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  • Public Auction - Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction December 2021    13

Postal Auction October 2021. 322: Catalogue

Thursday 28th of October 2021 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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First Aerial Delivery: 1913 Robert Sinclair tobacco Co. (Newcastle upon tyne) labels in U/M pair printed in green for a distribution by air of tins of tobacco to promote a new brand Mica Mixture with flights to retailers in neighboring towns sealed with this delivery label with limited success due to weather. (2).


Wei Hai Wei: Revenue 1921 P.14 2c on 2d green fine used oval cancel in violet, contemp. pin hole otherwise fine, Barefoot 2a.


ANIMALS: Early to modern mint & used assembly on many leaves includes some better incl Br. C/Wealth, Africa colonies, Americas, etc includes sets and singles and few covers and cards annotated on many pages, 100s.


DOGS: Belgium 1957 Belgian Antarctic Expedition unmounted mint miniature sheet of sled dogs, very fine, SG MS 1620 Cat £225.


POPE JEAN PAUL II - Ivory Coast special folder for 9-10 Sept 1990 155f, 195f & 500f issue on FDC, two u/m singles, imperf single and epreueve de luxe printed cards. Attractive lot.


Universal Postal Union 1890-2 Two French printed postal notices from Berne giving information about the new Salvador stamp specimens and postal cards. Second notice regarding administration post of the equator, Straits Settlements, Bahamas and Norway. Each folded twice as oversized. Fine.


1889-91 Two covers from same Correspondence to UK bearing India 2a & ½a green & 2a6p single both tied by ADEN squared circle cancels, mainly fine. Nice duo.


1918 (8 June) Green OAS envelope (very poor edges) addr to 1/8 Worcester Regt Italy with ADEN / POSTAL CENSOR h/s on obverse with FPO 324 of Sheikh Othman on reverse, poor but very scarce.


1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of two both CDS examples, fine, SG 30/1 Cat £55.


1953-63 Mint blocks for various values plus singles includes 20s both types as singles, 2s black and red single, 5s both singles, then range of values 5c to 1s25 in blks of 4 or 6 or 10, includes many shades, mainly fine, STC £345.


1955 5c bluish green perf 12¼ x 12 in a bottom pane of 50 including Waterlow & Plate 1 Imprint, folded 3 times and some perf splits otherwise fine U/M SG 49 Cat £150.


Collection of mainly mint sets on stockpages including 1937 Dhow set to 5r (Cat £550), 1939-48 set (Cat £120), 1949 RSW set, 1951 surcharge set (Cat £85), States incl Kathiri State of Seiyun 1942 set (Cat £60), 1949 RSW set, 1951 surcharge set (Cat £50), Qu'Aiti state in Hadhramaut 1942-6 set (Cat £70), 1949 RSW set, 1951 surcharge set, mainly sound, STC £1050. (105).


Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut: 1942 Attractive range of ten values fine used each in block of 6 includes 1r green, 2r blue and purple, 5r brown and green, then lower values, includes SG 9/11, Cat £300. (60),

LOT94 Albania

1914-1970 Collection mint & used on 98 Lighthouse printed leaves (13 hole, good condition) with a useful collection of defins and commems noted 1928 Accession to 50q, 1931 Air Tirana - Rome Flight ovpt set of 7 first 4 values are mainly u/m, top 3 values are lightly hinged mint, (SG 295/301, Cat £277), 1945 Red X Fund sets U/M (cat £87), 1946 Kongresi overprint set mint (cat £144), 1963 set perf & imperf, commems mainly used incl many thematics. Lovely clean lot ideal for expansion just needs a Lighthouse binder to make the beginnings of a lovely collection. STC £1700+ (not checked) Approx 630 all different.

LOT95 Albania

Old time collection on leaves mint and used with a useful unpicked assembly from early issues to 1940. Includes sets and miniature sheets, better part ranges noted 1913 Skanderbeg set 6 mint (cat £65), 1914 surchs to 5g on 1f m & u, 1925 Return of Govt ovpt top values mint (cat £40), 1925 Proclamation set mint (£56), 1930 2nd Anniv. set m, 1930 Air set mint (cat £80), P. Due set 4 m, 1937 Anniv. of Indep M/S mint (cat £33), 1938 10th Anniv. set 8 mint (cat £44), 1939 defins range of 11 vals incl 20q air (cat £110) etc, mainly fine condition throughout, STC £475+, (89)

LOT96 Algeria

1862 (13 July) Entire Letter Alger to Bourgoin France bearing France Napoleon 20c blue (2 margins, neatly cut) tied fine used dotted numeral cancel and neat ALGER / 13 JUIL / 62 / BAT. A AP CDS alongside. Nice F LECOC & C / ALGER trade h/s. Filing fold other pretty item.

LOT97 Algeria

1938 Pretty commercial cover bearing 15c and 50c tied with 1937 Anti TB label alongside by machine slogan cancel addr to Montpellier.

LOT98 Andorra

Small mint collection on leaves for 1960s incl 1962 Satellite blk of 4 (2 diff, cat £20), 1964 Philatec 25c blk of 4 (Cat £10), 1967 Frescoes set in pairs, 1974-1978 various sets, all fine (93).

LOT99 Antarctica

Attractive written up collection in a fine Elbe peg album in red with nice leaves mainly mint collection of different countries all related to 1958-1972 Antarctic issues incl 1959 Treaty for Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, NZ, Norway, includes very good section of French Southern & Antarctic Territories mint including airs noted 1955 15f (Cat £38), 1956-60 vas to 20f, 85f, 1960 Discovery 25f (Cat £43), 1963 5f Crozet (Cat £65), 1968 Air Dragon Launch triptyche strip (Cat £55), 1970 UPU 50f (Cat £48), 1971 Fish set 8 (Cat £70) plus several color trials imperf, 1972 Insects set (Cat £70), 1972 De Gaulle set (Cat £36), plus a few airs to 1973, lovely clean lot. High cat value.

LOT100 Antarctica

CZECH EXPEDITIONS - 1991-1996 covers and cards written up on display leaves for the Nelson Island Czechoslovakian station, 25 covers and cards mainly cacheted with a wide range of adhs and illus covers tied special cancels, one or two signed by expedition leaders, some nice postcards etc, intr lot.

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