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Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction June 2020. 3: Catalogue

Tuesday 9th of June 2020 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road, Northwich, CW9 7DR

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A selection of approx. fifty-five postcards unposted although a number have addresses and writing. Includes trams in Milan, Bristol Hotel Colombo, Arsenal Road Poona, a number of Mission du Madure and Congregation Saint Joseph de Cluny Paris. Very interesting selection.


Colour postcard of Grand Harbour Malta cancelled with Received from HM Ship no charge to be raised and Ambulance Transport Gloucester with on active service.


1908 Illustrated note paper written on board ship berthed at Middlesborough 30 9 1908 written in German.


1916 Calendar from Daly and Merritt Engineering Contractors Port Chester N.Y. United States with picture of girl with butterflies.


AGE OF THE DINOSAUR - Westminster collection of worldwide mint sets and M/S in three special binders, colourful and interesting writeup.


Large 64 sided stockbook with mainly Br. C/Wealth unmounted mint sets and miniature sheets for many Royalty occasions, plus Aircraft, Animals etc, colourful lot.


OLYMPICS - 1970-1973 CARTON containing a large collection of covers and FDCs mainly from German areas laid out on leaves in display sleeves with huge quantity of covers, miniature sheets, sets, also Austria for the same periods. Additional catalogues and binders for the Olympic issues.


SHIPS & MARITIME - A useful and attractive collection in a large Schaubek binder with 80+ pages typed up in German for dozens of different country sets and covers from 19th century to modern periods noted Russia, European, Br. Commonwealth, Paquebot covers, Jamaica GVI combn cover, 1980 Posted QE2 World Cruise cvr, Germany 1931 Seepost PPC RP Ship Europa, USA incl early covers 1893 Columbus 6c tied to Hamburg packet cover tied US GERMAN SEA P.O., 1897 GB to SMS Charlotte Berlin, GB 1872 E.L from Hull 3d tied Hull 383 with enclosure from Hamburg Ship offices, Curacao Paquebot ½ & 2t labels mint, 1872 Steamship Insurance doc, 1872 London E.L. from Cloid Routledge Ship Brokers cachet, USA cvr 1884 sent per Britannia, USA 1861 E.L. sent per SS Europa to Cologne plus two or three others & 1832 per Black Warrior with Steamship 10 marks, 1898 PPC Remember the Maine - US Dynamite Cruiser nicely used 1c Omaha tied MILWAUKEE 1898 oval cancel, Steamer City of Brussels, Benin Epreuve deluxe, India Sea P.O., miniature sheets U/M, two 1859 Amsterdam bill of lading for Catharina or Antina vessels, etc, etc, fascinating and attractive lot, ideal for expansion, 100s.


1964-66 Hinged mint group including 1964 defin set to 1r, 1966 Surcharges set to 50f on 50np(6 values), SG 1/8, 15/20. Cat £211.

LOT50 Afghanistan

Group of unaddressed covers all from KABOUL including 1930 to 1960 issues mainly tied bilngual CDS postmarks by favour and many with additional native cancel in black, noted SG 188A, 190B, 195 (2), 207A, 233 (2), 478/9, 480/481, (11)

LOT51 Albania

1913 - 1931 With a nice mint and used range of approximately 80 different defins and commems, surcharges and overprints with individual stamps cat up to £27 each, noted 1914 surch to 2g on 50q, 1925 Return of Government opd m to 1f ilac (cat £65), 1925 Proclamation of Rep set m to 1f lilac (cat £49), 1925 Air set m (cat £80), 1925 Rep Shqiptare opd Set m, 1925 President values m to 5f, 1927 Air opd Set m+u to 3f (cat £90), 1927 AZ & wreath values to 5f, 1928 Air Shqyptare opd to 50q (cat £66), 1930 Air 6 values m to 3f violet (cat £74), 1931 Air opd 3 values m+u (cat £39) 1938 set m to 1f green (cat £50). Great Selection high catalogue value (80c).

LOT52 Albania

1928 Inauguration of Vlore (Valona) - Brindisi Air Service overprinted key set of 7 hinged mint, very fine condition each expertised on reverse, scarce set, SG 222/228 Cat £486.

LOT53 Albania

Old time collection on leaves mint and used with a useful unpicked assembly from early issues to 1940. Includes sets and miniature sheets, better part ranges noted 1913 Skanderbeg set 6 mint (cat £65), 1914 surchs to 5g on 1f m & u, 1925 Return of Govt ovpt top values mint (cat £40), 1925 Proclamation set mint (£56), 1930 2nd Anniv. set m, 1930 Air set mint (cat £80), P. Due set 4 m, 1937 Anniv. of Indep M/S mint (cat £33), 1938 10th Anniv. set 8 mint (cat £44), 1939 defins range of 11 vals incl 20q air (cat £110) etc, mainly fine condition throughout, STC £475+, (89)

LOT54 Algeria

1924 - 1939 With a nice mint and used range of approximately 100 different defins and commems, surcharges and overprints with individual stamps cat up to £65 each, noted 1924 Stamps of France Algerie opd set m+u to 3f violet, 1926 set m+u with lovely example of 10f (cat £110), 1936 set to 20f blue m+u, 1938 4 values to 5f brown m+u. Attractive lot, good sorter (100) cat £165


Fournier Forgery: 1870 1c, 2c, 4c unused, 5c, 10c, 20c & 25c used, plus thirteen postmarks on two long pieces. (20)

LOT56 Andorra

1928 - 1936 With a nice mint and used range of approximately 60 different defins and commems, surcharges and overprints with individual stamps cat up to £170 each, noted 1928 Spanish Issues 10 values m to 1p Grey (cat £150), 1929 7 values m+u to 60c, 1931 French Issues 1931 Andorre opd 7 values m+u to 25c, 1932 perf set to 10f voilet including lovely example of 1f.75 violet m (cat £400+). Useful lot, ideal to fill gaps.

LOT57 Andorra

1950 Air 100f indigo very fine unmounted mint, SG F143 Cat £140.

LOT58 Antarctica

Collection of attractive cacheted covers in a shoebox including nice range of French & Southern Antarctic Territories covers from 2002-2013, also range of other countries Argentina, Poland, Russia 1989-1990, 1984 Australian Antarctic Terr., etc, interesting lot, good qty (approx 145).


1862-1935 incl 1863 1d (3 shades unused), 6d green used (2), 1882 2½d red-brown used, 1884 to 6d used, 1903 to 6d m & u, 1908-17 to 1s mainly mint, 1935 SJ set m. (59).

LOT60 Argentina

1858 - 1936 With a nice mint and used range of approximately 250 different defins and commems, surcharges and overprints with individual stamps cat up to £190 each, noted 1862 complete m, lovely exmaple of 15c blue (cat £460), 1864 5c red used (cat £80), 1873 complete used, 1888 complete used (cat £48), 1982 set to 5p blue m, 1899 mostly complete to 20p black/red (cat £35), 1908 complete, 1916 13 values used to 1p red/blue, 1923 set used to 10p blue/red, 1928 air set m+u to 3p60 (cat £54), 1930 perf 17 values including used 10p blue (cat £60). Really atractive lot, great for filling those gaps. (c250)

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