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Bowdon Public Auction June 2022. 362: Catalogue

Tuesday 7th of June 2022 ,14:00:00 THE BOWDON ROOMS, THE FIRS, ALTRINCHAM WA14 2TQ

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT481 Ireland

1928 5s carmine rose seahorse in a superb and rare mint sheet of 40 with selvedge all round, various perf separation some re-enforced by hinges, varieties stated (not guaranteed) as re-entry to 5 (R6/3), S over e & circumflex accent over a (R9/2), larger accent (R10/4), other listed flaws not evident, scarce in such a multiple. Twenty stamps are unmounted mint. SG 87 Cat £3545 as mint. SG 87 & 87a.

LOT482 Ireland

Mint assembly in a smaller stockbook with better including 1922 Dollard set of 8 plus 9d red ovpt (Cat £65), Thom set of 5 (Cat £45), (21 Nov-Dec) set of 5 (Cat £60), 1922-23 Thom eleven values to 10d, 1922-34 Map & Sword to 10d, 1940-68 set 17 (Cat £110), 1948 Air set, 1982 vals to £5, good range of commems to 1970s, then postage dues, mainly clean useful assembly. STC £700+.

LOT483 Ireland

Postage Due: 1940-1985 Large unmounted mint and used accumulation with complete and part sheets blocks and singles with a high degree of duplication in places including 1940 1/- green,1971 many vals in complete u/m sheets (some splitting ), part sheets & 1980/5 50p red. Good lot for the specialist looking for shades/varieties or useful stock for the small fairs dealer (100's)

LOT484 Ireland

Postage Due: 1971 Third issue. Complete set of 7 in SUPERB UNMOUNTED MINT SHEETS OF 60 (6 X 10) showing all 28 different listed varieties of this issue; sheets will easily fit on an album page and will display nicely. Hibernian cat 360 Euros as sheets but the varieties cat between 3 and 12 Euros each

LOT485 Ireland

Postage Dues: 1940-69 1½d vermilion Inverted Watermark full sheet of 60 U/M with varieties 'c' for 'D' in due PD7a, and dot in margin PD7c varieties cat £50 as normal wmk, stamps cat Ï25 each as inv wmk so sheet cat Ï1550. Hibernian PD7wa. Scarce as a sheet.

LOT486 Ireland

Postal Stationery: selection in a large shoebox including 2½p brown in FIVE packs of 10 wrappers still with the original price wrapper stating 10 x 2½p wrappers 30p, two 9p green letter cards mint, then a group of used Registered letter types of various sizes with 14p yellow green, 55p red large type (17, a little roughly opened) & mint 37p olive large and three smaller types all uprated with 15p stamps. Good lot (74 items)

LOT487 Israel

1948-1969 Extensive FULL TABBED unmounted mint collection in a Lindner hingeless printed album better throughout including 1948 Jewish New Year (cat £550), 1949 Inauguration 250pr (cat £90), National Flag (cat £120), 70th Anniv pair (cat £200), Jewish Coins (2nd issue, cat £200), 1st Anniv. M/S (cat £225), 1950 UPU (cat £150), 1950 2nd Indep set (corner tabbed, cat £1000), 1950 Air (cat £400), 1950 Coins set, Opening of P.O. (cat £450), 1951 JNF (cat £225), 1952 Menorah & Emblems (cat £600), 1953 Air set (cat £200), appears almost complete to 1969, extensive lot with new cat prices taken from SG latest (2018) Middle East prices revised catalogue. STC £4300+.

LOT488 Israel

1950-1978 Mint & unmounted mint collection of sets on stockpages mostly with tabs incl dozens of defin and commem sets, 1949 miniature sheet (used Cat £110), 1950 Coins (3rd series) set U/M (Cat £42) plus tete-beche pairs, 1951 officials set (Cat £27), 1953 Airs set complete mint with tabs excl 1000pr, 1955 Tribes no wmk set minus 10p, 1961 Zodiac set, and so many more. Attractive lot with good cat.

LOT489 Israel

1979-1998 Mint & unmounted mint collection of sets on stockpages mostly with tabs incl dozens of commem sets, miniature sheets, 1989 Birds strip + M/S (Cat £43), 1989-1994 Greetings sets (Cat £100), 1990 Architecture set (Cat £21), 1990 Folklore pair (Cat £24), Songbirds range, 1987 Haifa M/S (Cat £24), Owls M/S (Cat £22), 1986 Herzl set 8 (Cat £60), 1988 Independence M/S (Cat £24), 1986 Orchestra pair (Cat £22), 1986 Archaeology long set 9 (Cat £110) and so many more. Attractive lot with good cat (STC £2000+) and many thematics. Approx 600 + 49 M/S.

LOT490 Italy

1950-1984 Extensive collection of fine used sets and part sets for huge variety of issues in springback album on leaves, good degree of completion for the period with many 100s, defins to 100l, noted 1950 Radio set (Cat £205), 1950 Tobacco set, 1951 Stamp Cent set (Cat £60), Art set (Cat £68), etc, ideal for filling those gaps. 100s.

LOT491 Italy

1989-2000 Mainly unmounted mint collection of commem sets and ranges in SAFE hingeless printed album (pencil catalogue prices), dozens of sets and issues some with better catalogue values up to £12 per set, miniature sheets, Priority self adhesives, 1992 Columbus M/S's (Cat £44), year runs etc, colourful lot with thematics. STC £1150+.

LOT492 Italy - Colonies

Eritrea: 1893-1934 Collection on leaves with useful throughout; chiefly mint including key stamp the 1903 40c brown fine mint (cat £650) then mint ranges to include 1916 Red Cross 10c to 20c, 1922 Victory set, 1925 Holy Year set, 1926 Colonial set, 1926 defins set of 3 (heavy mounted cat £300), 1927 National Defence, 2nd International Colonial Ex set, 1928 Society set, etc, Some toning here and there but overall a very impessive collection with a cat val of £1450+.


Fournier Forgery, Roman states; 1859 Attractive range of large blocks of 30 unused and 'used' including 1Baj, 1½baj, 2baj, 3baj, 4baj, 5baj, 6baj, 8baj, 20baj plus seven postmarks and overprints on one piece. (277).

LOT494 Jamaica

Jumbled mint & used collection in a well filled 22 ring binder with QV to QEII including 1860-63 shades incl 1d (3), 6d (3), 1s (3), Postal Fiscal 1½d & 3d mint / unused, 1870-83 vals to 1s used, 2s mint (Cat £45), 1883-97 used set 11 to 5s (cat £130), 1890 2½d on 4d red-brown showing PFNNY for PENNY & broken K for Y variety used (thinned, perf faults, cat £110), 1903 2½d grey and ultr. mint pair left stamp showing SE.ET variety (SG 35a Cat £65), 1905-11 values to 5s m & u plus Judicial 5s revenue used, QV vals to 2s m & u incl 4d (3 shades, mint Cat £96), 6d mint (both papers), 1916 War Stamps 3d (3 shades), 1917 War Stamp on ½d green with ovpt inverted mint, No stop variety, 3d pair one showing no stop variety mint, 1920 2s fine used (SG 86 Cat £38), 1923 Welfare set m, 1929 defin set 3 mint incl 1d pair Die II (Cat £32), 1922 GV 10s myrtle-green mint (Cat £55), 5s used (3 shades, Cat £100), 1938 set used, GVI 1d green booklet pane of 6 mint, 1948 RSW set mint, then various mint commem sets to 1974, useful lot.

LOT495 Jamaica

Neat collection in a 3 ring binder on printed leaves including 1860-1970 mint and used early to modern defins and commems, stated to catalogue US $746 with approx 290 all different, useful lot for expansion.

LOT496 Japan

1938-56 Nice collection of National Parks Miniature Sheets with hinged mint 1938 Nikko (slight corner damage to top corners) & 1939 Daisen (tiny tone spot, in presentation folder) then u/m no gum as issued lot with 1949 Yoshinu Kumano (one corner with crease), 1953 Ise Shima & Shikotsu Toya, 1954 Jo-Shin-etsu, 1955 Chichibu- Tama and 1956 Saikai (in presentation folder) Attractive lot Cat £362 (8)

LOT497 Japan

1950s to 1994 Mint & used collection of sets stockpages, noted some earlier used, then Stamp Day 1955 onwards mint, National Parks M/S incl 1952 imperf, 1953 Imperf, 1955 imperf (2), defins to top values, approx 400 + 29 M/S, STC £360+.


1903-1935 Mint and used range on old time Imperial printed leaves with better including 4r grey & emerald-green neat fiscal cancel, 1904-07 EDVII to 8a mint (mixed), high values 1r to 10r all fiscal cancels, 1907-08 New Currency to 50c mint (Cat £135), 1912-21 GV to 2r mainly mint, 3r used but green colour gone, 4r, 5r & 10r fiscal used, 1921 mint vals to 50c, 1922-27 used to £1 incl fiscal law court cancels, 1935-37 GV set to 5s mint (cat £100), 1935 SJ set m etc, useful lot (92).

LOT499 Korea

1951-1970s A mint & used collection on Scott printed album pages with a good range of defins and commems incl 1955 Rotary set m, 1956 Stamp Day set m, 1961 Miniature sheet ranges mint (12 diff), 1964 long set 10 u/m (cat £60), 1964 M/S's mint, 1960s commem sets mainly u/m, 1969 Fairy Tales set 4 M/S, 1970 Fairy Tales M/S set 4 (cat £60), 1970 Paintings set 3 M/S u/m, Airs including 1947 set 3 m, 1950 Air 60w m, 1954 to 701h m, etc. Clean lot with nice condition. (Qty).


1986-1993 Unmounted mint collection on stockpages with many useful thematic sets and miniature sheets; looks virtually complete for the 1990-93 period and cats up very well.

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