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Bowdon Public Auction June 2022. 362: Catalogue

Tuesday 7th of June 2022 ,14:00:00 THE BOWDON ROOMS, THE FIRS, ALTRINCHAM WA14 2TQ

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT501 Laos

1952-1973 Attractive mainly mint collection of sets on leaves, plus few used, noted 1951 long set, 1952 long set, 1953 Airs Statues of Buddha, 1952 UPU set, 1954 Golden Jubilee set 3 mint (Cat £435) plus 2p & 5p used, plus same two on opened up cover (four copies Cat £80 each, £320), 1956 2500th Buddhist set m (Cat £120), 1955 Dramatic Poem, various M/S, attractive lot mainly complete to 1973. STC £1900+, useful assembly. (c450 + 24 M/S)

LOT502 Lithuania

1935 Air Honouring Atlantic Flyer Vaitkus overprint 40c blue and carmine very lightly mounted mint, only traces of hinge, fine and scarce, SG 407a. Cat £650.

LOT503 Luxembourg

1852-1990 Extensive collection mostly mint from 1930s onwards, mixed m & u for earlier, all selected for fine condition, better amongst others 1852 10c black (4 margins), 1859 10c blue, 1865-75 9 vals incl shades to 25c, 1874 vals to 40c, 1880 to 25c, 1882-91 to 1f used, 1930s Child Welfare sets mint, 1938 Abbey Restoration set m, 1940s Welfare Fund sets incl 1949 (Cat £50), 1950 set (Cat £48), 1953 set (Cat £60), 1950 War Orphans set (Cat £180), 1951 United Europe set 6 (Cat £400), 1952 CENTILUX pair U/M (Cat £190, small tone on perf), 1952 Games set (Cat £80), 1956 EUROPA set 3 (Cat £650), 1956 Europa set 3 (Cat £275), hereon mainly complete to 1990, few M/S, STC £4700+.

LOT504 Luxembourg

Large accumulation in an overfull stockbook with 100s duplicated mainly used from 1850s onwards, perf and imperfs to 1s red, 1859 to 37½c used, 1930s defins and commems, then 1950s Fund sets, commems to modern, some back of the book etc, very many 100s, good cat value.

LOT505 Luxembourg

Officials; Old time collection on leaves including 1875 1c brown used, 1882 Agriculture & Trade set to 1f mauve mainly used (cat £398), 1891 8 values to 1f m & u (cat £163), 1895 set 5 mint (cat £63), 1895 Perforated Officiel 14 vals to 5f m & u, 1908 mainly used complete to 5f, 1915 set m, 1922 set m. Mainly fine. SG D173/9, D221/233 & D488/501.

LOT506 Macau

1989-1997 Assembly of unmounted mint sets in a large stockbook, noted 1990 Traditional Occupations set, 150th Anniv. Penny Black M/S (Cat £44), 1990 Games M/S (Cat £60), Compass Roses M/S (Cat £75), 1991 Occupations set, Shells setenant blk of 4, Opera set, Flowers set, Paintings M/S (Cat £45), 1992 Friendship M/S, etc, useful assembly STC £770+.


Binder with QV onwards mainly used range on Hagners incl Straits Sett. 1867 1½c on ½a blue unused, 3c on 1a used, 32 on 2a used (Cat £120), 1867-72 32c pale red wing margin used (Cat £75), 96c grey used, 1887 Two Cents on 5c blue f.u. (Cat £100), 1891 10c cents on 24c with narrow in 10 f.u., 1892 1c green mint blk of 4, 12c claret mint, 1898 4c on 5c brown f.u. blk of 4, 4c on 5c blue mint blk of 4 (SG 107 cat £60), 1910 EDVII $1 black & red on blue mint, 1912-23 $25 purple & blue on blue neatly fiscal used BOARD OF LICENSING JUSTICE violet cancel (very pretty SG 213 fiscal), 1937-41 12 vals to 50c mint (Cat £275), FMS Tigers to 50c used etc, useful assembly. Cat £850++.


Neat collection in a well filled 3 ring binder on printed leaves including mint and used early to modern defins and commems, noted Malaya (STC $195), Johore (STC $147), Kedah (STC $103), Kelantan (STC $85), Malacca (STC $132), Penang (STC $86), Perak (STC $110), Selangor (STC $98), Malaysia (STC $136), with approx 785+ all different, useful lot for expansion.


Perak: 1881-1896 Collection on printed album page mint and used noted 1880-83 overprints on 2c brown unused (2 diff), 1883 2c on 4c rose unused (SG 16, cat £750 mint, expertised on reverse), 1887 1c on 2c (4), 1891 1c on 6c lilac mint (SG 43 Cat £65), 1884 2c rose f.u., officials PGS range to 24c m & u (6 incl SG O9 mint cat £225), 1895 Tigers long set to 50c (dull purple and greenish black), 1896 $1 green and pale green mint (SG 76 Cat £325), $3 green and ochre fiscal used (Cat £550 used), $5 green and ultramarine CDS used with BPS 2018 Certificate (SG 79 Cat £600), 1900 3c on $1 unused, 3c on $2 unused, useful range, (48), STC £2220+.

LOT510 Malaysia

1957-1998 Mint and mainly unmounted mint collection with a high degree of completion of commem sets, miniature sheets, sheetlets, setenant strips, 1979 Animal series to $10, 1963 $25 revenue, few states 1973 Booklets $3 values, STC £940, attractive lot in Davo printed hingeless album and slipcase.

LOT511 Mali

1959-1984 A large mainly unmounted mint collection in a well filled stockbook including 1960 Airs, MALI ovpts and bar to 500f, 1965 Air set, then huge amount of completion, year runs etc, STC £1500.

LOT512 Malta

1953-2011 An extensive double collection in two springback binders both mint and used sets for huge ranges of issues, better including 1956 set to £1 mint (Cat £150), 1973 long set mint, 1981 History long set mint, 1991 Birds strip mint, 1991 Heritage long set m, 1999 Flowers long set mint, 2004 Mammals sheetlet mint, 2005 Insects sheet, 2006 Pets sheet, 2007 Fruits sheetlet, 2009 History of Malta long set to Ï5 mint, set used, 2010 Pope M/S m & u (Cat £24), 2011 Buses sheetlet mint & used (Cat £47 each), 2011 90th Anniv M/S both m & u (Cat £25), many 100s through to 2011. High cat value £1000+ and quantity in excess of 1040 stamps.

LOT513 Malta

2012-2014 A double collection in 22 ring binder both mint and used sets for most ranges of issues, better including 2012 George Cross M/S (Cat £25), Games M/S, 70th Anniv. Operation Pedestal x 11 different values in sheets of eight both m & u (Cat £220), 2013 Papal M/S, Preti M/S, Fountains sets, Harbours M/S, Red X M/S, Buses, up to 2014 WWI. Cat £630+. Approx 425.

LOT514 Mauritius

Neat collection in a 3 ring binder on printed leaves including 1858-1970 mint and used early to modern defins and commems, stated to catalogue US $541 with approx 245+ all different, useful lot for expansion.

LOT515 Mexico

Postal History: Interesting collection in a cover album from 19th century to middle periods and many attractive items including Postal Stationery envelopes unused with lovely engraved designs (approx 40+, odd used) with triple embossed designs to makeup values, or uprated, good variety of postmarks on commercial covers and postcards, noted censored, first flight, registered airmails & seals on reverse, meter marks, 1930s Secretaria de Hacienda printed envelopes, nice postcards up to 1960s, 1931 Air Expo cachet, plus small group of officials forms (9) franked different issues etc. Ideal lot for Mexico collector. Approx 120.

LOT516 Monaco

An ex-dealers stock of attractive mint & unmounted mint issues neatly arranged on fifteen or so stockpages and each mini collection priced for sale at around 10% of catalogue value, mainly modern commemorative sets, airs, defins, nice thematics etc, useful lot for resale, PTSA £250+.


Binder from QV to QEII includes QV ovpts to 50c lilac mainly used, GV 2/6 brown seahorse mint, 1937 set mint, Kuwait to 10r on 10s, Tangier, French Currency Seahorses 3f on 2/6 (7 m & u), 6f on 5s used, Spanish Curr, EDVII 6p on 5s rose-carmine used, 1948 RSW set m, 3p on 2/6 yellow-brown f.u. seahorse etc. Useful assembly.


Collection on leaves mint & used annotated on pages arranged by printings including nice assembly of Chalon heads 1d rose (2), 3d blue (4 + pair), 6d lilac, 1863 1d red-brown, 1864 1d red (3, shades), 6d lilac (4), 1867 1s, 1875 1d yellow, 6d rose (both customs cancels), mixed printings 1d red (12), 3d blue (5), 6d (7), 1870 postage opts to 1s green or lilac, different opt types, some nice 3d blue pairs, 1874-78 5s rose (4), 1895 ½d surcharges mint with a plethora of varieties on album page mint plus block of 9 showing different types, approx 135.

LOT519 Netherlands

Large stockbook with a duplicated stock of mint and mainly unmounted mint noted 1969 top values in pairs to 10g (Cat £150+), 1981 Beatrice 16 values to 7.50g in pairs (Cat £150+), 1991 Beatrix in pairs to 10g (13 vals, cat £140), plus stock of M/S incl. 1990 Hobbies (8 cat £64), 1989 Child Welfare (9, cat £65), 1992 Games (10, cat £80), sheetlets of 20 to 1996 etc., high cat value, ideal for resale. 100s.


ANTILLES: 1975-1989 Unmounted mint mainly complete collection on KA-BE hingeless printed leaves, includes good range of booklet panes and coil stamps, miniature sheets (Cat up to £13 each), all nice sets, thematics and good catalogue £750+. Attractive collection.

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