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Postal Auction May 2022. 326: Catalogue

Thursday 5th of May 2022 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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1948 Royal Silver Wedding collection of 13 different fine used sets neatly laid out on Hagner page includes Antigua, Bahamas, Br. Guiana, Cayman Is., Dominica (Cat £45), Jamaica (Cat £75), Penang (Cat £38), Selangor, St Kitts-Nevis, Seychelles (Cat £48), Singapore (Cat £50), Nyasaland (Cat £35). (26) Cat £637.


1948 Royal Silver Wedding: Fiji set of 2 on a 1949 (7 Nov) registered airmail cover to USA tied SUVA CDS cancels, regd h/s No.28582, receiving backstamps, pretty item, SG 270/1.


1937 (16 July) Flight over the roof of the world - Plain postcard bearing newspaper article pasted to obverse for trial Moscow to San Francisco mail flight autographed by three Russians (Alexander Beliakoff, Valeri Chekaloff, Goergi Baibukoff) ending in Vancouver Washington due to fog. additional map pasted on reverse and Byrd Atlantic 3c blue tied NY Station wavy line cancel addr to Chicago signed by the three pilots. Some faults but very scarce flight cover.


Archive box containg all period, all world covers/cards with many early to mid period including Three binders of USA, and two boxes of world with GB, Commonwealth, Switzerland, Mexico, Sweden, Ireland FDC's, Bundle of 1960's Tin Can Mail covers (11) and much more. Some mixed condition as is usual with this type of lot but still many fine and attractive items noticed. Needs careful inspection (100's)


Austria: Small group of mainly prestamp mail from different towns and areas incl 1875 Sechskaus, 9kr blue imperf to Saxony, Austrian Italy PADOVA 10s, VENEZIA 5s red to Udine, 1859 KAPFENBERG, 1873 Teplitz, 1850 Vienna to Constantinople, 1870 LAA THAYA 5kr P/S env, 1835 Vienna to London, Baden to Vienna, 1875 5kr red, 1866 5k red Eagle etc, mixed but interesting group. (16).


Censored mail: WWI & WWII covers and cards with many useful and all different from a wide range of countries incl WWI Austria/Czech (3, including nice boxed Prisoner of War cachet in red), USA violet 'AEF Passed by Censor' cds on PPC, Turkey 10para Postal Card with Russian Machine censor; WWII from Iraq (4) one with both Indian and Iraqi stamps cancelled with FPO cds's and two diff censor markings on the reverse, with wrinkles/faults but very interesting, Sudan with FPO cds's and triangular censor in violet, Australia to Enland with mult franking (4/1d) with violet diamond censor, Aden with GVI ½a and 1a x 2 with Boxed 'CENSOR /ADEN' in violet plus others with censor tape. Some mixed condition but some nice and fine covers in evidence (19)


France: Small group of prestamp & post stamp mail (23) from different towns and areas incl 1867 Bordeaux diamond dotted CB (Cette Bordeaux), 1841 Marseille to Lyon 6 chargemark, 1859 20c pair Sevres to Angers, 1847 Mussidan PP, 30c Ceres grey-brown pair part cover, 1854 CHERIBON FRANCEO large fancy oval in red, 1884 St Nicolas Due Port 25c ochre, 1852 Reims to Paris, 1863 Marseille Train transport per 100kg with a long list of worldwide destinations folded with triangles 1 1/6th ROTTERDAM backstamp, 1856 80c carmine-red fine large 3 margins tied diamond numeral from Toulouse with APRES / DE /DEPART boxed in black alongside, 1831 LUNEL (Commune in France) to Montepellier with 1d. h/s in red oval, 1864 Paris 22 dotted star cancel to Ypres, etc, mixed but interesting group. (23).


Maritime: 1904 - 12 Three PPC's ; one an advertising card for White Star Line with nice coloured image of one of their ships used in Liverpool in 1904 plus a 1910 card from France (with french stamp) with very fine LONDON MB cds and finally 1912 card to UK with Port Said 'PAQUEBOT' H/S. Nice trio in very fine condition


MILITARY MAIL: WWI & WWII selection of covers and cards all from Military personnel with WWI Germany Felpost cards and lettersheet all with different handstamps of the various regiments (10) & Belgian card with Military cds; then two Third Reich items from WWII with Feldpost letter sheet endorsed with Eagle and Swastika cds and a 1939 attractive official looking envelope with cachets/ Handstamps and an attractive Eagle and Swastika seal in red on the reverse (faults). Useful lot ( 13)


P.O.W. MAIL:WWI Accumulation of covers sent to Copenhagen,Denmark, ALL stampless with group of small envelopes bearing TOLNA (Hungary) cds and triangular censor marking in purple (18), larger envelopes with 'K.U.K. OFFIZIERSTATION / KRIEGGEFANGENE / THERESIENSTADT' handstamp and triangular censor in shades of purple (8) and another with red censor, group of fronts with Osnabruck (Germany) special cancel (4) and further envelopes with postmarks of PRAGUE (2), LUGOS (Romania), ZYWIEC (Poland) & BUCZACZ (Ukraine)all with censor markings. Very good lot in better than average condition (32, plus 4 fronts)


Rare registered official cover from War Office Medals department with Uxbridge faint cds year unknown, used locally. With faint red hooded cds. Interesting item


1946/7 Cannes Film Festival Group of covers all bearing special Festival Vignettes comprising two dated 22nd Sept bearing 150F green sent to Denmark and Yugoslavia respectively showing cameraman filming 3 aircraft tied with boxed 'Cannes Film Festival H/S in black and special numbered Air vignette in green ; both have been returned. Then another dated the same with different vignette and a 1947 13th Sept card with the same green 150F vignette overprinted 'Rallye Aerien 13, 14, 15 September 1947' tied with red Aeroplane H/S. All very fine and attractive and rarely seen (4).


Great Britain: Two indentures: 1810 Kent lease for a year with £1-10/- blue impressed Revenue stamp complete with Cypher label & 1836 Manor of Stoke Hambden with blue impressed £1 & £2 stamps again with cypher labels plus 'The Courier' newspaper dated 4th April 1816 (hole in centre) with fine strike of Newspsper Tax 4d value. Interesting lot (3 items)


BIRDS: 1928 Fourth National Stamp Exhibition 3d blue Kookaburra miniature sheet block of 4 with margins all round, unmounted mint with even toned gum, sound, SG MS 106a Cat £110.


DUCK & WILDLIFE HABITAT: 1985-2013 Large accumulation of these increasingly popular issues from Canada, Australia, UK and Denmark with a high degree of Duplication in places all in fine u/m booklets and miniature sheets with a huge face value. We note Canada 1985-93 complete (97 booklets) and 2010 to 2013 complete (50 m/s); Australia 1991-2 on Parking ticket (4), 1994-5 sheet of 4 imperf with missing black value (30) a further sheet with Stamp Ex inscription (10) and singles cut from sheet (50); then UK 1991 (7) & 1992, Denmark 1995 (30) plus some other related items. Good lot for the E-bay dealer.


EUROPA: Portugal; 1970 set of 3 unmounted mint, incredibly fresh. SG 1378/80 Cat £39.


JOHN F KENNEDY - An extensive collection in eighteen large binders and stockbooks containing an enormous amount of mint material arranged by country and date periods with dozens of sets and miniature sheets 1963-2013, with nice up to the minute for 50 years death anniversary and better catalogued items, also some unusual including gold foil, proofs, imperforates, special event covers, FDCs, photos with the pope, much strength in USA plus limited edition USCS covers, plus so much more material here, exhaustive lot in three cartons.


MONUMENTS: Hungary; 1975 Stamp Day Imperf setenant strip of 4 with imprint both sides unmounted mint, very fine, Scott retail $125, (SG Cat 2979/2982).


NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS: Attractive collection in nine binders with 2001 sheetlets and miniature sheets (15) unmounted mint in display pockets written up on leaves, huge range of countries incl Sierra Leone, Micronesia, Guyana, Ghana, Maldives, Mongol Post, Grenada, Palau, then assembly by the nobel prize winners incl Mother Theresa, Albert Schweitzer, German issues in a whole binder incl signed Willy Brandt postcard, Albert Einstein, Austrian, Russian, Italian, C Yang 1957 Physics winner signed photo, Scandinavian, French, 2001 Nadine Gordimer Literature signed cover, Nelson Mandela and other South African, USA etc, interesting lot in carton.


AND STATES - 1937-1952 Mint and mainly used collection arranged by printings on leaves STC £1380 with around 130 stamps noted 1937 Dhow set to 10r used (Cat £800), 1939 set used (Cat £45), 1949 RSW set used (Cat £55), 1951 surchs set used, Kathiri State of Seiyun 1942 set used (Cat £80), 1951 Surcharge set used (Cat £110), 1942 Hadhramaut 1942 set used, 1951 surcharge set used (Cat £75), etc, approx 130, STC £1380.

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