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Postal Auction May 2021. 319: Catalogue

Friday 14th of May 2021 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich CW9 7DR

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LOT101 Argentina

1863 (1 Oct) Front bearing a superb 4 margin example of Escuditos 5c rose neatly tied double ring BUENOS AIRES CDS addressed to San Pedro, signed by Victor Kneitschel alongside, very fine quality seldom seen. GJ 12.

LOT102 Argentina

Fournier Forgery: 1858-1861 Confederation 5c red (one unused, one used), 10c & 15c unused. 1862 Confederation 5c (4), 10c (4), 15c (4), surcharges 1, 2, 8, 1884, ¼ and oficial (2), two postmarks. (25).

LOT103 Argentina

Fournier Forgery, Buenos Aires: 1858 4p brown imperf marginal block of eight, nine singles & two postmarks on one piece. (19).


1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used on an attractive cover from an old time collectors hoard, SG 31/4.


1938 Registered philatelic cover to UK bearing ½d, 1d black and green, 1½d black & vermilion, 2d black and red-orange, 3d black & ultramarine each tied REGISTERED ASCENSION oval cancels, mainly very fine and pretty cover. SG 38, 39, 40, 41 & 42a. Cat £270 on commercial cover.


1944 1½d black and vermilion fine used CDS showing Davit flaw, very fine, SG 40 ba, cat £170.


1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of two fine used, SG 50/1, cat £50.


1949 75th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union set of 4 in fine used blocks of 4, 3d & 6d are plate number marginal. SG 52/55.

LOT109 Australia

1840's-50's Seven first day covers include Centenary of Sir Thomas Mitchell, 1955 Olympic Games typed to England, 1954 Australian Red Cross and QEII 3d definitive first day cover.

LOT110 Australia

1913-1990 Mint & mainly used collection in printed SG loose-leaf album noted Roos to 5s, GV to 1/4d, GVI 10s mint ovptd Specimen, 1963 Navigators set used to £2, 1971 Xmas pane of 20 setenant unmounted mint, 1974 $5 & $10 ovptd Specimen, AAT to $1 etc, 100s.

LOT111 Australia

1914 Kookaburra 6d Engraved Plate 1 in a superb (part imprint) block of 4 very fresh unmounted mint. ACSC 60z Cat $3750 as a block of 8 (this a superb block of 4). Lovely example.

LOT112 Australia

1929 Roo 10s grey and pink heavy CDS used, pulled and faults along the bottom, decent spacefiller, SG 112 Cat £500.

LOT113 Australia

1931 Kingsford Smith 3d blue in a bottom right marginal block of 20 mint / unmounted, mostly split into block of 8 and 12 with some thinning on reverse and other small faults, small part Ash imprint. SG 122 Cat £170 as singles.

LOT114 Australia

1932 Roo 10s grey and pink mainly sound used with good centring, MAIL LATE FEE CDS, couple blunt or pulled perf otherwise fine, SG 136 Cat £150.

LOT115 Australia

1938 £1 bluish slate attractive fine used block of 4 with neat machine lined cancels, few pulled perfs otherwise high face value. SG 178 Cat £140.

LOT116 Australia

1992 (19 Feb) Australians Under Fire commemorative limited edition FDC bearing the set and tied FDI cancels signed by Keith Payne (VC) & Edward Kenna (VC), limited to 75 covers produced. Fine.

LOT117 Australia

Customs Duty: 1907-1958 5d red and brown and 6d blue and green both in unmounted mint blocks of 12, 5d has two torn examples, otherwise fine, Barefoot 9/10.

LOT118 Australia

Imperial album pages 1913-1935 Mint & used assembly including 1913 Roo to 1s, 1915 to 1s, 1915-27 to 10s used, 6d mint, GV heads to 1/4d, 1929-30 5s & 10s used, 1931-36 to 10s (heavy used cat £150) & 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge 5s used (creased, cat £200), £1 grey (faults, cat £275). Nice range. (c165).

LOT119 Australia

JOHN ASH Imprint bottom marginal block of 4 for 1937 150th Anniv. of Foundation of NSW 2d & 3d, 1934 Centenary of Victoria 3d, 1936 Telephone Link 2d, 1931 2d scarlet (SG 127), P. Due 1925 1½d (SG D93), cat £102 as mint. (6).

LOT120 Australia

Mint and used small collection in Plymouth peg fitting album with faced leaves noted 1932 5s blue-green Sydney Harbour bridge heavy mounted mint, 1935 SJ set mint, 1937-49 mint to 5s & 10s, £1 used, few others to 1951.

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