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Postal Auction November 2021. 323: Catalogue

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT81 Andorra

French: 1931 5f blue and buff overprinted Olivier & Merson mounted mint heavy hinges, mainly fine, SG F21 Cat £225.

LOT82 Andorra

French: 1931-1979 Collection of mainly mint on printed pages including 1931 1c to 2fr (Cat £510), Postage dues to 2f, 1950 Air 100f U/M (Cat £140), various commems to 1979, etc, useful assembly.

LOT83 Andorra

French Andorra; EUROPA 1974 Church Sculptures set of 2 unmounted mint, incredibly fresh. SG F256/7 Cat £44.

LOT84 Andorra

French: Mint / unmounted mint assembly on stockpages including 1972 Europa set U/M (Cat £37), 1973 Europa set (Cat £40), 1974 Europa set U/M (Cat £54), 1975 Europa set, good degree of completion for U/M sets to 2006, STC c£800.

LOT85 Andorra

French: Postage Due 1931 60c green in an attractive Control No.9 gutter pair, fine, SG FD28. Dallay Ï650.

LOT86 Andorra

Spanish: 1928-1980 Collection of mint / unused on printed pages including 1928 overprinted set with high values unused no gum (Cat £500 mint), 1948 4p & 10p mint (Cat £99), 1951 Air 1p (Cat £48), 1970s commem issues & M/S, 1972 Europa 8p top left corner marginal unmounted mint (Cat £225), etc, useful assembly. (c270 + 3 M/S).

LOT87 Andorra

Spanish Andorra: 1972 EUROPA 8p in unmounted mint left marginal block of 4, incredibly fresh scarce in such multiple, SG 67 Cat £900.

LOT88 Andorra

Spanish Andorra: 1972 EUROPA 8p unmounted mint, incredibly fresh and low estimate! SG 67 Cat £225.


A useful collection QV to modern jumbled on leaves in a binder mint and used with better content including QV to 4d used, Badge defins to 1s & 2/6 m, EDVII 1903 5s mint (cat £110, crease), 1921-29 to 5s used, 5s mint (Cat £300+), 1932 Tercent. 1s used, 2/6 mint, 1938 to £1 m & u, 1953 to $.120 mint, 1966 to $2.50 mint, 1976 Birds set mint, then a good run of defins and commems to 1988, useful lot for sorting out.


Queen Victoria two unused Penny halfpenny UPU postcards with annexed card for reply (some discolour on one). Plus two Queen Victoria unused Penny UPU postcards


Queen Victoria unused Penny UPU postcard with annexed card for reply with Specimen o/p in black.


1912 GV 2½d blue a superb example with a sock on the nose strike ASCENSION / 27 FE / 13 CDS tied to paper , very fine, SG Z43. Cat £130.


1913 GV 1s bistre a superb example with a sock on the nose strike ASCENSION / B / 9 FE / 17 CDS, very fine, SG Z51. Cat £225.


1922-1971 Neat collection on printed 3 ring leaves mint and used middle to modern defins and commems, stated to catalogue US $562 with approx 140 all different, noted 1934 set to 5s mint, 1963 Birds to £1 mainly mint, useful lot for expansion.


1934-38 Mint duplicated ranges including 1934 values to 1s, 1938 definitives up to three complete sets to 10s (Cat £750), 1948 RSW set (Cat £50), etc, good cat value.


1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1948 20th October registered plain First Day Cover to UK tied ASCENSION C CDS cancels, small crayon smudge otherwise pretty item, SG 50/1.


1955 (Mar) Philatelic Cover to UK posted using Union Castle Line envelope bearing 8 different values ½d to 1s all tied CDS cancels. Mainly sound.


QV-GV Range with ASCENSION CDS cancels including QV 1d lilac single and a pair on paper both good cancels, EDVII ½d green pair on paper, 1d rose-red two singles on paper with good strikes, then 1911-12 Mackennal ½d & 1d red (on paper), mainly very fine, SG Z7, Z21/2, Cat £359+. (7).

LOT99 Australia

1913 Roo £1 brown and ultramarine a superb fine used example with incomplete KAL...STH. Australia, slightly centred right. Superb for these, SG 15 Cat £2500.

LOT100 Australia

1913 Wmk 2 2s brown sound fine used part Queensland CDS, SG 12 Cat £85.

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