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New Raynes February 2020. 306: Catalogue

Wednesday 5th of February 2020 ,19:00:00 Sitwell Arms Hotel 39 Station Road Renishaw S21 3WF

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT681 Great Britain

1936-1952 Group of mainly plain FDCs incl 1936 EDVII ½d, 1½d & 2½d to Gibraltar, 1937 Coronation, 1946 Victory, 1948 2½d RSW, 1948 Olympics *illus.), 1951 Festival of Britain, some bends mainly sound (10).

LOT682 Great Britain

1940 Stamp Centenary Cylinder blocks of 6 x 25 for different values, all different cylinder numbers, fine unmounted mint. (25).

LOT683 Great Britain

1940 Stamp Centenary on Jenning cover regd to Cambridge tied Camberwell 6 May CDS, 1949 UPU on BPA/PTS airmail cover to Dublin. Both mainly fine.

LOT684 Great Britain

1946 Victory 3d in a split sheet of 120 Cylinder 4 not dot, showing extra berry variety on R12/5, unmounted mint, SG QCom9b.

LOT685 Great Britain

1953-1960s collection of mainly fine used sets including many watermark varieties on Wildings defins sideways, inverted, plus all the good phosphor and Graphite sets fine used (cat £150+), 1953 Coronation FDC, 1957 Jamboree FDC, 1963 NPY etc, good cat lot.

LOT686 Great Britain

1955 Castle Definitive First Day Covers set of 4 on three separate envelopes incl 1955 (1 Sept) 10s & £1 with EC1 CDS's, then 2/6 & 5s on separate covers tied 23 Apr Harrow CDS's. Few wrinkles all registered. (3).

LOT687 Great Britain

1958 DLR Castles set of 4 hinged mint, mainly fresh, £1 is right marginal, fine, SG 536a/9a, Cat £600.

LOT688 Great Britain

1965-1970 Presentation Packs mainly without buckling noted 1965 Churchill (cat £70), Parliament (cat £85), BOB (Cat £70), 1966 Burns (cat £60), Abbey (cat £55), etc to 1970. (35).

LOT689 Great Britain

1968 Castles No Wmk Bradbury printing 2/6 black-brown in complete sheets of 40 showing plate numbers 9 (3 sheets), 9A (3 sheets), 10A (4 sheets), 11A, all very fine unmounted mint, SG 759. (11 sheets).

LOT690 Great Britain

1968 Castles No Wmk Bradbury printing 5s red in complete sheets of 40 showing plate numbers 3A & 5A, all very fine unmounted mint, SG 760. (2 sheets).

LOT691 Great Britain

1979 Rowland Hill Miniature sheet unmounted mint showing GOLD omitted variety, (Queen's head) very fine, only 36 example recorded by Pierron, (SG Cat £750).

LOT692 Great Britain

2011 Miniature Sheet collection pack by Royal Mail 9 different sheets in plastic cover includes Thunderbirds 3D, Locomotives, Thomas the Tank Engine, Xmas etc, useful face, rated £120 in Packs & Cards.

LOT693 Great Britain

British Forces 1974-75 small group of official FDCs each set tied by FIELD POST OFFICE 352 cancels, 21 with some duplication, unaddr and mainly fine.

LOT694 Great Britain

Interesting range of GVI covers for Glasgow Empire Exhibition 1938, London to Holyhead TPO Night trains, GVI First Day of issue for 1937 Defins ½d-1½d, 1937 Coronation FDI, Poached Egg labels (3), 1936 EDVIII 1½d FDI on cvr, plus various stamps from EDVII to GVI.

LOT695 Great Britain

Line Engraved assembly in a small stockbook very mixed but includes 1840 1d black (2, one no margin and hole, other part missing), 1841 1d red with blue numeral cancel (2), 1841 2d blue f.u., etc, useful selection.

LOT696 Great Britain

Newspaper Parcel labels on paper for Midland Railway, London & North Western, North Eastern etc, 1d pair, 2d pair, 2d strip 3. 3d pair etc, (12 labels).

LOT697 Great Britain

PHQ Cards (3) 1973 Cricket used unused with stains on back from photo album, Cat £70, 1973 Inigo Jones unused card (gentle corner bend, Cat £200), 1974 Churchill unused.

LOT698 Great Britain

QV to QEII Pre decimal collection in hingeless Lindner album, QV used with good range of line-engraved 1841 1d & 2d (3), 1856 4d carmine (3), 6d lilac, 1s green, 1847 Embossed cut to shape set plus 6d used, 1867-90 2s blue (3 shades), 1867 5s used, 1876 8d orange, 1883 values to 10s, 1887 Jubilee to 1s mint, EDVII to 1s mint, 2/6, 5s (2), 1912-24 set o.g., 1924-5 Wembley sets U/M, 1934-6 set o.g., 1939-48 set mint, 1948 RSW set both m & u, 1951 set mint, QEII with useful ~Wildings, most better phosphor commem sets both mint / used, postage dues etc,. Useful lot for expansion with high cat value.


Collection of mainly unmounted mint for Guernsey 1941-1984 incl 1941-44 Blue paper set 2, Jersey 1941-1982, also IOM 1958-1984 also includes postage dues, regionals etc, clean lot.


1941 (27 Jan) plain postcard with 1938 2d orange bisected tied by GUERNSEY CDS, printed addr.

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