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  • Public Auction - Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction December 2021    13

Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction 5th August 2021. 11: Catalogue

Thursday 5th of August 2021 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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A USEFUL Accumulation in stockbooks and albums ideal for dealer split down includes several old time collections with some better content, New Zealand mint sets in large 64 sided stockbook to 2004 U/M incl M/S, France mint in Davo album 1960s to 1979 mostly complete, Ethiopia 1890s to 1920s mint sets and ranges in small springback, Thailand early colln in small springback, 1937 Coronation omnibus sets mint in small book, Canada mint, GB GV mint incl blocks, Foreign in old time springbacks, etc, 100s, heavy lot in large Archive box.


Accumulation in a large carton with worldwide ranges incl GB FDCs in large cover album, Swaziland in packets, GB & Channel Islands booklets incl Wedgewood ½p pane (cover faults), world in a Cardinal album, Europe early to middle in well filled springback album, IOM mint to 1980s in stockbook, world in an old time Triumph album, France stockbook from earlies, Jersey & Guernsey mint collections to 1970s, USA middle periods used etc, 100s. Heavy lot.


Accumulation in a small box with good range of countries, all periods mint and used noted Turkish Cyprus, Malta in small bags, Philippines, Greece, Sweden, France mint in folder, Fr. Colonies, Mexico, Iraq, Indo China, Indonesia on Hagners, etc, 100s, interesting sorter.


ACCUMULATION in carton including some country sections noted West Germany, Bangladesh, Austria, Switzerland, East Europe in binder, Brazil used stock, Ethiopia used stock in stockbook, Jersey 1970s FDCs, Monaco, GB commems in springback from 1920s etc, 100s, heavy lot.


ACCUMULATION with better worldwide in ten stockbooks and binder noted Czechoslovakia mint 1980s, few China mint, Ecuador, France 1975-85 mint, USA, Switzerland, Argentina, Germany, GB incl 1960s in mint blocks, USA precancels, Railway Heritage mint colln of Leaders of the world, 100s.


ACCUMULATION with worldwide early to modern, mint and used incl old time springback albums with small country sections, Jet springback album incl China, New Zealand GVI onwards incl Health M/S mint, 1960 set to £1 mint, many defins and commems in well filled springback, French Colonies (stuck down), Foreign in old time springback incl Japan, Lesotho & Swaziland colourful modern used colln of sets in binder, USA, European, two old time collections in small albums incl Victory well filled, Royal illus. well filled, IOM Davo luxury hingeless album and slipcase with 1970s-80s mint sets etc. 100s.


ACCUMULATION with worldwide early to modern, mint and used incl old time springback albums with small country sections, Czechoslovakia 1980s sets and M/S (some better cat) mint, India 1953-1988 mint sets & few FDCs, Uruguay 1884-1964 used collection in 22 ring binder, Norway useful assembly in stockbook, Australia 2011 yearbook still in original box, Israel U/M sets modern in three stockbooks, Rugby thematic covers in binder etc. Eclectic mix. 100s.


ASIA - Approx 1300 different mint and used in a large peg album with good country sections noted Vietnam from French through to independence defins and commems incl 1945 set unused, 4d on 6c red 10d on 6c violet unused, Wallis & Futuna Is. incl airs, postage dues, Thailand from 1890s with plenty of surcharges, etc, useful qty.


BOX with a world accumulation on stockpages, stockcards, loose in bags, spineless old album, good variety of different countries, thematics from Middle East, S. America on stock pages etc, 100s.


BOX with a worldwide accumulation noted 1985 Railway special covers colln in two velvet binders, Faroe Islands years packs 1980-3 with U/M sets, Pakistan mint & used on leaves, USA 1960s FDCs, Jersey colln in Davo album, Leaders of the world Railways, French old time printed album (sparse), various albums and stockbooks etc, 100s.


BOX with a worldwide accumulation noted GB & W/W FDCs loose, old time Cardinal album with W/W m & u, Jersey & Guernsey mint in a stockbook, small country sections for Switzerland, USA from earlies, loose in packets in a shoebox, Royalty collns, old time albums etc, 100s.


BOXFILE with 100s in packets mainly from USA incl dealer cards and dozens of different countries, thematics, sets mint & used, nothing exceptional just lots to sort through, middle to modern, 100s.


BOXFILE with an interesting early to modern jumbled assembly on old leaves, stockcards, packets, small stock book etc with better throughout noted Grenada QV, Queensland, Bahamas Staircase issues on flimsy leaves mint, Saar in mint blocks, Russian Levant in blocks mint, GVI mint on stockpages incl Montserrat to $4.80 mint, Turks & Caicos to 10s mint, NSW 5s Specimen, N. Scotia 6d (taken as is), AMG ovpts to 100l mint, DWI 10c f.u., USA earlies on Hagners, Cochin officials on printed leaves m & u, Norway modern self-adhesives, Br. C/W on large stockcard incl Br. Columbia, NSW Consumptives 1s mint, Mosul in blks of 4, Liberia earlies, Monaco 5f forgery used, Nepal, Philippines, Macau forgeries & bisects, German states / locals, Belgian Congo, etc, interesting lot, ideal for Ebayer.


BOXFILE with an interesting early to modern jumbled assembly on leaves, stockcards, packets, with better throughout noted Serbia mint earlier overprints in blks of 4, Iran set to 50r mint (Cat €100), Norway Victory set (Cat €100), Switzerland Int. Organisations on stockcards, Chile 5c red 4 margins vfu (2), Spain ½r imperf 4 margins, Italy 30c brown unused, Denmark 8s green imperf, Natal QV Postage long T variety used, Brunei Jap. Occup ovpt, Turkey early imperfs, USA covers and postcards from turn of 20th Cent onwards, Bulgaria 1931 Olympics to 50 mint, Air sets mint, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia airs forged ovpts, Lithuania, Romania middle periods, Tuva modern thematics etc, interesting lot, ideal for Ebayer.


British Commonwealth - Club book with approx 180 different mint and used strength in Mauritius from QV few Falkland Is GVI, Gold Coast QV/EDVII, few Gibraltar etc, (c180).


British Commonwealth collection in sparse Ideal printed album to 1914-15 includes GB, Trinidad 1s slate-grey (colour trial?), St Helena 1903 set of 6 unused (Cat £110 mint), North Borneo good range of cto cancels to $2, surcharges etc, Niger Coast 1897 to 1s unused, Labuan cto used, or unused good range of part sets, GB 1841 2d (4 margins), 1856 6d lilac f.u., 1873 1s green pl.6 f.u., Cyprus QV 1882 to 4pi unused 1894 to 12pi unused, EDVII 12pi, Canada QV heads to 10c, Beaver 5c red (2), Br. East Africa 1890 11 vals to 5r unused (as is), ideal for expansion. Approx 550 all different.


BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - GVI Printed album in green (cover worn) with a useful mint and used collection of approx 2195 all different with part and full sets with better singles throughout incl Coronation / Victory complete, noted Aden 1939 to 10r, Antigua to 5s, Ascension to 10s, Australia complete, Bahamas to 5s mint, 1948 10s used, Barbados 1950 to $1.20 m, Bechuanaland to 10s mint, Bahamas to 10s, Br. Honduras to $2 used, Cayman Is. 1950 set used, Falkland Is. Deps mostly complete, Gambia 1938 set mint, Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1939 set used, GB complete, Hong Kong 1941 Cent set mint, Malta to 10s used, MEF to 10s used, Newfoundland Coronation set mint, NZ Arms to £5 Sierra Leone set to £1, Sudan 1948 & 1951 set mint, plus many more, STC £9000 on stamps cat greater then £1. Ideal for expansion. (2195).


British Commonwealth small mint and used assembly on stockcards includes Solomon Is. 1907 6d mint (Cat £50), Belize 1922 4c ovpt m, GB 1884 1½d lilac m (Cat £85), HK P.Due 1938 2c grey mint blk of 4, S. Australia 1s brown, Trinidad P. Dues 2c-16c mint (Cat £25), Sierra Leone QV Revenue ovpts (2 diff), New Guinea Lakatois (5 diff), etc, some mixed condition but overall clean assembly. (39).


Carton of World mix in albums. Includes Devon peg album with Australia, India, Malta, USA, Australia 1982 Year Book, Safe 14 ring binder with W.Germany and Schaubek stockbook of USA, Also some German First Day Issue stamp cards.


Carton of World odds and ends. Includes Africa in stockbook, Denmark, Spain, QEII in packets, etc. Sorter lot.

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