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Public Auction Sheffield July 2022. 307: Catalogue

Tuesday 5th of July 2022 ,19:00:00 Aston Hall Hotel Worksop Rd Aston Sheffield S26 2EE

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British Asia: Neat collections in a 3 ring binder with country sections on printed 3 ring leaves from first issues to 1972, mint and used early to modern defins and commems, each catalogued in US $ (count in brackets) includes North Borneo (Cat $300, 160), Labuan (Cat $382, 61), Burma (Cat $401, 264), Brunei (Cat $204, 66), Ceylon (Cat $679, c315), useful lot for expansion.


British Commonwealth accumulation in a smaller BOX with all periods mint and used, noted Sudan assembly in stockbook, omnibus including 1946 Victory mint, 1953 Coronation used, Br. Virgin Is incl 1938 set mint, N. Borneo 1954 set mint, Burma, Sarawak 1950 set mint (STC £75), St Kitts 1938 mint to £1, Montserrat 1938 set to 5s mint (STC £88), S. Africa P.Dues mint, India states, etc, 100s.


British Commonwealth an attractive mint and used collection in seven very well filled Stanley Gibbons New Age printed albums, with dozens of different countries runs from 1953-1970, many complete long sets to top values, part sets to middle values, runs from A to Z, noted Hong Kong, GB, India and officials, Malayan states, attractive lot for expansion and huge catalogue value and approx. 9800+ all different.


British Commonwealth assembly on large leaves with better noted including Hong Kong 1938 set 23 used (Cat £275), 1937 Coronation sets mint incl Newfoundland long set, 1946 Victory sets mint, 1953 Coronation, some toning but good cat value.


British Commonwealth BOXFILE - accumulation on dozens of stockcards and small pages, packets etc with an extremely diverse range of material 19th Century to modern, mint and used, includes some country sections incl Hong Kong, Nova Scotia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, India, Jamaica, S. Africa varieties, S. Nigeria, Australian states, Malaya states, etc, 100s, good cat value, needs sorting out.


British Commonwealth - George Sixth Extensive A to Z mounted mint (odd used) collection in six hingeless loose-leaf SG albums with slipcases in red containing an extensive collection of complete sets to £1, 20s, $5 etc, with good assembly of 1948-49 Royal Silver Wedding sets (50+ different), 1949 UPU sets (55+), so much to list but includes Falkland Islands 1938 set (Cat £475), 1950 set, Malayan states, Indian Convention states incl officials to 10r, Dominions, British Africa, British Asia, British Europe, GB 1939-48 set (Cat £425), Bahrain set of 16 (Cat £1000), postage due sets, officials etc, many are unfortunately affected by gum toning mainly on the reverse, odd tone on the front but ideal lot for further expansion and dozens of 1938 sets cat £50 to £475 each, approx 350+ different, enormous catalogue value in excess of £21,000. Albums have huge retail alone! Estimated at only 20% cat.


British Commonwealth - George Sixth mint collection in well filled stockbook for B to Z countries mainly to lower or middle values, odd better noted including Ceylon to R2 (both), Cyprus, Falkland Is. to 1/3, Falkland Is. Deps 1944 set of 32 mint (Cat £96), Thin Map set, Gibraltar to 1s, Hong Kong to $1, India 1948 Ghandi low vals to 12a, Officials to 10r, Leeward Is. to 2s, Newfoundland 1937 Coronation long set (Cat £60), Muscat, N. Rhodesia to 3s (Cat £50+), Nyasaland to 20s (Cat £85+), St Kitts, St Vincent, Sarawak 1950 to $5 (Cat £85), Seychelles, S. Rhodesia set of 13 to 5s (Cat £85), etc. Nice clean collection (approx 1300+).


British Commonwealth - GVI Printed album in red (some toned pages or stamps, remaindered) with a mainstream mint and used assembly, mainly to middle values, good range of countries represented incl Br. Asia, Dominions, BWI, Seychelles etc, ideal for expansion. Approx 820 all different.


BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - GVI Printed album in red with a nice fine used and scattering of mint collection from A to Z, includes many countries including India and states, Australia, Bahrain, Bhopal, Canada, Great Britain, KUT to £1, Malta, Seychelles, approx 2100+ all different, various pencil price annotations easily rubbed out and STC $4789. Clean for expansion.


British Commonwealth: King George Sixth printed album in green with original box sleeve in very good condition with a fine used or mint all different collection of 2500+ stamps chosen mainly for fine condition, large amount of countries represented and over 50% complete, STC £4500+ for stamps cat over £1 only, attractive original collection ideal for expansion. 2500+.


British Commonwealth - King George Sixth used selection in a well filled 64 sided stockbook with dozens of blocks of 4 fine used, singles, pairs and blocks with a scattering of minor varieties, some listed in SG but mainly double frames, dented frames, spots, re-entries, inverted watermarks, lines, damaged letters etc, huge range of different countries incl values to 10s or £1, noted GB 1939 two 10s dark blue blks of 4, 1948 RSW £1 blk of 4, 1951 £1 blk of 4, NZ, Australia, Ascension to 10s, Mauritius, Singapore, Burma, Fiji, N. Rhodesia, Falkland Is Deps broken arc in blocks, Bahrain 25r used, Jamaica, Malta, Hong Kong 27 blks of 4 to $10 purple and blue, S. Africa 1s brown exploding shell var, S. Leone, Bahamas many nice blks of 4, Seychelles blks of 4 to 50c, Dominica to 5s, Brunei singles to $10, Eritrea, Transjordan 200m blk of 4, Falkland Is. to 5s (2), Leeward Is., Solomon Is. blks of 4 to 10s, Nigeria, Kuwait, Barbados, Grenada 10s (4), Sarawak, etc, approx 3500.


British Commonwealth mainly mint and unmounted mint, all periods on c12 manilla stockpages, good range of countries incl Christmas Is., AAT, Papua New Guinea incl 1952 £1 U/M plus Specimen overprint on 10s mint, £1 unused (Cat £75), Australia 1949 10s & £1 (Cat £62), 1963 Navigators 7/6, 10s, £1 & £2 U/M (Cat £118), 1961 5s mint, N.Z. 1960 to £1 (2), Bahamas 1942 Columbus to £1 mint / U/M (Cat £80), 1954-63 set to £1 mint plus extra 5s both shades(total cat £190+, appears to be two sets), Bermuda GVI keyplates U/M 2s, 2/6 & 5s, 1953 set to £1 U/M (Cat £130, possibly two sets), Grenada 1953 to $2.50 U/M (2, cat £130), Jamaica to £1. Nice variety and qty.


British Commonwealth mint and used, all periods on c20 manilla stockpages, huge range of countries incl Br. Virgin Is., Br. Honduras, Bermuda, Barbados, Ascension mint GVI-QEII, Antigua QV-QEII mainly mint, Newfoundland, Canada QV to 50c, Burma, 100s jumbled, nice variety and qty.


BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - Mint and used assembly on loose album pages, stock pages, dealer cards, folders in many different country sections STC $8650, includes QV to 1970s defins and commems singles on cards, ranges of better on stockpages, noted Aden, Barbados, Bechuanaland, Canada,Lagos, Labuan, NZ, St Vincent, Sarawak, S. Africa, S. Rhodesia, SWA, Str. Sett. (STC $815), Turks & Caicos Is., Zululand, value in Australia & states, KUT, Samoa, Singapore, plus range of QEII omnibus in stockbook.


British Commonwealth small box with 100s on pages, in packets, envelopes and loose, all periods mint & used, plenty of better seen on stockcards, needs careful viewing, hours of sorting pleasure.


BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - Two New Imperial Printed albums in red (1840 to mid 1936) with a nice fine used and mint collection from A to Z, includes many countries noted extensive Great Britain with QV issues, 1847 Embossed 6d (2 margins), 1858-79 1d plates good run to pl.224, many surface printed incl. 9d bistro, 9d straw (2 diff), 1867 Wmk MX 5s pl.2 CDS used (poor corner), 1870s SP plates mainly complete, 1883 to 10s, 1884 wmk Crowns £1 brown-lilac heavily used (poor), 1902 basic set to 10s, GOV Seahorses 2/6 yellow-brown, 1915 10s blue (Cat £875), officials incl. Govt Parcels, then many countries (some sparse) from QV to GOV noted Antigua, India incl. 1854 vals to 4a blue and red, and many Convention and Native states, Australia, Bermuda, Br. Levant, Canada, Cape of Good Hope triangles 1d red (2), 4d blue (3), sitting Hopes to 5s, Mafeking 1900 Goodyear 1d pale blue on blue (Cat £350), Cyprus, Egypt, Gold Coast, Hong Kong incl. QV 18c lilac f.u., EDVII to $1, 1935 SG set used, Iraq, Ireland, Jamaica, KUT, Labuan, Mauritius, Malta, Natal, Newfoundland, PNG, Rhodesia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Zanzibar, few remaindered spaces but very clean lot and approx. 4400+ all different, various pencil price annotations along the bottom, high cat value ideal for expansion.


British Empire: Balance of an Imperial album for periods QV to 1935, mainly country sections not enough to make a lot, includes plenty of useful pickings and range of 1935 SJ sets mint incl Bahrain to 1r, Basutoland, Batum, Vancouver Is. 5c red, Lagos EDVII to 1s, Australian states, Papua, S. Rhodesia, etc, approx. 660 stamps all different. Ideal to fill those gaps.


British West Indies: Bahamas & Barbados two neat collections in a 3 ring binder with country sections on printed 3 ring leaves from first issues to 1970, mint and used early to modern defins and commems. Bahamas STC US $1146, 280), Barbados (STC US $1054, 298), useful lot for expansion.


CARTON - Containing a miscellany of worldwide on and off paper, loose, in packets, envelopes, on leaves, strength in GB FDCs and GB middle to modern, plenty of other countries incl S. Africa, commercial covers, special event covers incl Germany, USA many covers and cards, 100s loose in packets, empty Scott USA printed album etc, 1000s.


CARTON with a worldwide accumulation in dozens of packets, loose, on and off paper, album, pages, stockcards and much more, huge amount of material to sort through, 1000s.

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