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Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction February 2022. 14: Catalogue

Wednesday 23rd of February 2022 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich CW9 7DR

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ACCUMULATION of worldwide in heavy carton mainly albums and stockbooks incl junior type albums, stockbooks with country ranges noted Belgium, Germany, GB modern, few Royalty issues mint, old time ranges in springback etc 100s to sort through.


ACCUMULATION of worldwide in heavy carton mainly albums and stockbooks incl junior type albums, stockbooks with country ranges noted Australia printed album, GB modern, few Royalty issues mint, USA bundleware, Germany Reich in stockbook, Jersey 1992 & 1994 year packs, earlier to middle world in two small old time books incl Lincoln album etc 100s to sort through.


ACCUMULATION of worldwide in heavy carton mainly albums and stockbooks incl junior type albums, stockbooks with country ranges noted GB QV to modern, few Royalty issues mint, Isle of Man FDCs collection from 1990s in large album and slipcase (STC £230), etc 100s to sort through.


AFRICA SHOEBOX off paper large accumulation loose in a shoebox with many Br. C/Wealth, Independent Africa countries, thematics, mainly used, approx 13,000.


ASIA small stockbook with a mint and used assembly including some better noted Hong Kong 1863 2c brown unused, 4c grey mint lightly toned (Cat £130), 12c pale blue mint (Cat £35), 96c brownish grey used (2, 1900 12c blue mint (Cat £50), faults), 1891 40c on 30c mauve used (Cat £85), 1941 Centenary set mounted mint (Cat £90), 1946 $2 reddish violet and scarlet mint (Cat £50), $10 green and violet used (Cat £150), Malaya states incl. Straits Sett. 1867 2c on 1a used (Cat £100), 8c on 2a yellow used (Cat £42), Negri Sembilan incl. 1898 surcharges mint, Perlis to $5, Sungei Ojong, Trengganu incl. Red Cross ovpts mint, FMS to $1, Johor ovpts, Brunei to $5, China incl. Dragon 2ca mauve used, Shanghai Dragons (taken 'as is'), 20ca on 10c surch, Postage Dues etc., very mixed but high cat, Hong QV alone approx. £1900. Approx. 320.


BOXFILE - FOREIGN Accumulation with worldwide mint and used on stockcards, leaves, stockpages and loose, runs 19th century to modern strength in Persia, Russia, Austria, Sweden to 5kr, Cyprus incl GVI to £1 mint, Turkey Red Cross mint blocks, USA, Liechtenstein, Romania, Netherlands, 100s to sort through, ideal for these winter nights.


British Commonwealth Accumulation in a smaller BOX on stockcards, leaves, loose, some covers, FDCs noted 1966 Cable Car Inauguration covers (2), QEII 1960s incl nice range of both mint & used sets Bahamas to £1, Turks & Caicos to £1, St Lucia to $2.50, Trinidad & Tobago to $4.80, Jamaica to Cayman Is to £1, Bermuda to £1 mint, Montserrat Cross & Harp defins mint, Morocco Agencies, Canada, S. Africa, Rhodesia & Nyasaland QEII to £1 used, NSW perfins, Canada earlier 5c beaver perf used, EDVII 50c used, Labuan, S. Africa officials mint pairs, Ascension GVI mint low vals,Cape of Good Hope used collection of Sitting Hope & EDVII, Jap. Occup. Burma mint defins, GVI mint on leaves, envelope of NZ 1d universals (100s in envs), QV defins in packets, used loose in tubs for Singapore, Sierra Leone (100s), S. Africa officials.


British Commonwealth - Accumulation in flat box mint and used on stockcards, leaves, stockpages and loose, runs QV to modern strength in Cyprus QV-QEII m & u, Gibraltar, large amount of GV to modern Australia to $20 (incl a pair) plenty of commems incl modern M/S mint, imprint blocks from 1950s-60s, thematics, Cayman Is., India commercial mail, Cocos (Keeling) Is., 100s to sort through, ideal for these winter nights.


British Commonwealth - Accumulation in smaller box with 100s on stockcards, stock pages, leaves, loose in packets, covers and few FDCs better noted South Georgia surcharges incl both wmks to 50p on 10s mint, N. Rhodesia GVI used duplicated in envs, Malta, Australia incl 1937 NSW Cent. illus. FDC, 1945 Duke set 3 on regd printed FDC, Cyprus, Canada, New Zealand in printed SG album plus 1966 Press sheet for Health cancellations (folded in half), Fiji earlier, Gambia, N. Borneo, Malayan states, Tristan Da Cunha QEII 10s & £1 mint, 1981 RW Tonga Cyclone Relief double ovpt, Seychelles GVI, Bundleware incl Jamaica, Barbados, Rhodesia, KUT etc, 100s, good sorter.


British Commonwealth Accumulation mainly in various albums and binders, stockbooks, noted Falkland Is. Dependencies Thick and Thin Map set mint (Cat £100), 1980 defins long set to £3 U/M in blks of 4, Canada QV small heads heavily duplicated used stock, Australia GV Heads heavily duplicated stock, 1980s FDCs in cover binder, Egypt mint & used on stockpages, Burma mint & used, Montserrat 1976-1986 mint sets STC £160+., Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Cyprus, Ceylon, India duplicated on manilla stockpages, GB 1948 RSW etc, 100s, heavy lot.


British Commonwealth and GB better items hoarded in a shoebox with dozens on stockcards, small leaves, packets and loose, noted Tangier GVI to 10s mint, S. Rhodesia QEII to £1 mint (STC £89), Indian states, Nyasaland, Tristan Da Cunha 1965 to 10s mint, Australia Roos to 2s, G & E Is. 1939 to 5s mint (cat £62), Newfoundland 1937 Coronation long set mint (Cat £60), GB 1948 RSW £1 on regd cover (stained by red wax seal on reverse, not First Day), Egypt, Tonga tin can mail cover, Malaya & NZ postal stationery used, Egypt FPO 169 on cvr, some earlier postcards, Falkland Is. FDCs, other covers early to modern etc, interesting sorter.


British Commonwealth - George Sixth Extensive A to Z mounted mint (odd used) collection in six hingeless loose-leaf SG albums with slipcases in red containing an extensive collection of complete sets to £1, 20s, $5 etc, with good assembly of 1948-49 Royal Silver Wedding sets (50+ different), 1949 UPU sets (55+), so much to list but includes Falkland Islands 1938 set (Cat £475), 1950 set, Malayan states, Indian Convention states incl officials to 10r, Dominions, British Africa, British Asia, British Europe, GB 1939-48 set (Cat £425), Bahrain set of 16 (Cat £1000), postage due sets, officials etc, many are unfortunately affected by gum toning mainly on the reverse, odd tone on the front but ideal lot for further expansion and dozens of 1938 sets cat £50 to £475 each, approx 350+ different, enormous catalogue value in excess of £21,000. Albums have huge retail alone! Estimated at only 20% cat.


British Commonwealth - GVI Printed album in red (some toned pages or stamps, remaindered) with a mainstream mint and used assembly, mainly to middle values, good range of countries represented incl Br. Asia, Dominions, BWI, Seychelles etc, ideal for expansion. Approx 820 all different.


British Commonwealth: King George Sixth printed album in green with original box sleeve in very good condition with a fine used or mint all different collection of 2500+ stamps chosen mainly for fine condition, large amount of countries represented and over 50% complete, STC £4500+ for stamps cat over £1 only, attractive original collection ideal for expansion. 2500+.


British Commonwealth - Large stockbook with a mainly mint assembly 1937 Coronation sets incl Newfoundland long set (Cat £60), some with toned gum, good degree of completion.


British Commonwealth - Small stockbook with duplicated ranges QV to modern mainly used, includes sections of Australia states, Queensland incl vals to 1s (2 mint), Tasmania, Victoria to 1s,S. Australia incl officials, New Zealand officials duplicated from 1d universals etc, over 1000 stamps.


BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - Two New Imperial Printed albums in red (1840 to mid 1936) with a nice fine used and mint collection from A to Z, includes many countries noted extensive Great Britain with QV issues, 1847 Embossed 6d (2 margins), 1858-79 1d plates good run to pl.224, many surface printed incl. 9d bistro, 9d straw (2 diff), 1867 Wmk MX 5s pl.2 CDS used (poor corner), 1870s SP plates mainly complete, 1883 to 10s, 1884 wmk Crowns £1 brown-lilac heavily used (poor), 1902 basic set to 10s, GOV Seahorses 2/6 yellow-brown, 1915 10s blue (Cat £875), officials incl. Govt Parcels, then many countries (some sparse) from QV to GOV noted Antigua, India incl. 1854 vals to 4a blue and red, and many Convention and Native states, Australia, Bermuda, Br. Levant, Canada, Cape of Good Hope triangles 1d red (2), 4d blue (3), sitting Hopes to 5s, Mafeking 1900 Goodyear 1d pale blue on blue (Cat £350), Cyprus, Egypt, Gold Coast, Hong Kong incl. QV 18c lilac f.u., EDVII to $1, 1935 SG set used, Iraq, Ireland, Jamaica, KUT, Labuan, Mauritius, Malta, Natal, Newfoundland, PNG, Rhodesia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Zanzibar, few remaindered spaces but very clean lot and approx. 4400+ all different, various pencil price annotations along the bottom, high cat value ideal for expansion.


EUROPE - BOX of albums and stockbooks including Stockbook of mainly Finland with a small range of Iceland at the back, all periods mint and used including odd better noted Red Cross Charity sets mint, Iceland incl. airs, Norway small seln of earlies, Fiume on 2f brown with I omitted, E. Silesia SO opt with 1920 omitted, Sweden, France collection 1924-1955 with many sets in well filled Simplex Deluxe (approx. 760, STC £1800), Germany 19th century to 1936 mint and used (500+), Austria back of the book mint sets incl. Fieldpost issues, Military Post etc., nice clean lot with useful throughout, 100s.


EUROPE - Stockbook with early to modern mint and used smaller sections including Austria 1850 onwards (STC £1600), German Occup. to 3k used, a few newspaper stamps used, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Hungary, Italian states (mixed), Luxembourg from many earlies (STC £3200), Switzerland etc., approx. 1250+. Good cat value.


EUROPE - Useful assembly on stockpages with mainly middle periods for Belgium sets 1930s onwards, cheaper Orval sets, few Denmark, Finland Red Cross sets, France incl Museums set 2 mint, airs to middle values nice selection of commems for 1940s-50s, Germany incl Airs to 3m, 1936 Brown Ribbon M/S, Netherlands incl Child Welfare used sets etc, approx 800 stamps all different.

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