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Bowden/Renishaw Postal Auction. 1: Catalogue

Wednesday 8th of April 2020 ,13:00:00 PO Box 228 Winsford CW7 9DG

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LOT81 Argentina

1863 (1 Oct) Front bearing a superb 4 margin example of Escuditos 5c rose neatly tied double ring BUENOS AIRES CDS addressed to San Pedro, signed by Victor Kneitschel alongside, very fine quality seldom seen. GJ 12.


1937-1949 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1938-53 set of 16 to 10s (cat £250, key 3d black & ultr. is U/M cat £100), 1948 RSW set (U/M), mainly fine hinged mint, Cat £310. (24).

LOT83 Australia

1913- Useful duplicated assembly of used including better noted 1913 Roo to 2s brown (mixed), 1914-20 GV to 4d including lemon-yellow shades, 1915-27 Roo 2s brown (9), 5s (9 incl shades), 10s CDS with punch hole, 1918 GV defins incl some varieties, 1929 Roos to 2s, 1931 GV to 1/4d, plus some NZ and foreign etc.

LOT84 Australia

1913-1999 Mainly used collection in a DAVO printed album well filled from 1940s onwards, also earlier Roos to 5s, GV Heads to 1/4d, Navigators 7/6 & £2 mint, some mixed but ideal for expansion, 100s.

LOT85 Australia

1924 Roo £1 grey fine used CDS, few rough perfs centred right, mainly sound, SG 75 Cat £350.

LOT86 Australia

1924 Roo £1 grey fine used part Melbourne CDS, few blunt perfs along the bottom and showing plate wear in SE corner of the map, well centred sound, SG 75 Cat £350.

LOT87 Australia

1928 Fourth National Stamp Exhib. 3d blue miniature sheet of 4 unmounted mint with even toned gum, fresh looker, SG MS 106a Cat £120 mint.

LOT88 Australia

1928 Fourth National Stamp Exhib. 3d blue top left corner sheet of 4 unmounted mint with even toned gum, fresh looker, SG MS 106a Cat £120 mint.

LOT89 Australia

1929 Roo 10s grey and pink heavy CDS used, pulled and faults along the bottom, decent spacefiller, SG 112 Cat £500.

LOT90 Australia

1930 £2 black and rose Roo top value fine used part BRANCH.. CDS with a large corner torn away in NW corner, good colour, spacefiller, SG 114 Cat £750.

LOT91 Australia

1931-36 GV Head complete set of 8 unmounted mint, three are margin, 5d is part imprint, 1/4d has small patch on one side otherwise very fresh, SG 124/131, Cat £130 for mint.

LOT92 Australia

1932 Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge 5s blue-green CTO used, very fine with gum, SG 143 Cat £200.

LOT93 Australia

1932 Roo 10s grey and pink mainly sound used with good centring, MAIL LATE FEE CDS, couple blunt or pulled perf otherwise fine, SG 136 Cat £150.

LOT94 Australia

1937 3d blue Die I unmounted mint showing white wattles variety, TA completely joined along with left frame breaks and completely white wattles, chin made of strokes, very fine, SG 168a.

LOT95 Australia

1937 3d blue Die Ia unmounted mint showing separated TA & part strokes on chin, very fine, SG 168b. Cat £150 mint.

LOT96 Australia

1938 3d blue Die II unmounted mint side marginal, showing new Die and cheek lines extending into ear lobe, very fine, SG 168c. Cat £65 mint.

LOT97 Australia

1950 £2 green Coast of Arms unmounted mint showing roller flaw variety, very fine and fresh, SG 224d da Cat £150 mint.

LOT98 Australia

1961-64 Both shades of 5s Aboriginal Stockman top values for 1961 5s red-brown, & 1964 white paper brown-red both superb unmounted mint, white paper is top marginal, very fresh, SG 327/327a. Cat £104.

LOT99 Australia

1992 Gold Seekers of the 1890s sealed Australia Post 40pp book includes desert gold stamp pack of 45c x 2, $1.05, & $1.20 stamps. Fine.

LOT100 Australia

British Commonwealth Occupation Force (Japan): 1947-47 Complete set of 7 unmounted mint, very fine, SG J1/7a Cat £190.

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