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Postal Auction May 2022. 326: Catalogue

Thursday 5th of May 2022 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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1862 - 1986 Untidy mint and used all period collection crammed onto small leaves. Includes good QV used to 6d with possibility of wmk interest. We also note Badge defins to 2/6d m., EdVII 5/- mint (creased cat £110), 1921-9 to 5/- mint and used (cat £300+), 1932 Tercent 2/6d mint, 1938 GVI set to £1 mint and used an much more with later defins and sets u/m. Good original collection that needs sorting out and rehousing (100's)


1935 Silver Jubilee 2½d brown and deep blue very fine used showing 'dot to the left of flagstaff 'variety. Very slight toning top right does not detract from this nice example SG 93g Cat £250


1891 QV 1d lilac plus a pair tied to piece all with clear ASCENSION cds's and 1902 EdVII ½d pale green pair tied in similar fashion with light cancel and two 1d red values tied to pieces with clear cancels. SG Z7, Z21/2 Cat £354. Nice little group


1912 Mackennals 1d red tied to piece with ASCENSION cds plus ½d green with part cancel (not incl in cat) and later GV 2½d blue tied to piece and 1/- bistre both with superb cds cancels. Fine lot SG Z38a & b , Z43, Z51 Cat £450


1922-1971 Neat collection on printed 3 ring leaves mint and used middle to modern defins and commems, stated to catalogue US $562 with approx 140 all different, noted 1934 set to 5s mint, 1963 Birds to £1 mainly mint, useful lot for expansion.


1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1948 20th October registered plain First Day Cover to UK tied ASCENSION C CDS cancels, small crayon smudge otherwise pretty item, SG 50/1.

LOT107 Australia

1913 Roo £1 brown and ultramarine a superb fine used example with incomplete KAL...STH. Australia, slightly centred right. Superb for these, SG 15 Cat £2500.

LOT108 Australia

1913 Wmk A ½d, 1d, 2d & 2½d hinged mint examples with hinges on reverse, very fresh and fine appearance, SG 1/4, cat £134.

LOT109 Australia

1913-2000 Extensive used collection neatly arranged in SG loose-leaf printed binder extensive assembly just needs key Roos 2s upwards, Sydney Bridge and few other key stamps to complete, some Roos incorrectly identified by watermarks but ideal project for expansion, 100s.

LOT110 Australia

1916 2/- brown hinged mint with couple of blunt perfs top right otherwise fine SG 41 Cat £275

LOT111 Australia

1926 1½d scarlet part slogan cancel used showing no middle bar in E of PENCE variety, mainly fine, SG 87 var.

LOT112 Australia

1928 4th National Stamp Exhibition 3d blue Kookaburra top left hand corner sheet of 4 fine unmounted mint, very slight gum tone but fresh looking SG MS 106a £120

LOT113 Australia

1931 Kingsford Smith 3d blue in three plate corner blocks of 4 1, 2, & 3. Mounted in margins leaving stamps U/M, thin on plate 2 otherwise just usual wrinkles, nice positional pieces. SG 122 (Cat £102 for mint).

LOT114 Australia

1931 Kingsford Smith Flight 6d violet used showing re-entry variety on FO & LD and swans neck doubled. Couple of blunt perfs at top but nice variety. SG123a Cat £110

LOT115 Australia

1932 Wmk C of A 10s grey and pink sound used part mail room CDS (a little heavy) to the right excellent centring & perfs, SG 136 Cat £150.

LOT116 Australia

1934 Wmk C of A £2 black and rose very sound fine used part CDS (a little heavy) to the right leaving Roo and value clear, excellent centring & perfs, SG 138 Cat £600.

LOT117 Australia

1935 Turramurra NSW reg label on cover with cds SG 127 and 151 to England. Note torn open along left side. 1937 typed cover front with SG 193 to Melbourne.

LOT118 Australia

1936 Telephone Link 2d red in mint Plate blocks of 4 with Plate 1 (2), Plate 3 (2) and Plate 4 all mounted on album leaf. Attractive lot SG 159

LOT119 Australia

1937 3d blue Die 1a unmounted mint, very fine SG 168b Cat £150

LOT120 Australia

1953-1998 Complete collection in Australia Davo printed album, mounted mint and used stamps including miniature sheets. From SG261 onwards.

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