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Bowdon/Renishaw Postal Auction May. 2: Catalogue

Wednesday 6th of May 2020 ,13:00:00 267 Middlewich Road, Northwich CW9 7DR

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:

Hadhramaut: 1955-63 sets unmounted mint for 1955-63 set of 12 and 1963 set of 12, fresh, SG 29/40, 41/52. Cat £78.


Seiyun: 1951-54 New Currency complete set of 8 & 1954 defin set of 10 all unmounted mint, fresh, SG 20/27, 29/38. Cat £76.

LOT83 Aland

2012 Year Pack special Post Office folder with all the sets for the year unmounted mint, includes My Aland (Fish) in a special sheetlet of 8 (cat £4.75 each), Architectural Heritage booklet (9 vals cat £5 each), fine, SG 366/381, cat £150.

LOT84 Albania

1947 Cover from Durres to New York 20 Nov 1947 with 10 x 3 leke SG 484 and 486 rare on cover from Albania for this period.

LOT85 Andorra

French: 1931 10f sage-green and red mounted mint, very fresh, SG F22 Cat £450.

LOT86 Andorra

French: 1931 10f sage-green and red very fine used on paper tied by full ANDORRA / ANDORRE / 23 JAN 32 CDS, SG F22 Cat £550.

LOT87 Andorra

French: 1931 20f magenta and green mounted mint with hinge mark and small gum thinning along the bottom, very fresh, SG F23 Cat £600.

LOT88 Andorra

French: 1931 20f magenta and green very fine used on paper tied by full ANDORRA / ANDORRE / 23 JAN 32 CDS, SG F23 Cat £650.

LOT89 Andorra

French: 1931 3f deep mauve and carmine very fine used corner CDS, SG F20 Cat £190.

LOT90 Andorra

French: 1931 5f deep blue and buff very fine used on paper tied by full ANDORRA / ANDORRE / 23 JAN 32 CDS, SG F21 Cat £275.

LOT91 Andorra

French: 1931-1979 Collection of mainly mint on printed pages including 1931 1c to 2fr (Cat £510), Postage dues to 2f, 1950 Air 100f U/M (Cat £140), various commems to 1979, etc, useful assembly.

LOT92 Andorra

French: Mint / unmounted mint assembly on stockpages including 1972 Europa set U/M (Cat £37), 1973 Europa set (Cat £40), 1974 Europa set U/M (Cat £54), 1975 Europa set, good degree of completion for U/M sets to 2006, STC c£800.

LOT93 Andorra

French: Postage Due; 1931 1f deep bluish green neatly fine used with T cancel in triangle in black, fine, SG FD35. Cat £180.

LOT94 Andorra

French: Postage Due; 1931 1f20 on 2f blue mounted mint, fine, SG FD36. Cat £130.

LOT95 Andorra

French: Postage Due; 1931 5f on 1f purple mounted mint, fine, SG FD38. Cat £160.

LOT96 Andorra

French: Postage Due 1931 60c green in an attractive Control No.9 gutter pair, fine, SG FD28. Dallay €650.

LOT97 Andorra

French & Spanish: Mainly mint assembly on cards including French 1935 20c on 50c U/M (Cat £29), 1932-44 Views, postage dues etc. Nice small group.

LOT98 Andorra

Spanish: 1928 Overprint high values mint part original gum for 50c to 10p brown, hinge remains and usual uneven perfs, SG 10A, 11B, 12A & 13A Cat £500. (4).

LOT99 Andorra

Spanish: 1928-1980 Collection of mint / unused on printed pages including 1928 overprinted set with high values unused no gum (Cat £500 mint), 1948 4p & 10p mint (Cat £99), 1951 Air 1p (Cat £48), 1970s commem issues & M/S, 1972 Europa 8p top left corner marginal unmounted mint (Cat £225), etc, useful assembly. (c270 + 3 M/S).

LOT100 Antarctica

1968-1988 Enormous range of Foreign cacheted covers, special events, expeditions, research bases, signed covers and cards from different countries with many better noted Norway, Australian Antarctic Terr., French & Southern Antarctic Territories, Ross Dependency incl 1957 FDCs, 1986/7 Greenpeace, Scott Base, NZ Campbell Island, USA Gravity Program, 1935 Little America souvenir sheet, Russia, Argentina Petrel Base, and approx 50 other Argentine all different, very interesting lot in two binders on leaves. Approx 140 different covers.

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