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Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction September 2020 - 5. 5: Catalogue

Thursday 10th of September 2020 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road Northwich Cheshire CW9 7DR

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Pages of information about Paquebot Cancellations of the World includes GB towns with accompanying copies of cancels. Booklet published by GPO of correspondence posted on British Ships instructions for the Ship's Officer. 1959 Leaflet memorial to US gold star submarines. 1967 letter from GPO with copies of GB post office cancels from Mount Pleasant.


SWANSEA & DISTRICT - Postal History 1984 perfect bound bound published and signed by the authors DR Gwynn, PR Reynolds & HR Warren, 256pp covering periods 1599 to 1956. Wealth of information issued by the Swansea P.S. Fine.


The Illustrated London News 1850s a large pile of original engravings (oversized A3) covering stories from around the world with many Army & War references, Trading etc, noted The Redan at Sunrise removing the wounded, General Rosquet from the Exhib of photos taken in the Crimea, Sebastopol after the storm etc, dozens of pages (some with frayed edges otherwise fine), fascinating with hours of reading from a British Empire perspective. (Approx 90).


1935 Silver Jubilee range of 59 complete mint sets in a springback album including Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Is., Ceylon, Cyprus, Falkland Is., Gibraltar, India, KUT, N. Rhodesia, BWI, Br. Africa, Straits Sett., etc. plus a several part sets, odd toning but mainly fine and fresh, 248 stamps.


1937 Coronation mint sets on small pages for 196 different includes Newfoundland long set. (196).


1949 UPU Omnibus sets mainly unmounted on stockpages from Aden to Zanzibar approx 64 different including Hong Kong, Pitcairn Is. plus a few extras, mainly fine.

LOT47 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition A decade in front BT was privatised in 1984 folder containing cards from 1984-1994 11 cards of 10 units each. A crease on front of folder.

LOT48 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition Collectors' Pack-'True-Brit' contains six 50 unit BT Phonecards in good condition.

LOT49 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition Collectors' Pack-Genesis Calling All stations the first 30 years of the pop group contains three Phonecards. In good condition although packet slightly crushed.

LOT50 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition Collectors' Pack-Golden Wonder 1947-1997 50th Anniversary with four cards in good condition.

LOT51 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition Collectors' Pack-Goldeneye 1996 pack contains six £2 and two £1 Phonecards in very good condition.

LOT52 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition Collectors' Pack-The Beano and The Dandy SOS Cards contains four 20 unit BT Phonecards in good condition (three small indents on front)

LOT53 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition Collectors' Pack-The Time of our Lives A Series of BT Phonecards to celebrate 50th Anniversary of VE Day six cards. In good condition.

LOT54 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition Collectors' Pack-TSR set (Dungeons & Dragons) includes Book of Lairs - Bruce Eagle. In very good condition.

LOT55 Phonecards

BT Phonecards Special Edition Four Collectors' Packs-Two different Father's Day, Thanks Mum and a Happy Valentines Day circa 1997/98.


A selection of 24 photographs connected to Cars in plastic covers. Previous owner has marked prices as £175. Included are children's toy cars. Note some plastics contain 9 photos of a single car circa 1930's to 1950's.


1957 Book containing 24 covers with Queen Elizabeth II stamps relating to Philatelic congresses in Great Britain.


1979 Three Marion and Prince Edward Islands Biological study illustrated covers. Plus five covers includes St. Helena Shipping Service and Livingstone Exhibition Essex 1973 and two Tristan Da Cunha miniature sheets.


Box containing cover album of Guernsey FDC's, along with smaller box of approx 100 world covers.


CRIMEA WAR: 1855 (Jul-Oct) Three letters in French by a French soldier at a camp in Sevastopol describing the marches and the army and the military, all in French with some stains and toning but interesting historical documents.

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