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Postal Auction January 2022. 324: Catalogue

Monday 31st of January 2022 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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BOX - Full with a worldwide accumulation with 1000s in envelopes, packets, bags, on and off paper, some sorted into country or types, huge amount of different countries represented, GB and FDCs loose or in stockbooks, on leaves, covers Br. C/Wealth, European, Foreign etc., 1000s, good sorter lot for those winter nights.


British Commonwealth: Accumulation in a smaller BOX jumbled loose, on leaves, cards stockpiles etc., noted New Zealand stockbook from QV Perf Chalons 1d, 2d, 1s, later QV to 1s, 1925-6 Exhib trio, Airmail trio, Stamp Duty £2.10s used, duplicated low values, Malaya Union P. Dues mint, Selangor Tigers set mint, Canada 10c Albert unused, Sudan incl. Military Telegraphs mint set to 5pi, Natal, Fiji earlies, Newfoundland earlier to 24c mint & unused, Falkland Is. QV to 1s mint / unused, Jamaica Red Cross airmail label, St Helena, St Christopher surcharges, St Lucia QV, Trinidad imperfs, N. Rhodesia GUI to 1s mint, 2/6 used, Ascension GUI to 1s mint, PNG to £1, Pakistan, small range of 1935 SG used on stockpage etc., etc., 100s. Good sorter lot.


British Commonwealth: Accumulation in a smaller BOX jumbled loose, on leaves, cards stockpiles etc., noted New Zealand, Australia, GUI on few pages incl. Leeward Is., Overprints on GB Qatar, Bahrain, Morocco Agencies GUI sets both to 5s mint, 1948 RSV 45pi on £1 mint, Tangier, Kuwait, Tripolitania GUI to 120m on 5s mint, Cyrenaica to 200m mint, FID Thick Map 6d ochre mint, Antigua incl. 1948 RSV set m, 1938 set to £1 mint, Senator album with mainstream C/W etc., 100s.


British Commonwealth: Accumulation in a smaller BOX mainly British Africa jumbled loose duplicated used in envelopes, noted early Rhodesia 1900s with possible postmark interest (100s), S. Rhodesia incl. GOV postmarks, large quantity of Burma sorted into values, Malta & S. Africa bundleware, Ceylon, Pakistan, Rhodesia 1910 Double heads low values smaller duplicated ranges, Bermuda QEII loose, Rhodesia & Nyasaland QEII, etc., 1000s. Huge sorter lot.


British Commonwealth: Accumulation in albums and stockbooks with some useful throughout including mint & used QV to modern, Br. West Indies with many War Tax GOV mint issues, St Lucia QV to 1s, Tanganyika P. Dues mint to 1s, modern incl. Tristan Da Cunha, Norfolk Is., Christmas Is. Pitcairn Is., Fiji, Ascension GUI to 1s, Gambia, Ceylon, St Lucia binder of modern mint, Australia 1980s FDCs,


British Commonwealth: Asia nice mint, unused and used assembly on stockpiles including better selections incl. Labuan 1894 pictorial defins mint to 12c, 1899 4c on 25c, 50c & $1, 1883 to 40c mint / unused, N. Borneo 1918 Red Cross 2c + 2c green and black in mint blk of 10, 1954 set to $10 mint (Cat £90), 1961 $1 to $10 mint (Cat £180), Sarawak surcharges, few Malaya states earlier incl. Perak surcharges mint, Tigers set mint, Kelantan $2 & $5 mint, Ceylon Officials 1d blue mint opt Service, 1938 GUI mint range for diff perfuse to 50c, 1885 20c on 24c green part o.g. (Cat £95), GOV 1927-29 plate proof for the frame in black PAIR, 1899 1r50c rose used (Cat £55), 1898 1r50 on 2r50 slate mint, 1887 1r12c mint, 1885 surcharges to 56c on 96c mint, few QV heads 8d brown and 2s blue used. Mixed but useful pickings. (c225).


British Commonwealth BOXFILE useful ranges jumbled in small stockbooks, on cards and stockpiles noted nice range of early Br. Guiana Ships, India, Straits Sett 8c surch used, Pakistan GUI to 25r mint, Palestine, pocket book of early Grenada, Gambia, Nevis, St Vincent, St Lucia, Seychelles, Br. Levant EDDIE 5pi on 1s green and red mint (14 cat £90), 1913 1pi on 2½d cobalt mint blk of 4 with gutter margin (Cat £56), Aden 1937 Dhows to 1r mint, Kuwait 1948 RSV mint, Jamaica 1948 RSV set m, Br. Honduras 2c bisect on paper, range of 1935 S. Jubilees mint & used, Jamaica 1948 RSV set U/M, Hong Kong 1863 96c grey, etc. 100s, interesting sorter.


British Commonwealth Early ranges mainly QV in small stockbook mint and used including nice range of Antigua QV 1d red shades used (7), 1879 4d blue used, Barbados 1858 6s used (3 margins cat £140), Grenada 1873 1d green used, 6d vermilion, St Vincent 1877 1s vermilion used (Cat £130), Natal, Newfoundland 1861 1s pale rose-lake neat 3 margins (Cat £170), New Zealand Perf Chalons 1d red, 2d blue, 6d blue, 6d red-brown, 1s yellow-green, New South Wales 1850 3d green used (short corner), 1854 6d drab imperf used 3 margins, 8d yellow perf, S. Australia 1855 6d blue nice 3 margins (Cat £150), few Ireland ovpts, STC £2100+ (115).


British Commonwealth - Stockbook with overprints mint and used ranges STC £1100+, incl. Morocco Agencies on Gibraltar QV to 1p, 1899 5c pair with hyphen between nc in pair, 1907 to 1s mint, French & Spanish Tangier, British Levant incl. GOV to 2/6, Bahrain, etc., approx. 540 STC £1100+.


BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - Two New Imperial Printed albums in red (1840 to mid 1936) with a nice fine used and mint collection from A to Z, includes many countries noted extensive Great Britain with QV issues, 1847 Embossed 6d (2 margins), 1858-79 1d plates good run to pl.224, many surface printed incl. 9d bistro, 9d straw (2 diff), 1867 Wmk MX 5s pl.2 CDDD used (poor corner), 1870s SP plates mainly complete, 1883 to 10s, 1884 wmk Crowns £1 brown-lilac heavily used (poor), 1902 basic set to 10s, GOV Seahorses 2/6 yellow-brown, 1915 10s blue (Cat £875), officials incl. Govt Parcels, then many countries (some sparse) from QV to GOV noted Antigua, India incl. 1854 vals to 4a blue and red, and many Convention and Native states, Australia, Bermuda, Br. Levant, Canada, Cape of Good Hope triangles 1d red (2), 4d blue (3), sitting Hopes to 5s, Mafeking 1900 Goodyear 1d pale blue on blue (Cat £350), Cyprus, Egypt, Gold Coast, Hong Kong incl. QV 18c lilac f.u., EDDIE to $1, 1935 SG set used, Iraq, Ireland, Jamaica, KUT, Labuan, Mauritius, Malta, Natal, Newfoundland, PNG, Rhodesia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Zanzibar, few remaindered spaces but very clean lot and approx. 4400+ all different, various pencil price annotations along the bottom, high cat value ideal for expansion.


COLLECTOR'S CLEAROUT IN AN ARCHIVE BOX with thousands on and off paper loose in packets, in envelopes, on leaves, cards etc, noted strength in USA, Australia, European areas, commercial covers, GB modern commems in packets, also ranges in albums and stockbooks, nothing really of note but a really good sorter lot, 1000s.


EAST EUROPEAN - Ex Dealer's stock of mainly mint / unmounted mint sets and singles in shoebox with better throughout including Albania 1925 Return of Govt, 1945 Red X set (2, cat £87 each), 1946 Balkan Games set of 7 U/M (Cat £134), 1962 Tourist set both perf & imperf U/M (Cat £50), 1965 Space Flight M/S both perf & imperf U/M (2 of each, Cat £40 a pair), 1952 Air surcharges 0.50l on 5l green (3, cat £49 each), 2.50l on 10l blue (3, cat £60 each), Bulgaria 1884 3 on 10s red used (Cat £100), 1927 air set m (Cat £85, 2 sets), 1931 Games both 12l mint (Cat £380), 10l brown mint (Cat £160), 1932 Air set m (Cat £285), 1958 Brussels Ex 1l imperf mint (3), Croatia 1941 shield ovpt set of 15 in mint blks of 9 (Cat £400), 1941 long issue run of 15 values in tete-beche mint blocks of 4, 1943 Youth Fund M/S imperf & perf (Cat £35 each), E. Silesia incl inv ovpt, Estonia German Occup set 3 mint, 1923 Air forgeries, Latvia 1921 airs imperf, 1930 Rainis Fund set m (2 sets, Cat £110 each), 1932 air set 2 m (2 Cat £34 each), Lithuania 1932 15th Anniv. ranges of vals in blks, 1933 Ausra set mint both perf and imperf (Cat £50 each), plus set in imperf PAIRS (Cat £100+), 1933 Welfare set mint (5, cat £32 each), 1938 Olympiad Fund set cto used (6 plus set in pairs, cat £75 each used), 1938 Scouts ovpt set mint (10 sets, cat £52 each), Montenegro Italian Occup. 1943 set 6 airs plus also in blocks of 4 (Cat £200), 1943 set 10 Nat. Poem Commems in blocks of 4 u/m (Cat £220), Romania 1906 Jubilee set of 11 mint (Cat £260), range of 1850s-70s earlies, 1905 1l black and green mint (4 cat £42 each), 1903 Opening of P.O 5l lilac mint (Cat £190, taken as is), 1931 Navy set m (Cat £70), Scouts set m (Cat £48 each, 6 sets), Air set 5 (Cat £39), 1956 Wildlife set mint imperf (Cat £123), 1958 Brussels Ex. strips (Cat £57, 2 sets), 1960 Olympics M/S (both mint Cat £53), etc, 100s. STC £6000+.


EGYPT & Br. C/Wealth or Foreign ranges in a stockbook early to modern mint and used assembly of 860+ lightly duplicated Egypt ranges from earlies to modern incl. some nice sets from 1920s to 1950s some both mint & used for each set, values to £E1 used, airmails, then small. ranges of Cape of Good Hope, early Rhodesia, Belgian Congo, Zanzibar, etc. interesting ranges, approx. 800+.


EUROPA - 1956-1994 Unmounted mint collection of sets and miniature sheets from European and worldwide countries extensive collection neatly laid out on leaves in three Trident loose-leaf binders, includes most issues, just a few key sets to complete, attractive and extensive collection, 100s.


EUROPA - 1978-2003 Unmounted mint collection of sets and miniature sheets from European and worldwide countries neatly laid out on leaves in Devon peg fitting album, includes Romania, Albania, France, Self-adhesives panes, Moldova, Norway, attractive collection, approx 310 + 24 M/S. Good cat value.


EUROPA - 1995-2002 Unmounted mint collection of sets and miniature sheets from European and worldwide countries neatly laid out on leaves in Devon peg fitting album, includes Portugal, Gibraltar, Romania, Albania, France, Self-adhesive, 2002 Clown series, attractive collection, approx 700 + 29 M/S. High cat value.


EUROPA - Collection in DAVO printed album 1956-1979 mainly mint / unmounted mint including 1956 Luxembourg set U/M (Cat £700), 1960 Liechtenstein 50r U/M (Cat £140), 1972 Spanish Andorra 8pta U/M (top margin imprint, Cat £225), Portugal 1975 etc, approx 460.


EUROPE - BOX of albums and stockbooks including Stockbook of mainly Finland with a small range of Iceland at the back, all periods mint and used including odd better noted Red Cross Charity sets mint, Iceland incl. airs, Norway small seln of earlies, Fiume on 2f brown with I omitted, E. Silesia SO opt with 1920 omitted, Sweden, France collection 1924-1955 with many sets in well filled Simplex Deluxe (approx. 760, STC £1800), Germany 19th century to 1936 mint and used (500+), Austria back of the book mint sets incl. Fieldpost issues, Military Post etc., nice clean lot with useful throughout, 100s.


EUROPE - Stockbook with early to modern mint and used smaller sections including Austria 1850 onwards (STC £1600), German Occup. to 3k used, a few newspaper stamps used, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Hungary, Italian states (mixed), Luxembourg from many earlies (STC £3200), Switzerland etc., approx. 1250+. Good cat value.


Foreign: Accumulation in a smaller BOX jumbled loose, on leaves, cards, stockpages etc., noted Germany Reich mint for 1940s, Austria middle periods mint, France from imperfs, Spanish Guinea FDCs, Denmark on leaves, Belgian Congo, Greece, USA etc., 100s. Good sorter lot.

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