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  • Public Auction - Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction April 2021    9

Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction February 2021. 8: Catalogue

Thursday 11th of February 2021 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT101 Australia

1932 Wmk C of A 10s grey and pink sound used part mail room CDS (a little heavy) to the right excellent centring & perfs, SG 136 Cat £150.

LOT102 Australia

1934 John Macarthur set of 4 including both Dies of 2d carmine-red all fine hinged mint, SG 150/2. Cat £89.

LOT103 Australia

1934 Wmk C of A £2 black and rose very sound fine used part CDS (a little heavy) to the right leaving Roo and value clear, excellent centring & perfs, SG 138 Cat £600.

LOT104 Australia

1935 Turramurra NSW reg label on cover with cds SG 127 and 151 to England. Note torn open along left side. 1937 typed cover front with SG 193 to Melbourne.

LOT105 Australia

1935 Wmk C of A £1 grey fine used two part CDS cancels, slightly centred right, good perfs, nice example, SG 137 Cat £275.

LOT106 Australia

1936 Telephone link 2d scarlet plate marginal blocks of 4 for Plates 1 & 3 (2 diff positions), plate 4, mint / unmounted mint, fine, SG 159.

LOT107 Australia

1936 Telephone link 2d scarlet types A & B each in a superb JOHN ASH Imprint blocks of 4 mint / unmounted mint, fine, BW (ACSC) Cat #169A, 169B.

LOT108 Australia

2000-2006 Unmounted mint collection in stockbook for commem sets & miniature sheets, many thematics, setenant strips, self-adhesives, noted 2005 Creatures of Slime set & M/S, Coin + M/S, Heritage, 2006 Stamp Collecting Month set, M/S & self-adhesives, 2003-4 Stamp Treasures $5 perf & self-adhesive, 2004 Cats & Dogs, 2001 Army sheetlet of 10, 2000 Views set to $10, etc. Useful cat value in excess of £540. Very attractive lot.

LOT109 Australia

2001-2011 Extensive Unmounted mint collection of sets and miniature sheets from new issue arranged in a full 32 sided stockbook, includes many booklets face values up to $12 each & self-adhesives, good range of attractive miniature sheets noted 2001 Int Stamps $20 (Cat £32) plus many other International rate sets, 2008 Greetings self-adhesive in bklts of 10 (Cat £70), 2009 Postal service bklt 10 (Cat £22), 2009 Dolphins & Whales set in bklts of 5 + M/S, Classic Toys bklt of 10, 2010 Rescue to Release, 2010 Colonial Heritage M/S's, 2010 Dogs in self adhesive panes of 10, 2011 Golf bklt pane of 5, 2011 Bush Babies bklt pane of 5, 2012 Olympic Games booklets, 2012 Australian legends self-adhesive set of 8 in bklts of 10 (Cat £100), plus a few Cocos (Keeling) Is., Christmas Is. and AAT sheetlets, huge face value and STC £2350+.

LOT110 Australia

2007-2009 Unmounted mint sets and miniature sheets in a Australia gold blocked 64 sided stockbook, just the first few pages used including 2007 Sydney Harbour M/S, 2008 Rugby League self-adhesive booklet of 10 (set of 15, Cat £120), Youth Day Self-adhesives set in booklets of 5 (Cat £40), Gorgeous Australia self-adhesive set 2 in booklets of 5 (Cat £50), Heavy Hauliers strips of 5 (4, cat £40), Tourist Precincts booklets, Lest We Forget, Megafauna M/S & set (Cat £37), Olympics self-adhesive booklets o5 (Cat £42), Hot Air Balloon, Working Dogs in booklets o 5 (Cat £45), 2009 American Legends in booklets of 10 (Cat £80), various International Post in booklets. Fine, STC £985.

LOT111 Australia

Collection on SG printed leaves with a huge mainstream collection from 1859 to 1995, with most issues represented 1913 to 1s, 1915 to 2s, 1920 to 1/4d, 1926 to 1/4d, 1931 Roos to 5s, 1931 GV to 1/4d, and extras, then 1936-1992 mainly complete used, 100s, good cat value.

LOT112 Australia

Customs Duty: 1907-1958 5d red and brown and 6d blue and green both in unmounted mint blocks of 12, 5d has two torn examples, otherwise fine, Barefoot 9/10.

LOT113 Australia

Imperial album pages 1913-1935 Mint & used assembly including 1913 Roo to 1s, 1915 to 1s, 1915-27 to 10s used, 6d mint, GV heads to 1/4d, 1929-30 5s & 10s used, 1931-36 to 10s (heavy used cat £150) & 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge 5s used (creased, cat £200), £1 grey (faults, cat £275). Nice range. (c165).

LOT114 Australia

JOHN ASH Imprint bottom marginal block of 4 for 1937 150th Anniv. of Foundation of NSW 2d & 3d, 1934 Centenary of Victoria 3d, 1936 Telephone Link 2d, 1931 2d scarlet (SG 127), P. Due 1925 1½d (SG D93), cat £102 as mint. (6).

LOT115 Australia

Officials: 1932-33 GV Heads 1d green, 2d golden scarlet & 3d ultramarine each in mint / unmounted mint block of 4, mainly fine. SG O129/131. Cat £150+.


1885 (2 Apr) Cover Melbourne to Italy bearing 1d green and 2d lilac pair tied VICTORIA duplex cancel, few faults but pretty combination with Brindisi & DIST 18 transit backstamps and arrival B/S.


1892-99 ½d, 5d, 2/6 & 10s each with Specimen overprint mounted mint large part original gum, mostly fresh and sound, SG 216s, 218s, 222s & 224s.


Internal Revenue: Tall swan postal fiscals mostly with postal type cancels incl 1d lilac (2), 2d, 3d (2), mainly sound. (5). SG F11/13.


New South Wales: 1888 P.11 5s rose-lilac hinged mint with some light tones, fresh large part og, SG 181 Cat £325.


Queensland: 1895 1d red-orange in a left side marginal block of 8 unmounted mint, SG 203 Cat £38 for mint.

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