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Postal Auction July 2020. 313: Catalogue

Wednesday 8th of July 2020 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road, Northwich, CW9 7DR

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CHURCHILL - Useful collection in three printed loose-leaf binders includes Crown Colonies 1965-66 Omnibus mint sets, foreign issues incl Middle East, plus many interesting imperfs and pairs, miniature sheets, some locals and unusual material, many extra pictures, photos, even a 1965 single floppy record with his speeches etc, Liberia, Yemen, Umm Al Qiwain, Ras Alkhaima, Sanda Island, Fujeira, Ecuador, Dubai, Burundi, Dahomey 100f on FDC, Panama, Albania etc, etc, very interesting lot.


OLYMPICS - 1970-1973 CARTON containing a large collection of covers and FDCs mainly from German areas laid out on leaves in display sleeves with huge quantity of covers, miniature sheets, sets, also Austria for the same periods. Additional catalogues and binders for the Olympic issues.


POPE JEAN PAUL II - Ivory Coast special folder for 9-10 Sept 1990 155f, 195f & 500f issue on FDC, two u/m singles, imperf single and epreueve de luxe printed cards. Attractive lot.


1937-1951 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1937 Dhow set (cat £1200, 3a carmine is U/M), 1939 set 13 (2r, 5r & 10r top values are U/M), 1949 RSW set (10r is U/M), 1951 New Currency surcharge set (10s on 10r top value is U/M), mainly very fine hinged mint, Cat £1445. (47).


1953 QEII Complete set of 24 to both 20s hinged mint, mainly fine, STC £161.


1953-63 Mint blocks for various values plus singles includes 20s both types as singles, 2s black and red single, 5s both singles, then range of values 5c to 1s25 in blks of 4 or 6 or 10, includes many shades, mainly fine, STC £345.


1955 5c bluish green perf 12¼ x 12 in a bottom pane of 50 including Waterlow & Plate 1 Imprint, folded 3 times and some perf splits otherwise fine U/M SG 49 Cat £150.


Collection of mainly mint sets on stockpages including 1937 Dhow set to 5r (Cat £550), 1939-48 set (Cat £120), 1949 RSW set, 1951 surcharge set (Cat £85), States incl Kathiri State of Seiyun 1942 set (Cat £60), 1949 RSW set, 1951 surcharge set (Cat £50), Qu'Aiti state in Hadhramaut 1942-6 set (Cat £70), 1949 RSW set, 1951 surcharge set, mainly sound, STC £1050. (105).


Shihr & Mukalla: 1942 Set of 11 to 5r hinged mint, fine, SG 1/11. Cat £70.


Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut: 1942-1951 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1942 set (cat £70, 5r top value is U/M), 1949 RSW set U/M, 1951 New Currency set (cat £29), mainly very fine hinged mint, Cat £116. (27).

LOT98 Albania

1931 Air overprint set to 2f brown hinged mint, fine , SG 295/300 Cat £202.

LOT99 Albania

Old time collection on leaves mint and used with a useful unpicked assembly from early issues to 1940. Includes sets and miniature sheets, better part ranges noted 1913 Skanderbeg set 6 mint (cat £65), 1914 surchs to 5g on 1f m & u, 1925 Return of Govt ovpt top values mint (cat £40), 1925 Proclamation set mint (£56), 1930 2nd Anniv. set m, 1930 Air set mint (cat £80), P. Due set 4 m, 1937 Anniv. of Indep M/S mint (cat £33), 1938 10th Anniv. set 8 mint (cat £44), 1939 defins range of 11 vals incl 20q air (cat £110) etc, mainly fine condition throughout, STC £475+, (89)

LOT100 Albania

RED CROSS sets mainly unmounted mint including 1945 Red X Fund set U/M (cat £87), 1946 Kongresi overprint set lightly mounted (cat £144), 1963 set perf & imperf etc. useful group. Cat £237.

LOT101 Algeria

1938 Pretty commercial cover bearing 15c and 50c tied with 1937 Anti TB label alongside by machine slogan cancel addr to Montpellier.


Fournier Forgery: 1870 1c, 2c, 4c unused, 5c, 10c, 20c & 25c used, plus thirteen postmarks on two long pieces. (20)

LOT103 Antarctica

1968-1988 Enormous range of Foreign cacheted covers, special events, expeditions, research bases, signed covers and cards from different countries with many better noted Norway, Australian Antarctic Terr., French & Southern Antarctic Territories, Ross Dependency incl 1957 FDCs, 1986/7 Greenpeace, Scott Base, NZ Campbell Island, USA Gravity Program, 1935 Little America souvenir sheet, Russia, Argentina Petrel Base, and approx 50 other Argentine all different, very interesting lot in two binders on leaves. Approx 140 different covers.

LOT104 Antarctica

British Antarctic Territory: 1965-1992 Enormous range of cacheted & First Day Covers plus airmail to UK, 1983 RRS Bransfield, 1982 Per Kurier Georg-V Neumayer Station Helicopter mail, 1987 Halley Bay & Base H & Z, 1986 £1 on airmail cvr, Signy Is. incl signed, 1985 Unable to visit base RRs Discovery, 1984 Brabant Island P.O., HMS Endurance signed, 1985 Rothera, Adelaide Island, 1972 Whales set, Faraday, Argentine Is., Deception Is., etc very interesting lot in a binder on leaves. Approx 55 different covers.

LOT105 Antarctica

Collection of attractive cacheted covers in a shoebox including nice range of French & Southern Antarctic Territories covers from 2002-2013, also range of other countries Argentina, Poland, Russia 1989-1990, 1984 Australian Antarctic Terr., etc, interesting lot, good qty (approx 145).

LOT106 Antarctica

CZECH EXPEDITIONS - 1991-1996 covers and cards written up on display leaves for the Nelson Island Czechoslovakian station, 25 covers and cards mainly cacheted with a wide range of adhs and illus covers tied special cancels, one or two signed by expedition leaders, some nice postcards etc, intr lot.

LOT107 Antarctica

Falkland Island Dependencies: 1937-1961 Collection of cacheted & First Day Covers plus airmail to UK, 1947 Victory set or set in pairs tied South Georgia regd No. 28995, Map defins on cover, 1937 Coronation cover tied SOUTH GEORGIA double ring CDS's, 1945 Ovptd S. Georgia 6d, 9d & 1s on cover, Ships tied Signey Island incl registered, 1953 Coronation, 1960 Hope Bay, 1961 Airletter Base E Stonnington Is., 1944 Grahamland, etc very interesting lot in a binder on leaves. (16).

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