1000s, possibly 15,000 or more ALL DIFFERENT. A worldwide collection in itself.!! Four large heavy boxes.


EXTENSIVE world collection in massively overfull Schaubek printed album with of dozens of mint and used from 19th century to modern including Luxembourg, Malta QV onwards, Monaco mint, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway from 1856-7 3sk, 4sk, 1863 4s, 8s & 24s, 1867 1s to 4s, 1872 posthorns to 7s, 1878 set used, 1930 Tourism set mint, Austria from 1850 with many defins and commems especially for 1910 onwards, Austrian P.O. in Turkish Empire: Fr. Curr. 1908 1f brown f.u. (Cat £90), Fieldpost, etc, many 100s, huge heavy lot.


EXTENSIVE world collection in massively overfull Schaubek printed album with of dozens of mint and used from 19th century to modern including Croatia, Yugoslavia to 1981 incl many mint commems, Czechoslovakia, etc, many 100s, huge heavy lot.


FORGERIES - Interesting loose assembly of British Commonwealth and Foreign issues noted Suez Canal, Hong Kong QV 18c in block of 12, Venezuela, Italy, Shanghai 8c dragon blk of 23, Hanover 1/15th block of 22, Buenos Aires pane of 25, Mexico 1r black on green pane of 25, Parma 40c blue pane of 22, etc, various bends and creases or faults otherwise interesting lot. (approx 450)


NEW IDEAL ALBUM Foreign Countries Vol II for countries A to J to 1920 mint and used, sparse but some little country sections incl Abyssinia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cuba, Costa Rica, Danzig, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Honduras, French Colonies etc, few 100. Clean lot for expansion.


SCOTT PRINTED ALBUM - Broken album partly filled with approx 3600 all different mint and used, all periods for small country sections Ethiopia, Dominican Rep., Wurttemburg, Venezuela, Uruguay, Turkey, Tunisia, Switzerland, Spain, El Salvador, etc, approx 3600.


SCOTT PRINTED ALBUM - Broken album with an enormous collection with approx 5600 all different mint and used, middle periods for small country sections Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China incl 1940s airs mint, Congo, Croatia, France, French colonies, Germany incl Zones, Hungary, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania useful 1940s sets mint, Russia, etc, approx 5600.


SCOTT PRINTED ALBUM - Broken album with an enormous collection with approx 3800 all different mint and used, middle periods to 1960s noted Bechuanaland 1955 to 1/3d mint, Brazil, Colombia, West Germany 1949 UPU & Stamp Cent. sets mint, Austria, DDR 1950 Pieck 12pf to 5dm mint (Cat £155), Debria single mint (Cat £65), Debria imperf M/S mint (Cat £200), 1950 Science set mixed m & u (Cat £150), 1951 Visit set 2 mint (Cat £54), Hungary, Liberia, Russia, Saar, Sudan, approx 3800.


WORLD collection in large Scott printed album with of dozens of mint and used from 19th century to modern includes many mini country sections noted GB, Greece, Guatemala, Russia, Saar, Romania, Portugal, Persia, Panama, USA etc, approx 3,900+ stamps, heavy lot.

LOT17 Autographs

AUTOGRAPHS: 1958-1996 small cover album with 23 covers and cards each autographed including sporting events from around the world noted USA 1985 Superbowl signed postmaster (4), 1999 Gymnastics US Olympic Debbie Stark (ex 1972, 3 cards), Czech. Slavia Praha junior soccer team PPC (multi signed), Finland 1967 Czech. basketball Team (multi signed), USA / Canada 1987 Wildlife signed by postmaster (9 diff), Sweden 1958 Czech. runner up best goal keeper in 1958 world cup Bretislav Dolejsi (2), 1998 Prague Stamp Show signed D Kenard wrestling silver medal in Mexico 1968, Iran PPC 1968 multi signed European Soccer Champions, etc, intr lot.

LOT18 Autographs

GB FDC's including 1991 Dinosaurs signed by author N.R. Chalmers director of the Natural History Museum (Bradbury LFDC 99), 1967 Flowers signed by actress Phyllis Calvert, 1968 Paintings signed by actor Linus Roach plus five others signed by local dignitaries (8)


John Player 1934 Cricketers, 1938 RAF Aircraft both in complete sets of 50 plus 1929 Curious Beaks 46 out of 50 chiefly fine.


1935 SILVER JUBILEE Nice lot of complete sets of 4 fine used on registered covers for Countries A to D comprising: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Bermuda, British Guiana, British Honduras, British Virgin Islands (3) and Dominica. Useful lot. (12 covers)

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