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Bowdon Public Auction June 2022. 362: Catalogue

Tuesday 7th of June 2022 ,14:00:00 THE BOWDON ROOMS, THE FIRS, ALTRINCHAM WA14 2TQ

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT561 United States

1893-1991 Extensive mint / unmounted mint collection on printed album pages in springback binder includes good run of commemorative sets and singles, a few used incl back of the book material etc, approx 1400+.

LOT562 United States

Accumulation in a BOX of all periods mint and used in various collections, albums and binders, loose, includes 19th century on stockcards some with fancy cancels, well filled springback album, mint blocks in sheet file, plenty to sort, 100s.

LOT563 United States

EARLY COVERS very mixed collection in small cover album with 73 different incl. with 1857 3c red Washington tied various CDS cancels (6), 1861 3c red (14), 1870 1c blue (5), 3c green (14), 3c postal stationery envelopes used, 1894 2c red (18), 2c Columbus tied BOST & CAPE COD RPO, later printed advertising envelopes, very mixed with some stamps missing, very roughly opened, some with stamps cut across, interesting lot all the same. (73)

LOT564 United States

Zeppelin: 1933 Graf Zeppelin flight for the Century of Progress Exhibition from Miami to Akron, Ohio with the appropriate 50c green Zeppelin air stamp tied with Miami Florida machine cancel and neat cachet in violet with Akron, Ohio receiving cds on reverse. Very fine


1960-1982 A large mainly unmounted mint collection in a well filled stockbook including 1960 Airs to 400f, Gold Foil 300f & 1000f, miniature sheets to 500f then good amount of completion, year runs etc, STC £700.

LOT566 Vatican City

Mint collection in binder on specially printed leaves good range of runs for each year noted 1929 set 15 (Cat £120), 1931 Parcel Post & Express set 15 (Cat £60), 1931 Postage Due set (Cat £95), 1933 Holy Year set (Cat £80, marked page), 1938 Archaeological set 6 (Cat £85), 1939 Death ovpt set 7 (Cat £60), commems to 1961, good cat value.


1962-1969 Collection of mint (unused) sets as issued including 1966 1500th US aircraft brought down 12x, Space flight set, Nature set 6, Orchids set 6, etc, useful lot in SG peg album. ETC £300+.


1963-1970 Collection of mint sets including 1966 Musical Instruments, 1967 Arts & Crafts, Exotic Fruit, 1968 Railway, Int. Aid set, 1969 Minorities set (Cat £20),1970 Birds triangle set 4 (Cat £30), etc, useful lot in Exeter peg album. ETC £320+.

LOT569 Yugoslavia

1943-1957 Valuable mint collection in a neat album on plain leaves with sets and miniature sheets much complete for the period including 1945 Assembly M/S (Cat £31), 1949 Air ovpt set 3 (cat £30), 1950 May Day set (cat £45), 1950 Aeronautical set (Cat £53), Navy Day set, 1951 Air Mountaineering set (Cat £100), 1951 Air long set (Cat £100), 1951 Air overprint 50d blue (cat £90), 1952 Tito set (Cat £58), 1952 Olympic Games set (Cat £78), 1953 Car Rally set (Cat £45), 1953 Esperanto set mint (Cat £254), 1954 Insurrection set (Cat £50), 1954 Animals set (Cat £175), 1956 Art long set (cat £160), 1956 Sea Creatures set (Cat £67), 1956 Olympic Games set (Cat £250), 1958 Birds set, then back of the book incl P.Dues 1946 set to 100d (cat £100), etc, extensive lot and huge cat value in excess of £2345.

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