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Public Auction Bowdon December 2019. 361: Catalogue

Monday 30th of December 2019 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel Langham Rd, Bowdon, Altrincham WA14 2HT

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT601 United States

1898 Omaha 10c grey-violet mounted mint with hinge remains and thinning, one pulled perf & one tone spot otherwise very good centring and colour, fresh looker, Scott 290. Cat $150.

LOT602 United States

1898 Trans-Mississippi 50c sage-green mounted mint with huge thin so only part original gum, frontal appearance is fine with good centring and colour, Scott 291 Cat $625 mint.

LOT603 United States

Postal Agency in Shanghai: 1919 set of 7 values to 14c on 7c black hinged mint, some with slightly sweated gum, all nice lookers, Scott K1/7 Cat $405.

LOT604 Vatican City

1948 Air Raphael & Tobias unmounted mint set of 2, very fine, SG 137/8 Cat £1070.

LOT605 Vatican City

1951 Air 800th Anniv. of Decree of Gratian unmounted mint set of 2, very fine, SG 173/4 Cat £550.

LOT606 Venezuela

Miscellany on leaves and stockpages incl 1850s to 1960s on printed pages, from imperfs through to defins and commems, ideal to fill those gaps.

LOT607 Vietnam

1952 Red Cross booklet of two panes of 10 affixed to original backing paper for Empress Nam-Phuong 1.50pi + 50c, Cat $200 for panes only. Scott SB1.

LOT608 Yugoslavia

1918 War Charity Coronation set of two heavy hinged mint with overprints in blue, sound with Petric 1997 certificate, SG 81/2 Cat £200.

LOT609 Yugoslavia

1918 War Invalid Fund 5h (+2h) green, 10h (+2h) claret overprinted Bosna Hercegovina mint with 1999 Petric certificate, SG 19/20. Cat £360+.

LOT610 Yugoslavia

1919 CXC overprint in black on 50h Prussian blue unmounted mint, key stamp, expertised on reverse, SG 37 Cat £100.

LOT611 Yugoslavia

1922 -24 8d on 15p chocolate error of surcharge 9d for 8d variety unmounted mint side marginal examples, expertising handstamp on stamp and in margin, very fine, SG 186a Cat £425.

LOT612 Yugoslavia

1933 Overprint without bars complete set of 12 to 30d orange mint / unmounted mint, top two values pencil signed, fine, SG 278/289 Cat £225.

LOT613 Yugoslavia

Collection on stockpages with a useful mint / unmounted mint group of sets incl 1939 King Petar set, 1938 Balkan Games, 1934 King Petar set, 1934 Sokol Games both sets, 1933 PEN Club set, 1932 Rowing set, 1928 Charity overprint on surcharges incl 20d violet (Cat £160), 1918 overprints in pairs etc, useful lot.

LOT614 zanzibar

1904 Monogram set of 15 hinged mint each overprinted SPECIMEN in black, some paper adherence otherwise mainly fine, SG 210s/224s.

LOT615 zanzibar

Postage Due: 1930-33 Roulette 5 3c, 6c, 12c & 25c all fine unused without gum as issued, SG D19/22 & D24. Cat £40.

LOT616 zanzibar

Revenues: 1906 1r on 3r violet and red fine sound used, scarce revenue, Barefoot 42.

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