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Postal Auction November 2021. 323: Catalogue

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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1937-1965 Neat collection on printed 3 ring leaves mint and used middle to modern defins and commems, stated to catalogue US $1745 with approx 165 all different, noted 1937 Dhow mixed m & u set incl 5r & 10r mint (heavily thinned), 1939 set to 10r mixed m & u, 1951 surch set mixed m & u, 1953 set m & u to both 20s (top vals used), plus diff perf and shades varieties, then states issues mostly complete mint (no RSW sets) etc, useful lot for expansion.


AND STATES - Stockpages with a mint assembly noted 1937 Dhows Complete set of 12 mounted mint, top values toned or almost unused with brown gum or hinge remains (Cat £1200), 1939 set mint (brown toned gum), 1948 RSW set mounted mint ( thins), 1951 surcharge set (tones), 1953 values to both 20s mint (Cat £75+), States incl Kathiri state of Seiyun 1942 set (toned mint), 1951 surcharge set, appendix issues, Hadhramaut 1942 set toned mint (Cat £70), 1951 Surcharge set m, 1966 Football set m, 1966 ICY, appendix issues etc. Mixed but good catalogue value.


Mint & used duplicated collection on stockpages with better pickings including 1937 Dhows mint to 8a, 1939 to 1r, 1951 to 2s on 2r, 1953 set of 25 (Cat £160) & more vals to 10s (2), then used smaller ranges 1937 to 2r, various States incl 1948 RSW set, etc, very mixed but useful cat value & assembly.


Hadhramaut: 1955-63 sets unmounted mint for 1955-63 set of 12 and 1963 set of 12, fresh, SG 29/40, 41/52. Cat £78.


Kathiri State of Seiyun: 1942-1951 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1942 set (cat £60), 1949 RSW set (5r U/M), 1951 New Currency set (cat £50, all U/M except 2s on 2r), mainly very fine hinged mint, Cat £128. (27).


Kathiri State of Seiyun: 1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1949 (19 Feb) airmail and registered folded plain reply card to UK tied ADEN CDS cancels, SG 14/15.


Qu'Aiti State in Hadhramaut: 1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1949 (17 Jan) plain registered airmail First Day cover to Kenya tied ADEN CDS cancels, few light soils, SG 129/130.


Qu'Aiti State in Hadhramaut: 1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1949 (17 Jan) printed airmail and registered First Day cover to Baghdad tied ADEN CDS cancels, transit and arrival backstamps, SG 129/130.


Quaiti - Hadhramaut 1966 Churchill 15c unmounted mint showing Winston Churchill OVERPRINT INVERTED variety SG 66a. Very fine.


Seiyun: 1951-54 New Currency complete set of 8 & 1954 defin set of 10 all unmounted mint, fresh, SG 20/27, 29/38. Cat £76.

LOT71 Aland

1984-2009 Mainly unmounted mint collection in stockbook sets and miniature sheets including 1984 set (Cat £23), 1986 Archaeology, 1987 Birds set (cat £24), 1988 Ships (Cat £22), 1989 Orchids set (Cat £25), 1992 Lighthouses booklet (Cat £30), 1997 75th Anniv. M/S, 1998 Tennis M/S of 10, 1999 Plants self-adhesive pane of 2000 Millennium M/S, 2000 Elk booklet, 2001 Endangered Species booklet, 2005 Birds, 2004 Predators, 2004 Prestige booklet, 2007 Plants (Cat £27), 2008 Fish, very fine and many nice thematics STC £1100.

LOT72 Albania

1992 Europa 500th Anniv. of Discovery of America 5l Imperf miniature sheet unmounted mint, very fine, SG MS 2537 Cat £85.

LOT73 Albania

Stockbook with better mint sets and some used ranges noted 1925 Return set m, Proclamation set m, Republika ovpt set m, 1929 King Zog Birthday set mint (Cat £162), 1938 Royal Wedding set 8 mint (Cat £43), 1945 Red Cross surcharge set 4 mint (Cat £87), 1946 Assembly ovpt set m (Cat £52), 1950 air set m (Cat £50), 1964 Olympic Games M/S both perf & imperf mint, plus ranges of commems, STC £925, useful assembly,

LOT74 Algeria

1926 Top values 10f red and brown & 20f green and violet both hinged mint, SG 69/70. Cat £112.

LOT75 Algeria

1927 Wounded Soldiers of Moroccan War surcharge set of 13 to 5f+5f hinged mint, nice set, SG 72/84. Cat £120.

LOT76 Andorra

1962-64 Selection of mint definitives includes 1964 Virgin of Santa Coloma, Philatelic 1964 5c with margin, Andorrian History 60c and 1f used and unused. (16).

LOT77 Andorra

1977-80 Selection of mint definitives includes 1977 St. Roma's chapel, 1978 Europa, 1979 Pre-Romanesque art. (31).

LOT78 Andorra

1992-93 Selection of mint Andorra definitives includes 1992 Winter Olympic Games Albertville 2f.50 and 3f.40, 1992 Globe Flowers, 1993 Ski resorts set of five. (41).

LOT79 Andorra

French: 1931 10f green and red overprinted Olivier & Merson mounted mint heavy hinges, mainly fine, SG F22 Cat £450.

LOT80 Andorra

French: 1931 20f magenta and green very fine used on paper tied by full ANDORRA / ANDORRE / 23 JAN 32 CDS, SG F23 Cat £650.

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