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Bowdon Public Auction June 2022. 362: Catalogue

Tuesday 7th of June 2022 ,14:00:00 THE BOWDON ROOMS, THE FIRS, ALTRINCHAM WA14 2TQ

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT541 South Africa

Revenues: Balance of a old time hoard of small documents pieces with mainly George Fifth values to £5 either pen cancels or Deeds of Registry circa 1918 to 1920s. Values from three different printings include (approx) 6d (7), 1s (24), 2s (20), 2/6 (19), 3s (17), 5s (41), 10s (30), £1 (37), £2 (23), £5 (11). Attractive lot seldom seen in such quantity. (Approx 230 items).

LOT542 Spain

Fournier Forgery: A substantial assembly of forgeries from 1850-1889 including nice imperf blocks of 4 for Isabella issues to 5r, 1852 incl strip of 4, blks of 4, local post issues incl framed blks of 4, 1860s incl blk of 4, framed singles, pairs, 1872-73 10c lilac imperf blk of 15, also postmarks and surcharges, beautiful lot. (142).

LOT543 Sudan

Stockbook with mainly used assembly from Arab Postman defins to 1956 mostly arranged by postmarks including Khartoum (one in blue), Retta, Atbara Abu Hamed, Akobo, Argo, Aroma, Barakat, Berber, Ed Damer, Darmali, Dilling, Dongola, Ed Dueim, El Fasher, Erkowit, Gallabat, Gambeila, Gebel Aulia, Geneina, Gedaref, Tewfekia, Wadi Halfa, Hassa Heissa, Juba, Kadugli, Kamlin, Kawa, Kerma, Merowi, Mongalla, Mvolo, Hillet Abbas (used in 1907-08 for less than one year, only a few know this value 3m with OSGS opt), El Obeid (incl. rare cancel Gisburn type 10), plus many, many more, approx. 320. Ideal lot for expansion.

LOT544 Sweden

1855-1979 Useful mint & used collection collection complete for many key issues on Scott printed pages noted 1855 3s green CDS used (short corners, cat £5000), 4s blue f.u., 8s orange used (few faults and off centre, Cat £850), 1858 'set' of 6 values used (few faults, Cat £635), 1862 17o purple (Cat £170), 1903 5k blue used, 1916 Clothing Fund set 10 used (Cat £82), 10ore + 4k90 on 5k blue f.u. (Cat £400), 1924 Eighth Congress of UPU set mint (Cat £895), 1924 50th Anniv. of UPU set to 80o mint (Cat £395), back of the book etc, attractive and clean. (100s). STC $4600+.

LOT545 Sweden

1858-1950s Collection on old time leaves from an huge worldwide estate collection formed many years ago, 1858 5o green & 24o orange (cat £89), 30o brown (cat £55), 1872 to 6a mauve & both 1r & 1k used (Cat £165+), 1908 P.O vf.u., 1916 Clothing fund set 10 f.u. (cat £80), Landstormen surchs (6), 1921 Liberation set used, 1924 8th Congress UPU set to 80o used (cat £398), 1924 50th Anniv. UPU set to 60o used (cat £389), 1936 Tercent set mint (cat £124), hereon much complete to 1949, back of the book incl Officials 6o lilac mint (cat £120), 1889 surch set 2 f.u., P. Dues to 1k etc, etc, useful lot to fill those gaps! Huge catalogue value.

LOT546 Sweden

1928-2005 Extensive collection of mint & used (both in many cases) for huge variety of issues in two well filled springback albums on leaves, good degree of completion for the period with many 100s of sets and part sets, noted 1928 70th Birthday sets both m & u, booklet panes m & u, dozens of modern, ideal for filling those gaps. 100s.

LOT547 Switzerland

1854-1950s Collection on old time leaves from an huge worldwide estate collection formed many years ago, 1854 Imperfs 5r to 15r used, 1862 many different printings to 1f gold (cat £600 some faults but nice CDS), 40c grey CDS used (cat £180), 40c green (cat £85), 1882 to 3f used, 1907-08 Sitting defins incl better mint 70c yellow & brown (cat £85), 1908-10 William Tell incl some tete-beche pairs mint, 1919 Air 50c mint (cat £60), 1920s incl many nice tete-beche pairs, pro-juventute from first issues mainly in sets, many sets and ranges to 1950s mainly mint, 1938 Phil. Ex. M/S used special cancel, then back of the book Int. Organisations, postage dues etc, useful lot to fill those gaps! (c138). Huge catalogue value.

LOT548 Switzerland

1940s to 1997 Mint & mainly unmounted mint collection of sets in well filled springback album, noted some earlier incl airs to 2f fine used, huge range of defin and commems, then back of the book dues, few pro-juventute, Int. Organisations, approx 720 + 7 M/S, STC £1050+.

LOT549 Switzerland

Fournier Forgery: A collection of postmarks on two pages including fancy early cancels from Cantonals, PP h/s, Geneve & Basel CDS postmarks, nice range of red postmarks incl fancy crosses, black CDS postmarks from different towns etc. (100+).

LOT550 Switzerland

International Organisations: Useful mainly fine used collection in a stockbook of different organisations to top values incl complete sets, noted League of Nations 1922 to 3f rose-carmine, 3f red-brown, 5f deep blue, 5f deep ultramarine, 10f deep grey-green, 10f deep mauve (Cat £1000+), 1932 Disarmament set used (Cat £140), 1939 set 3 to 10f (Cat £60), 1944 set 21 mint (Cat £55), United Nations 1950 set of 20 fine used (Cat £800), Int. Labour Office 1923-44 set to minus 3f red-brown fine used (Cat £650), 1932 Disarmament set f.u., 1938 sets, 1944 set mint, 1950 Landscapes set mint (Cat £160), Bureau of Education 1944 set 21 mint (Cat £75), 1950 Landscapes set m, Refugees Org; 1950 set mint (Cat £275), WHO 1948-50 set 20 mint (Cat £325), etc, STC £4000. Nice clean lot.

LOT551 Taiwan

Year Folders issued by the Postal Authority bilingual books with unmounted mint sets and miniature sheets for each year 1985-87, 1990 noted 1987 New Year M/S (Cat £24), 1986 P.O. M/S, Paintings set, Fish, Birth Cent. M/S, 1985 Poetry, NY Greetings M/S, 1990 NY Greetings M/S, 1988 Flowers M/S etc, useful and fine. (6). STC £1150.

LOT552 Thailand

1910-50 Covers collection annotated on leaves including 1910 25th Annie. of Siam in UPU special cancel in 6att red P/S card, 1912 & 1919 registered to UK, 1920 Pioneer Flight boxed h/s on 6s red blk of 4, 1922 Korat to Ubol special cancel on piece plus 1923 Korat to ROI-ED 3s green P/S card uprated with 3s green and three special airmail cancels, 1923 Korat to Nong Khay via Uttara with special cancel, 1924 Korat to Ubol combination cover UBOL to Bangkok with special cancels, 1929 Experimental flights Bangkok to Amsterdam (faults) with 1t tied violet airmail cancels, 1949 Stockholm to Bangkok large cut down envelope with 4 Thai adhs combn tied SCANDINAVIAN / AIRLINES SYSTEM / OVERSEAS DIVISION and Denmark adhs tied Kobenhavn CDDD's. Very mixed condition incl toning, but interesting group. (14).

LOT553 Thailand

1960-1979 Mint and used collection with many sets in a well filled springback album, noted 1951 UN 25s mint & used (2), 1952 UN opt 1952 (7), 1954 UN opt, 1965-67 Int. Correspondence Week sets 4 U/M (Cat £127), 1967 Thai Architecture set 4 U/M (Cat £69), 1968 Queen Sirikit set, 1971 Cats, 1972 Gemstones set (Cat £49), 1972-79 Int. Correspondence Week sets, 1971 Thailandpex 71 two CDS with special cancels, 1973 Thaipex set & M/S, 1966 Publicity for fifth Asian Games Bangkok set 8 used, 1966 5th Asian Games set used, 1975 Games set & M/S U/M, 1967 Orchids long set U/M (Cat £126), etc, odd tones but high cat value approx £1100.

LOT554 Thailand

2009-2012 Miniature sheets and sheetlets unmounted mint collection of 90 M/S in a large 60 sided stockbook incl 2009 Thaipex 3D in blocks of 4 & M/S (Cat £45), Children's Day, 2010 60th Wedding Anniv., Marine Life surcharged M/S, 2010 Thai Silk (2 diff cat £10 each) plus 25th Stamp Exhib, large gold embossed sheet with all four values, 2011 8 Immortals imperf & perf, 1996 50th Anniv. stamp reprinted in 2011 as 200baht in gold (Cat Ï70), Thaipex imperf & perf M/S, Monks Medallions, 84th Birth Anniv. (2 sheets Cat £16 each), 2012 Thai Air Force, plus one with 100 years airforce overprint in margin, plus range of special sheets (some cat up to Ï60 each), etc, colourful assembly with high cat value. (90).

LOT555 Togo

Neat collection in a very well filled 3 ring binder on printed leaves including few Germany colonies, French Togo 1916-1960 with mint sets and ranges, 1960-1970 Independence mint & used sets mainly complete, then huge range of miniature sheets, airmails, semi postals, back of the book for early to modern defins and commems and many thematics, stated to catalogue US $1000+ with approx 780 all different, useful lot for expansion.

LOT556 Tonga

Neat collection in a 3 ring binder on printed leaves 1886-1970 with mint & used sets and ranges, 1886 to 1s, 1897 pictorials to 1s, 1920-35 set to 1s mint, 1942 pictorials set to 5s mint, 1960-1970 mint & used sets mainly complete incl long sets to £1, embossed foil part sets and overprint / surcharges & officials, stated to catalogue US $515+ with approx 260 all different, useful lot for expansion.


1980-2006 Mint and mainly unmounted mint assembly of complete sets on stockpages appears good degree complete incl 2000 Monarchs long set to £5, many sets & miniature sheets incl 2005 Trafalgar Festival set, WWF Sheetlets of 16, nice thematics. STC £1000+, approx 420 & 51 M/S.

LOT558 Turkey

1865-1966 Attractive mint and used collection on leaves in a binder with useful sets noted 1865 to 5pi mint, 1917 pictorial defins to 5pi m & u, 1930 Opening of Ankara-Sivas Railway set mainly used (Cat £100+), 1938 Izmire Int. Fair set mint (Cat £50), 1939 Railway set m, 1940 Kemal set m, 1940 Games set m, 1950 Farabi set m, 1953 500th Anniv. long set mint (Cat £50+), 1954 NATO set m, Council of Europe set m, 1954 Turkish Post M/S, 1950s mostly complete mint including defin long sets and 1958 Turkish Towns, 1959 long set (Cat £60), Airs incl 1950 2l50 mint (Cat £35), clean lot ideal for expansion.

LOT559 United States

1851-1940 Attractive mainly used collection in Palo loose-leaf printed album with an extensive range of defins and commems to 90c, (some in incorrect spaces) mixed in places but noted 1851 1c blue imperf, 1861 to 24c, 1869 to 15c, Grill printings (taken as is) to 30c, 1873 No Grill to 30c & 90c, 1879 to 90c, 1890-93 to 50c, 1893 Columbus set to 50c used, 1898 Trans-Mississippi set to 50c used, 1901 set, 1902 to $1, 1904 onwards many complete sets to 1940, then back of the book, airmails, postage dues, parcel post set to $1 used, Special Delivery etc, huge cat value. Approx 700+.

LOT560 United States

1861-1912 Mint and mainly used assembly on six old time Schaubek printed leaves, good range of issues noted 1861 30c orange, 90c blue used straight edge and surface rubbing (Cat £250), 1869 set to 15c (15c is nice copy Cat £110) & 30c heavy used (Cat £250), 1871-3 to 90c carmine (Cat £150) plus a few nice fancy cancels, 1887-88 to 90c violet (Cat £110), 1890 set to 90c orange, 1894 to $1 black, 1898 Mississippi set to 1902-8 vals to $1, 50c mainly used (Cat £140), 1901 Pan American set used, Parcel Post to $1 used, mixed condition as usual but high catalogue value, etc. c155 stamps.

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