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Public Auction Bowdon December 2019. 361: Catalogue

Monday 30th of December 2019 ,14:00:00 Bowdon Hotel Langham Rd, Bowdon, Altrincham WA14 2HT

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT581 Sudan

1956-1962 Mint collection on printed leaves mainly complete incl Officials 1962 ovpts to £s1 (Cat £68), 1962 defin set to £S1 mint (cat £40), plus commem sets etc.

LOT582 Swaziland

1938 (23 May) Long cover bearing set of 11 to 10s tied by MBABANE CDS cancels sent registered to Pretoria, nice philatelic cover.

LOT583 Sweden

Small box with approx 250 covers from the 1920's with many interesting cancels to sort through.

LOT584 Switzerland

1854-1984 Collection in a large well filled stockbook neatly arranged both mint and used, later mint / unmounted mint noted 1932 Disarmament set to 1f both m & u, 1934 Landscapes to 30c mint, 1936 redrawn to 40c grey mint, 1940s sets mint, 1964 long set to 3.50fr, 1982 Zodiac long set U/M, then pro-juventute mainly complete 1916 onwards to 1984, 1941 miniature sheet mint (Cat £140), etc, useful and clean lot.

LOT585 Switzerland

1960's-80's Album containing approx. one hundred postcards and covers from Switzerland. A number are first day covers includes 1965 ascension of Del Cervino and 1969 famous portraits.

LOT586 Switzerland

1960's-80's Album containing approx. one hundred postcards/covers mostly from Switzerland mainly relating to Swiss Air. A number of first flight covers including balloon covers. Plus 1930's postal stationery postcards. Also covers from other countries but relating to Air transport.

LOT587 Switzerland

COVERS Mainly wartime collection in a cover album mainly to Official depts of Justice or Police from different worldwide destinations, some to the same correspondence censor and postmarks obliterated with dumb cancels by censor, airmail from Swiss Consulate in diff countries, incl from South Africa, European countries, GB with censor tapes, intr lot, c60 covers.

LOT588 Taiwan

1970-71 Occupation of the Twelve Months Hanging Scrolls unmounted mint, mainly fine, SG 775/786.

LOT589 Taiwan

A mint & used useful collection on Scott printed album pages 1953-1970s range of defins and commems incl 1958 Insects set u/m, Orchids set u/m, Constitution set m, 1960 Sports set u/m, 1961 Anti-agression set u/m, Taiwan Industries set u/m, 1969 Art Treasures set 6 u/m, 1969 Ancient Paintings set u/m, 1969 New Year set u/m, 1970 Horses top 2 vals u/m, 1973 Porcelain set 5 u/m, etc. Clean lot with nice condition. (Approx 400).


1963-1996 Attractive collection in two large binders with many commem sets mint, and or used, and or FDC for each issue, plus definitives noted 1963 Resettlement set FDC, 1965 defin set to 10s mint, and set of 14 to 10s on long official FDC, 1960s omnibus sets and FDCs, 1972 defin set used, plus set on a cover, etc to 1996. Attractive lot.

LOT591 Tunisia

1954-1981 Mint & unmounted mint collection in a French printed album (pencil cat values on the pages) with a huge range of defins and commems, year runs with completion, postage dues, airs, surcharges etc, attractive and colourful lot.

LOT592 Turkey

Accumulation in album and stockbook and on various leaves jumbled assembly from early issues to modern defins and commems, mint & used, 1908 2pi black m & u, 1900s defins duplicated mainly used (dozens, ideal for postmarks), 1914 pictorial issue duplicated, 1915 Crescent overprints, old time leaves with early collections, etc, ideal to fill those gaps.

LOT593 Turkey

Collection in a tatty Devon album from 1876 defins to middle periods, good range of mainstream defins for each issue incl overprints, Star and Crescent ovpts, 1915-16 1915 ovpts, etc, 100s, useful cat.

LOT594 Turks & Caicos Isls.

A useful collection QV to modern jumbled on leaves mint and used with better content including QV 1867 to 1s m, 1909 1s, 1928 to 1s m & u, 1938 to 2s, 1967 to 10s m, then a run of defins and commems to 1985, useful lot for sorting out.

LOT595 United States

1835 (13 Feb) Entire Letter Baltimore to Netherlands bearing 80c manuscript and FORWARDED BY / THEOD VIETOE & DUCKWITZ / NEW YORK oval h/s in red with SCHIEDAM 17 APR receiving backstamp with PAYS D'OUTREMER / PAR LE HAVRE boxed in black on obverse, nice account of Gin selling from Holland to USA.

LOT596 United States

1851-1940 Collection on home printed leaves in a binder mainly used including 1851 1c, 3c & 10c green, 1861 six vals to 30c used, 1861-66 to 24c, 1869 six vals to 15c, 1870 set to 30c black, 1879 nearly complete to 90c, 1890 to 30c black used, 90c orange unused, 1894 to $1, 1901 Expo. 5 vals to 10c, 1902 to $1 used, 1904 Expo set used, 1917 to $1, 1929 Kans ovpt set minus 7c, Nebr ovpt set used, 1929-1940 mainly complete used, then ranges of back of the book postage dues, special delivery etc, good cat value, clean lot for expansion.

LOT597 United States

1880 (15 Jun) Entire London to New York bearing GB 2½d blue pl.19 and 1d venetian-red both perfinnned T & Co. tied Gracechurch Street cancel from Truninger & Co with New York opera glasses type arrival postmark NEW YORK / JUN / 25, PAID ALL / FD / 80 cancel in black. A re-enforced tear on reverse otherwise mainly fine.

LOT598 United States

1880 (22 Apr) Entire London to New York bearing GB 2d blue and 1½d lake-red both perfinnned T & Co. tied Gracechurch Street cancel from Truninger & Co with New York opera glasses type arrival postmark NEW YORK / MAY / 2, PAID ALL / B / 80 cancel in black. Mainly fine.

LOT599 United States

1893 Columbus mint, part o.g. and unused range of 13 values in very mixed condition incl tears, foxing and creases, better values including $1 salmon,plus used range to 5c. (22)

LOT600 United States

1898 Omaha $1 black Cattle in a snowstorm a poor and faulty example with tears and small part missing, but lightly cancelled hence nice spacefiller. Scott 292 Cat $700.

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