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Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction October 2020. 6: Catalogue

Wednesday 28th of October 2020 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich CW9 7DR

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:

1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1949 3 Jan illustrated local cover tied St John's CDS cancels, SG 112/113.


1935 Silver Jubilee set Registered FDC to UK bearing 1½d pair and single plus 2d each tied neat oval regd 6 MY 35 ASCENSION postmarks, very fine and high cat on cover in addition to a First Day cover. SG 31/2.


1944 P.13 ½d black and bluish violet hinged mint with a creases (does not detract) showing 'long centre bar to E in Georgetown' variety, fine looker, SG 38 ba.


1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1948 20th October registered plain First Day Cover to UK tied ASCENSION C CDS cancels, small crayon smudge otherwise pretty item, SG 50/1.

LOT125 Australia

1916 2/- brown and 2/- red-brown CDS used shades sound & fine, scarce red-brown shade has nice 1917 (Oct 4) CDS postmark, mainly very fine, SG 41 & 41b.

LOT126 Australia

1924 4½d violet on an undated cover to Fremantle sent AERIAL MAIL with Western Australia incomplete CDS and box circle FORWARD / BY AIR MAIL in black alongside. Faults but nice early airmail cover.

LOT127 Australia

1929 Centenary 1½d red fine used clearly showing re-entry doubled T variety, SG 116a. Cat £80.

LOT128 Australia

1929 Roo 1/- blue-green unmounted mint with a few nibbled perfs on left otherwise sound and fresh, SG 109.

LOT129 Australia

1935 (7 Oct) Airmail envelope Canberra to Currie King Island bearing 3d airmail and GV 2d red tied CANBERRA / 7 OCT 35 / FCT CDS and typed By First Airmail Flight / Canberra to King Island, Melbourne and Currie King Is. backstamps. Fine.

LOT130 Australia

1937 (1 Oct) 150th Anniv. of Foundation of NSW on illustrated regd FDC tied SYDNEY first day of issue CDS cancels. Typed addr, mainly fine.

LOT131 Australia

1937 150th Anniv. Foundation of NSW 9d pale purple in attractive unmounted mint block of 4, fine, SG 195 var.

LOT132 Australia

1940 Australian Imperial Forces 6d brown-purple in an unmounted mint block of 4, mainly sound, SG 199.

LOT133 Australia

1951 5/- claret side marginal unmounted mint example, very fine, SG 224a ab.

LOT134 Australia

1959 Australian National Philatelic ~Exhib special illustrated cover bearing 1d & 4d defins tied special illus. cancel in red and ANPEX poster label affixed alongside, pencil addr, very fine.

LOT135 Australia

1993-1995 Duck stamps - for Wetlands Conservation incl 1993/4 $10 block of 4 U/M, & 1994/5 $10 corner marginal imprint blk of 4 U/M, AUS 5/6. Very fine. (8).

LOT136 Australia

Postage Due: 1922-30 4d carmine and yellow CDS used with Golden Square cancel DEC 1922 cancel, showing retouched D variety, sound, SG D96 var.

LOT137 Australia

Postage Dues: 1938 Complete set of 7 hinged mint to 1/-, fine, SG D112/118.

LOT138 Australia

SHOEBOX OF OFF PAPER - Approx 19000 stamps of mainstream defins and commems mainly modern used, good variety and ideal for packet maker, thematics etc.


1947 Australian Nat. Ant. Research Exped. 1947 Macquarie Island 2 covers to UK one regd, both with two line handstamps in violet, slight toning. Intr.


1947 Australian Nat. Ant. Research Exped. First Day of Opening cover 1947 25 DEC tied two defins to London cancelled ANARE HEARD Is CDS cancel, light tones and nice first day of issue. Comes with newspaper photo of the office in a tent and map write up.

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