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Postal Auction May 2022. 326: Catalogue

Thursday 5th of May 2022 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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Collection 1937-1960 of approx. 150 stamps, mainly used neatly arranged on leaves in display sleeves includes Aden squared circle on India 3a, Aden CDS on India 3a CDS, 1937 Dhow to 8a mint, 1939 to 5r, 1951 surcharge set 11 mint (Cat £85), etc. (c.150).


Kathiri State of Seiyun: 1942 - 1964 GVI/ QEII complete unmounted mint for the period on printed album leaf and stocksheet with 1942 set (this hinged mint cat £60), 1948 Silver Wedding, 1951 New Currency (cat £50) and 1954/64 sets all very fine and fresh. SG 1/41 Cat £164 (41)


Kathiri State of Seiyun: 1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1949 (19 Feb) airmail and registered folded plain reply card to UK tied ADEN CDS cancels, SG 14/15.


Qu'Aiti State in Hadhramaut: 1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1949 (17 Jan) plain registered airmail First Day cover to Kenya tied ADEN CDS cancels, few light soils, SG 129/130.


Qu'Aiti State in Hadhramaut: 1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1949 (17 Jan) printed airmail and registered First Day cover to Baghdad tied ADEN CDS cancels, transit and arrival backstamps, SG 129/130.

LOT86 Aland

1984-2009 Mainly unmounted mint collection in stockbook sets and miniature sheets including 1984 set (Cat £23), 1986 Archaeology, 1987 Birds set (cat £24), 1988 Ships (Cat £22), 1989 Orchids set (Cat £25), 1992 Lighthouses booklet (Cat £30), 1997 75th Anniv. M/S, 1998 Tennis M/S of 10, 1999 Plants self-adhesive pane of 2000 Millennium M/S, 2000 Elk booklet, 2001 Endangered Species booklet, 2005 Birds, 2004 Predators, 2004 Prestige booklet, 2007 Plants (Cat £27), 2008 Fish, very fine and many nice thematics STC £1100.

LOT87 Albania

1928 Inauguration of Viore (Valone) - Brindisi Air Service overprinted complete set of 7 fresh hinged mint with each expertised on reverse. A scarce and KEY set SG 222/8 (7)

LOT88 Albania

Stockbook with better mint sets and some used ranges noted 1925 Return set m, Proclamation set m, Republika ovpt set m, 1929 King Zog Birthday set mint (Cat £162), 1938 Royal Wedding set 8 mint (Cat £43), 1945 Red Cross surcharge set 4 mint (Cat £87), 1946 Assembly ovpt set m (Cat £52), 1950 air set m (Cat £50), 1964 Olympic Games M/S both perf & imperf mint, plus ranges of commems, STC £925, useful assembly,

LOT89 Algeria

1861 Entire letter attractively displayed and written up on an album page bearing France 1852 20c Napoleon tide with lozenge '3732' postmark for ORAN, ALGERIA plus double ring Oran Algerie cds to Sidi-Bel-Abbes. Very fine item.

LOT90 Algeria

1926 Top values 10f red and brown & 20f green and violet both hinged mint, SG 69/70. Cat £112.

LOT91 Algeria

1927 Wounded Soldiers of Moroccan War surcharge set of 13 to 5f+5f hinged mint, nice set, SG 72/84. Cat £120.

LOT92 Andorra

French: 1931 10f green and red overprinted Olivier & Merson mounted mint heavy hinges, mainly fine, SG F22 Cat £450.

LOT93 Andorra

French: 1931 20F top value tied to piece with SUPERB full CDS dated 23 JAN 1932. Super item SG F23. Cat £650

LOT94 Andorra

French: 1931 5f blue and buff overprinted Olivier & Merson mounted mint heavy hinges, mainly fine, SG F21 Cat £225.

LOT95 Andorra

French: 1931 - 79 Chiefly mint collection on various printed pages including 1931 most vals to 2F (1F is used ; cat £500+), Ist Postage Dues to 2F (cat £82), 1932 vals to 20F incl 1F 50c blue (cat £38) and 1F75c violet (cat £170),1943 Postage Dues complete, 1950 100F Air u/m (cat £140) plus useful commems to 1979. Good starter lot.

LOT96 Andorra

French: 1931 Postage Due Ist issue 60c green in a plate No 9 gutter pair in fine hinged mint condition, very fresh SG FD 28 Cat Dallay Ï650

LOT97 Andorra

French: 1961 - 2006 Modern collection, chiefly unmounted mint with a good degree of completion in parts including earlier Europa sets (cat £130) and some booklets. Ideal lot for continuation or small fairs dealer STC £800

LOT98 Andorra

Spanish: 1928/51 Mint/unused collection on black stocksheets with 1928 set complete; some vals have grease marks but 10P is fine (cat £170), 1929 set15 vals to 1P with couple faulty but 30c brown is fine (cat £160), 1948 set to 10P ex 75c (cat £220), 1951 Air 1P (cat £45) and all three Express Letter stamps (cat £92). Well worth the estimate (46)

LOT99 Andorra

Spanish: 1972/98 Complete collection for the period unmounted mint including the KEY 1972 Europa stamp corner marginal example (cat £180). Good basis for expansion.

LOT100 Andorra

Spanish Andorra: 1972 EUROPA 8p in unmounted mint left marginal block of 4, incredibly fresh scarce in such multiple, SG 67 Cat £900.

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